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Here are a list of the Tarot Readings that we have available. These links point to the readings for sale in our shop. See your email for special offers and for limited time offers, as they may include additional bonuses… If you are not on our Mailing List, please sign up for our Newsletter (bottom left of page) and we will let you know about special prices and offers.

Note that all of our Tarot readings let you choose from up to 6 different focus groups (from Life Purpose Focus, Love & Romance, Money & Finances, Time-Frame, Career & Work, and Family and Other). Choose 1 or 2 focus groups to really hone in one area during your reading, or choose all 6 for a more broad reading that can provide you information in 32 different categories).

Click on the Reading Name below to choose a reading…

Career/Work Tarot Reading – A great way to check on your career/work potential. Have one anytime that you may be interviewing for a new job, or considering a new job or career.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading – Use the powerful and symbolic celtic cross to get the information you need, find out exactly what you need to know.

Relationship Tarot Reading – Do a double-check on your relationship(s) with this amazing Tarot reading.

Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading – An eight card spread with the focus on ‘now’! Get true spiritual guidance in 8 different areas from this Tarot reading.

Tree of Life Tarot Reading – Eleven cards take you around the Tree of Life as you find answers and symbolic information from this great Tarot reading.

Yearly Zodiac Forecast Tarot Reading – Go through your upcoming year, from the current month and beyond with this great 12 month tarot forecast reading based on 13 cards.

Zodiac Tarot Reading – Uses the 12 signs of the zodiac to let you in on your question in all major areas, the 13th card is the outcome.

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Brett Dreamer

Brett is the founder of TheDreamtime.com as well as MyLifeDestiny.com. He continues to research new Numerology methods for forecasting and personal development and is available for personal (recorded) readings as well.

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