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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Born: October 26, 1947
Hillary Diane Rodham
(English name)

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YOUR LIFE PATH (what it means):
We will begin your reading with your Life Path Number. This number is one of the most important numbers in your chart since it indicates the path through this life you should take to fulfill your destiny. This number indicates which goals or pursuits are best for you, the positive assets and the talents you have for achieving them as well as a section on how to best follow your own unique path. Rather than point out negative traits or possibilities we have instead focused on the positive aspects in each section so that you can accentuate them to help you realize your goals in this lifetime. The four main sections are indicated as follows:
  • Your Life Path
    This section explains what your true purpose is and summarizes some of the methods that you may use to achieve your purpose. Note that these sections are written in the future tense and will apply most to those who are actually following the path that they were born into in this life. If you are not following your path the information will not be as appropriate for finding your immediate personal traits (and the Planes of Expression should be used instead), but it should still be used for helping you understand and realize the true potential that is possible if you follow your Life Path.

  • Your Positive Assets
    This section indicates your strengths and what you may be like if you are truly following your path in it's most positive respects. It can help you determine changes or decide on new goals to pursue when facing a change in career or other areas of your life.

  • Your Talents
    This section indicates which talents are most valuable to you as you learn to follow your path. If you are following your path and you can apply the talents explained here than you would be living as a truly positive person as interpreted in the Positive Assets section above. The section also indicates some potential career/field choices which would be important to you for providing lessons and assistance in pursuing your life path.

  • Following the Path
    In this section we present positive reflections and affirmations for you that will help you overcome any negativity or bad habits which could be part of your personality. Rather than pointing out the specific negative aspects, we present the positive reflections of them here as a way to help you grow and learn without allowing the limitations or apprehensions of negativity.

We all learn and grow at our own pace, and we are all intricately linked together as we develop and grow toward our own unique goals. Each Life Path is entirely unique in some way when all of the numbers are considered. The essential qualities of the Life Path indicated below will provide you with the true potentiality for the Life Path that you should be following as your Date of Birth has determined. If you pursue this path it will be most rewarding and exciting, but if you do not, there may be even more troubles and issues blocking your path which try to steer you back toward your true destiny. May you find your own path within the talents and assets listed below in Peace and Fulfillment.

Your primary purpose in this life is to learn to cooperate and share as you express your creativity and emotions while teaching and supporting others as you inspire them to reach for their highest dreams. You have many lessons to learn in his life, but your biggest one is to learn to be cooperative and accepting of others and to learn how to balance your cooperative nature with your need for self-expression.

You are generally cooperative, though sometimes you may tend to be self- centered. Remember that your uniqueness is what sets you apart and makes you so good at being innovative and ingenious at solving every problem that comes your way. Be careful and wary of being judgemental and critical of others - they are unique and expressive in their own way too.

Your analytical skills are strong, so you will eventually learn to become more emotional in your expression instead of attempting to think a problem away. A peaceful sense of cooperation will pervade over your relationships as you learn to be accepting and emotionally secure.

You will grow and become even more expressive as you mature until you become so good at letting your feelings known that others will truly feel that they are part of you. You will overcome any fears that you may have of rejection as you become confident with giving your time and feelings freely to others - this helps others to be even more comfortable around you and they gather inspiration and respect for you. You are truly joyous in being expressive and cooperating while sharing with everyone else in this life.

In your most positive sense you are creative, innovative and expressive in everything that you do. You are open and honest at being yourself and others look up to you highly.

You enjoy working through problems by communicating and you especially like to give praise and offer words of kindness because you know we are all reflections of each other.

You are very creative and this means that you are best suited to positions that let you express yourself freely and often: jobs such as writing, advertising or promotion work well for you. You will always be happy in anything you do as long as you feel like you are inspiring and helping others to grow by doing the work that you do. As you persist and learn to accept feedback your confidence will help you achieve any goal!

You have mastered the balance needed between your sensitivity and your creativity. You are learning every day how to be caring without hurting and as you express yourself openly and purposefully other are well aware that you are sincere, honest and real.

You have also erased any doubt in your own mind of insecure feelings or self-criticism. Your open, honest, expressive creativity shines as an inspiration for those around you as you pursue your unique path.

Each of the vibrations in your Life Path resonates with a specific aroma oil which will assist you in achieving your life purpose. The aromas/oils below can be used for therapeutic uses, such as massage, acupressure, reflexology, or for creating personal aromatherapy blends which may inspire you to reach your true potential. You may choose a single oil from the group to use, or you may prefer to make a blend. Blends work best with a top, middle and base vibration oil which will help to maintain the aroma and healing energy of the oils. If you cannot create a blend from the oils listed for you, you may want to work with the oils by themselves, until a possibility of a blend occurs to you. Example top note oils include citrus, and light smells such a lemon, eucalyptus, basil, and rosemary. Middle notes (use 3-4 drops) are the heart of the blend include lavender, geranium, marjoram, and the base notes (use 1-2 drops) are the musky smells that evaporate slowly and linger the longest, such as patchouli, vetiver, jasmine, and myrrh. We wish you the best of fortune in finding and following your unique path and we hope that the aromas/oils below provide you with another tool that brings you fulfillment.

/// Caution: essential oils are highly concentrated and potentially hazardous, if misused. Consult the safety guidelines of any oils you use. ///

The aromas/oils in your Life Path that will best assist you include the following. Note that if your Life Path is a double digit Life Path than you will have additional tools (qualities) which may be subtle, yet still valuable in helping you along your path. If your Life Path is a single digit such as 1-9, or 11, then your Life Path is an Essential Life Path which means that the numbers in your Life Path add up to a single digit number and do not require reduction. As an Essential Life Path you will have one group of oils to help support you along your path.

The following aromas/oils (properties) are tools to assist you in reaching your true path.
Vibration 1 (Inspiration/Leadership):
The following aromas/oils support the vibration energy of "1".
Top: Bay, Basil, Lime, Orange, Middle: Cinnamon, Juniper, Neroli, Rosemary, Base: Cinnamon, Frankincense, Ginger, Neroli,

Vibration 2 (Cooperation, Caring):
The following aromas/oils support the vibration energy of "2".
Top: Lemon, Yarrow, Middle: Chamomile, Lily, Rose, Base: Cardamom, Jasmine Myrrh, Rose, Sandalwood

The following aromas/oils (properties) support your true path.
Vibration 3 (Self-Expression, Communication):
The following aromas/oils support the vibration energy of "3".
Top: Bergamot, Caraway, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Middle: Caraway, Dill, Lavender, Lily of Valley, Peppermint, Base: Benzoin, Dill

LIFE CYCLES: Your sub-paths of the Life Path
Your Life Path is made up of three numbers added together: your month, day, and year of birth. Because of the integral combination of these 3 numbers, they also represent three sub-paths (sub-cycles or life cycles) splitting your life into 3 primary times of development. Each Life Cycle is named: Youth Cycle (for approximately the first 28 years of life), Maturity Cycle (for around years 28-56) and Wisdom Cycle (from about 56 years until you pass from this life). Notice how each Cycle uses approximate dates as they are calculated based on two very important conditions being met (as explained below). Because the Life Cycles define such important (life changing) periods in your life, it is important to know the time periods for each of your own Life Cycles and to recognize when the new energy from a new Life Cycle is starting to be felt, as they can take up to 4 years for the transition (or Cusp) to have it's full effect on you.

Your Life Cycles work hand-in-hand with your Life Path steering the direction that you are taking in each major area of your life and covering long spans of time. They are powerful triggers that can be felt, intuitively, though because they take so long to transition many people may not notice the importance of the change until it has already happened. It is far easier to prepare and take advantage of the cycles if you have an indication of when they are occurring and when they may have happened previously.

These periods do not evenly divide your life or always occur in the same years for each person, as they only happen on very specific boundaries - based on two things (your age reaching a specific period, and your Personal Year 1 boundary that is the closest to that age, either occurring ahead of, or after the actual age being reached). The age boundary condition is surrounding either 28 years of age (28 years 4 months to be exact), or 57 years (56 years 8 months of age). The Personal Year 1 boundary occurs on the closes Personal Year 1 near those dates. If the Personal Year 1 boundary happens before the ages mentioned, then the Cycle begins at that time (on the birthday itself) and it reaches it's peak effect when the calendar cycle change is reached. If the calendar cycle change is reached first, the cycle begins then, and is not completed until the following Personal Year 1 boundary occurs on the birthday at a later date (up to 4 years later). Their energy can be felt for up to 4 years prior to your birth date and 4 years after your birth date as you move from one Life Cycle to the next based on the boundaries described above. The exact dates of these boundaries will be indicated clearly in your reading below (as they are different for every person).

The Life Cycles provide additional opportunities for your growth and learning and give an excellent idea of the overall 'feeling' for long periods of growth and change in your life that span 30-40 years, or more. Approach each Life Cycle as an opportunity for new self-awareness and understanding and you will learn much from them. If you have passed through several cycles already, you may notice how their passing affected you at specific times in your life, and use that to understand how any current, or upcoming Life Cycles may affect you. Look to your Life Path number, Soul Urge, Full Expression, for keys to helping you reach fulfillment in through each Life Cycle.

Your Youth Life Cycle (1), from Birth to October 26, 1972 (25 Years old)
Ends it's full effects on you October 26, 1975 (when you reach 28 years old)

This is a time when you must develop yourself as an individual. You will learn to value your self for the resources you have available. You must come to know during this time that you can count on yourself, more than anything else, to achieve what you are attempting to achieve in this life. You work hard to gain independence during this time and it may seem as a struggle, but one that you overcome quickly and easily as you rely on your own resources over everything else.

Any self-doubt, fear or lack of courage must be erased so that you can move forward in this world with the respect and conscience that you can do it alone. This may not be an easy time, but it is one that in the end creates a situation that sees you becoming more and more resourceful and confident in your own abilities.

The most important talents and skills you will develop during this time include: invention, creativity, originality and independence. You will develop these skills by seeking out only those type of positions that require you to work alone, and to achieve success without the help of others. It may seem like a lonely path at this time, but it is one that you relish.

As a child you may feel isolated from others and as if you are being held back by those who have authority over you. You will be required to work tirelessly and independently throughout this time as you move forward into a progressive and new world filled with only those things that are of your own making

Personal Year Issues (1954, 1963, 1972) - Personal Year (1) matches Youth Cycle (1)
Excessive energy and activity with no outcome.

Your Maturity Life Cycle (8), from October 26, 1975 (28 Years old) to October 26, 2004 (57 Years old)
Ends it's effects on you October 26, 2008 (61 Years old)

This is a time that you spend working in business to achieve material wealth. It may feel like you are too busy with business to have a family and your partner may not approve. You may find true power and wealth in the business world by working to achieve things that lift you to your greatest potential. You apply your organizational skills to their highest level now.

You are so busy in this cycle that you may forget to accept your feelings and emotions regarding others. Take the time to value your inner world now too, or you could quickly become all about business. You do value and understand authority and the power that it gives you, as you use it to teach others. There is a lot you have to give at this time.

Too much work may make you stale and unable to accept new ideas, be cautious of that outcome. As this is your maturity cycle it is very likely that you will come up against the problem of relationships interfering with your work and business life. Life should really be more the other way around, and business should be worked at, and left behind at the end of the day.

The most important talents and skills you will develop during this time include: organization, success, power and your ability to teach others from a place of authority. When this cycle has completed you may well be on top of the world with your success and wealth

Personal Year Issues (1979, 1988, 1997, 2006) - Personal Year (8) matches Maturity Cycle (8)
Possible financial issues or loss. Possible health issues

Your Wisdom Life Cycle (3), from October 26, 2008 (61 Years old) until your Death
Your final cycle's effects will last until you pass from this Earth.

This is a time of many friends and constant activity, even though you will be going into your retirement years. You follow through on your artistic expressions (painting and music) now. There are many social activities and parties to attend to.

Your friends visit often and your family and long-term partner(s) are always nearby. You are outspoken and extroverted now and some may complain of how much you talk. Make use of your speaking abilities and plan on being in front of others often. You run the risk of being so frivolous with your time that you are not able to focus on a serious task now.

You find it hard to learn something new now, but you would rather express the things you have learned in the past. You enjoy your life to it's fullest at this time and you are quite happy. You enjoy helping others do the same and you often ask them to join you.

The most important talents and skills you develop during this time include: writing, speaking, acting or in promotion/advertising. Any activity that lets you express yourself is one that you excel at during this time. This may seem like such a happy time that you don't even notice your old-age as you pass through the end years of your life and you enjoy it

Personal Year Issues (2010, 2019, 2028, 2037, 2046, 2055) - Personal Year (3) matches Wisdom Cycle (3)
Lack of focus and scattering of energies in all directions. Nervous issues

PINNACLES: Your unique cycles of influence
As you move through the cycles of your life, there are four specific periods that are unique to you and determined by your date of birth. Each of these periods is called a Pinnacle (for the time that you reach the pinnacle of the energy pattern for that cycle). They are also called the Attainments. Each Pinnacle also has a challenge that is specific to that period. The challenge will be a major issue which will arise or be faced during that specific Pinnacle. Sometimes your Life Path number and other numbers can assist you (or hinder you) in overcoming the challenges that arise: this will be noted, if it occurs, below the Challenge for each Pinnacle as an 'additional insight'.

The Pinnacles occur and change on your date of birth at the age that is listed for each Pinnacle - though their energy can be felt for up to 1 year prior to your birthdate and after your birthdate as you move from one Pinnacle to the next.

Your personal Pinnacles will always end with a Personal Year of 9. This certainly indicates a time for change. Your first Pinnacle (and an important one) will last from Birth to between the ages of 27 and 36 years. The Pinnacles are important for personal growth and development.

The Pinnacle will provide additional opportunities for your growth and learning. Approach each Pinnacle as an opportunity for new self-awareness and growth and you will learn much from each of them. Use the Challenges as even more powerful lessons to be learned and overcome during each Pinnacle period. Look to your Life Path number, Soul Urge, Hidden Passion and strongest Personality Trait for keys to helping you over each Challenge and through the Pinnacle.

Birth to 33 years old: YOUR FIRST PINNACLE is Number 9
This period will be marked by compassion, kindness and a desire to serve mankind. You will mature greatly and learn many things during this time. You will feel that there is a strong sense of right and wrong in your life and a desire to do something to serve humankind.

You are more interested in the work you need to do during this time, than you are in succeeding on your own. You will learn to expect nothing as you work with an increased responsibility and compassion for helping others. You are not restricted by prejudice or international boundaries as you quickly see humanity as one whole. Those close to you may resent your desire to serve the greater whole, as they may get neglected themselves. You are most likely very interested in philosophy, religion and other spiritual teaching throughout this time. You find a sense of completion and you may also travel quite frequently as you work through this period of healing and spiritual integrity.

Birth to 33 years old: The Challenge of this Pinnacle is 7
This challenge will show you the value of spiritual matters and offer you a unique opportunity to explore your own inner beliefs to their deepest depths. As you do this remember to build a foundation of support with others you feel comfortable with; you may have a tendency to block others out as you focus intently on pursuing or reinforcing your own personal value system that will serve you as you follow your path. Stay in touch with the wonder and curiosity that fascinated you as a child and your world will open up with delight to a new day of intuition, trust and openness.

You find that by sharing your feelings you are receiving back more than you could ever imagine and this gives you the ideals and feelings you need to share yourself with others without any pride or ego getting in the way. As you pass through this period a transformation of spirit will awaken you to the divine presence in everyone, and you will most likely create a new way of living that will be with you throughout your life.

34 through 42 years old: YOUR SECOND PINNACLE is Number 11
This is a time of inspiration, emotional awareness and powerful personal growth. You will face many obstacles and personal challenges throughout this period. You may be directly tuned into your own spiritual awareness and this brings strong revelations of personal and humanitarian growth. As you work through this period you will do your best to focus your energy on looking within and serving others. You should also focus on the intense creative energies you have and your intuitive sense which will blossom into an amazing awakening of your soul during this time. Do not take this too lightly or you will be given emotional tests repeatedly until you have learned the path you are to follow.

The psychic abilities that you have will strengthen or appear for the first time now. You will live through this time with a personal vision that inspires you to work and serve others for a peaceful and artistic new world. You may follow the tendencies you have to teach during this time, or you may feel as if you are an outcast or outsider who is not respected. You may feel that you are out of sorts as to your true path. Your creative and original ideas may alter your balance, but remember that this is also what makes you unique throughout this time and learn to appreciate the gift of growth that you have been given during this period.

34 through 42 years old: The Challenge of this Pinnacle is 5
This challenge is one of learning to overcome a desire to experience everything! You may feel overwhelmed by the new relationships, ideas and work projects which present themselves to you during this time. Beware of trying to do everything - it is not possible and may be distracting you from the focus of your true destiny. Over-indulgence can be caused by an unresolved craving.

You must learn to distinguish where you should focus your energy by reviewing your Life Path Number, Existence Number and Soul Urge. You can fulfill them by applying your Personality Strengths. You learn to accept discipline and patience as you follow your path, yet your sense of adventure remains intact.

43 through 51 years old: YOUR THIRD PINNACLE is Number 2
This will be a time of great cooperation, patience and consideration for others. You will be overly sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others throughout this time; this may lead to new partnerships or cause disharmony and breakups as you try to overcome situations of diplomacy, service and sharing with others. You will most likely be known as a great advisor during this period - one who cares deeply for others and who has an intuitive awareness to everyone else around them. Your sensitivity to others will teach you about beauty and harmony, inner strength and cooperation with others.

You may notice an extra awareness of music and the arts during this time. You may also notice an added desire to form new friendships and find new love as you work toward creating an environment of harmony and beauty. Overall this will be a time of growing toward others and of learning to accept and be happy with the company that others like to share with you. You will be admired and respected as you come to enjoy being with those around you.

43 through 51 years old: The Challenge of this Pinnacle is 2
The challenge during this period will be one of overcoming sensitivity to those around you. You may be seeking out relationships or situations where you have little control. Every word and feeling of others around you may seem like it is directed at you. You will soon overcome these feelings, but to do so you may have to seek out your own independence - try to get away from the crowd and be yourself.

Your deep intuition is valuable and all-knowing: respect it, but learn to protect yourself at times from the unfeeling words of others who may not be as sensitive as you - try to work on accepting them but not always accepting their words.

52 years old through death: YOUR FOURTH PINNACLE is Number 4
This period will be marked by a strong sense of orderliness in your life. You will seek to build a stable and secure foundation (either with a family or with close friends) as you add more responsibilities and tradition to enhance this time period. Your life may be taken up by details, conventions, family affairs or business projects which demand your constant attention.

You will find happy rewards as you work hard and persevere toward overcoming any frustrations or limitations that may block you at this time. The deep awareness of reality and a constructive use of your time may fill up this entire period. Eventually you will come to work in management or supervision as you persist with a courage and renewed interest that others cannot match. Overall this is a great time for you to establish yourself and your career during this time.

52 years old through death: The Challenge of this Pinnacle is 2
The challenge during this period will be one of overcoming sensitivity to those around you. You may be seeking out relationships or situations where you have little control. Every word and feeling of others around you may seem like it is directed at you. You will soon overcome these feelings, but to do so you may have to seek out your own independence - try to get away from the crowd and be yourself.

Your deep intuition is valuable and all-knowing: respect it, but learn to protect yourself at times from the unfeeling words of others who may not be as sensitive as you - try to work on accepting them but not always accepting their words.

As you travel through your life you will journey through 9 year cycles of opportunities, learning and growth. The 9 year cycles begin on the day you are born with the energy of your Life Path number and they continue throughout your life. Each year is represented by a Personal Year Number which is calculated from your date of birth.

The power of each personal year is felt for 3 months before the actual calendar new year (January 1). The Personal years change on January 1st every year though their affect is felt from 3 months before January 1st, on October 1st. Note that these cycles fall on the actual calendar year of January 1st, while the Pinnacles occur and change only on your date of birth.

As you learn to work with your own personal year influences you will find that they provide you with a balance and rhythm which you can use to assist you in your journey. You can then learn to work with the specific aspects of each personal year and to apply them to the tools and skills which are present in your chart as your Life Path, Soul Urge, Outer Expression and within your Planes of Expression. These techniques may help you make better decisions about which way to go, or provide you with thoughtful and careful consideration for methods or ideas of change.

This is the year of completion and of spiritual awakening to humanitarian causes. This year brings an end to your 9 year cycle and so it is a time for wrapping up any loose relationships or things which have no more value in your life. You will find that it is best to get rid of all of those things which have no function in your life during this time as you make room for something new.

You should consider paying off all of your debts so that you can prepare for the exciting new cycle to follow. You will have a sense of completion in many aspects throughout this time: from relationships to past financial issues this is a great time to deal with them. Cast out any of these old relationships or material things which no longer serve you, or help you in your quest for serving others and completing your goals. You should also forgive anyone you are at odds with or not getting along with. As you do this let the forgiveness become part of your demeanor as you move through the rest of the 9 years in this cycle. The compassion that you find this year will certainly provide you with a wisdom and understanding that will serve you through the remainder of the years as you apply yourself toward achieving your true goals.

As you work through this period you have a renewed sense of spiritual awakening and you will do everything you can to serve others through this time: you will be highly creative and social too. Your strong personal values and ideals will influence you during this time greatly, and you will find your greatest strength in completing your goals, as you clean up and let go of old past issues which may still be lingering. This year will bring the fruits of the labor that you have worked so hard on during the past 8 years! Your dreams and plans can only be fulfilled as you follow a path of charity and service this year. Your health may need to be rebuilt and prepared, as well, for the next cycle. Remember to find nourishment and fulfillment in the relationships and small contact that you make every day with those around you.

January - new beginnings, February - cooperation, partnership, March - self-expression, April - security/stability, May - adventure, travel, June - family and responsibility, July - spiritual knowledge, August - money, success issues, September - humanitarian, emotional concerns, October - new beginnings, November - cooperation, partnership, December - self-expression

This is a year for new beginnings: a new business or project may be started, or you may move into a new home. You will work independently and with originality toward your goals. Try to spend extra time this year paying attention to the lessons, talents and skills that your Life Path number has created for you. These skills may become especially helpful for you at this time; as you will use them to your full advantage with the courage and confidence that you have during this first year of a new nine year cycle. The future is waiting for you to act at this time. As you update your plans and decisions for the coming months keep this in mind. Spend extra time during the year preparing a plan of action for what lies ahead of you. You have an especially powerful sense of direction and determination during this year so you should take advantage of it and spend some of this time preparing yourself for what lies ahead. Keep in mind that the next two years are ones of cooperation (partnership), and self-expression (sensitivity).

You will try new many things throughout this year with a confidence and perseverance to reach your goals. The opportunities for exploring and adventuring may be more than you imagined at this time. It is truly a time for determining future plans and for accepting your strength and abilities as you work toward a new self-awareness that is uniquely yours.

This year begins a new 9 year cycle for you; and so it is a very important year. You will be taking charge of your life with full confidence; while last year you were more interested in letting go of extra demands. This is a great time to go for your dreams and pursue something different: a new job or career, a new house or a new business opportunity or chance to start your own business will present itself at this time; you will become aware of it as it is based on your own intuition and creativity. Your powers for recognizing these types of opportunities will be in full bloom too, so keep your eyes, ears, heart and mind open for a new direction that may drastically change the course of your life!

You must maintain a self-discipline and strong sense of purpose as you pursue your goals during this time, but overall this will be a year of great opportunity and independence for you. A new awakening awaits you during this time. Double check your calendar and try to determine how you were affected 9 years ago at this time: you will most likely notice that something novel and exciting is waiting for you.

January - cooperation, partnership, February - self-expression, March - security/stability, April - adventure, travel, May - family and responsibility June - spiritual knowledge, July - money, success issues, August - humanitarian, emotional concerns September - new beginnings, October - cooperation, partnership, November - self-expression, December - security/stability

This is a year of cooperation and patience with others. You will most likely form partnerships of many types during this time, from simple friendships and working relationships to full blown love relationships, this is truly a time to express your joy and compassion for others. Since you are so willing to share at this time you will find many others as well that seek your assistance, understanding and counseling. Take the time to spend listening and being in the moment as you move through this year and you will find a re-awakened desire for sharing your life with those around you. This may be something new for you, but you soon learn that it is something that is valuable too. You will notice that most others enjoy being with you and that a sense of harmony and diplomacy follows you in your actions throughout the year. Take the time to study and learn about tact and diplomacy too: they will surely help you through this period, but remember to let your real feelings show when it is appropriate.

You will have some confrontations but you will keep your focus and ambition for achieving your goals during this time. You will need to learn about balance, harmony and a willingness to share with others. You may just need a quick refresher on how good it feels being with others, or you may take the whole year to learn to accept your own desire for personal contact and companionship, but overall it is a time for you to respect the inner nature and intuition you have for being with others.

You will meet and make many new friends throughout this year; you may find a companion or even a marriage among one of them. You will most likely start up very close relationships that last throughout your life during this time. You may notice a renewed awareness to the emotions and feelings of others, so you must guard against any over-sensitivity by seeking solace and sanctuary whenever you feel that it may be required. This is a time for balancing and for finding an emotional and mental equilibrium. You might want to think about attending activities or classes on self-improvement or on checking out other social and cultural events which interest you.

If you travel this month it will most likely be for a business partnership meeting, or for some other form of companionship or romance. This is the time for you to be one with everyone and really explore the sense of sharing that pervades.

January - self-expression, February - security/stability, March - adventure, travel, April - family and responsibility May - spiritual knowledge, June - money, success issues, July - humanitarian, emotional concerns August - new beginnings, September - cooperation, partnership, October - self-expression, November - security/stability December - adventure, travel

This will be a year when you will express yourself. Words, writing, singing or some other expressive/artistic field will most likely attract your attention throughout this time. Take the time to express your own sense of fun and excitement during this year. This is a time of social activities, parties and many other opportunities for fun and inspiration. You will most likely be optimistic, charming and happy throughout the year as you really let your hair down and have fun! You will eventually come to work with your own inspiration, imagination and creativity during this time as you apply yourself toward a new awareness that lets you enjoy your inner emotions. The future plans or opportunities that you have setup in your 1 Personal Year from two years ago will come into focus at this time as you start to accomplish what your heart and inner emotions desire.

You will feel more charming and attractive, as well as quite lucky throughout this time. You must try to remember to keep your focus on your goals through this time. You may feel the urge to travel more frequently during the year, and this may be a fairly good year for you financially too.

Your mental abilities are enhanced during this time. You may notice that you are adept at using your imagination and creativity to fulfill your desires and plans. You have no trouble in expressing yourself, and in feeling your inner feelings during this time so it really is important for you to try to stay focused on completing your true goals. Your feelings must be made known and you may experience emotional outbursts during this time. You must remember to hold your tongue in some situations as you communicate. This is a good time to explore business opportunities that make themselves known to you through your heightened creativity this year. If you maintain your focus you will surely find a financial gain as well that helps to keep you inspired during this time.

Overall this is a great period for working with others and sharing your dreams and goals. Your incredible sense of communication will serve you best. You are mentally alert during this time, and you may find that when you concentrate deeply that you can even fulfill a few of your fantasies during this year.

January - security/stability, February - adventure, travel, March - family and responsibility April - spiritual knowledge, May - money, success issues, June - humanitarian, emotional concerns July - new beginnings, August - cooperation, partnership, September - self-expression, October - security/stability November - adventure, travel December - family and responsibility

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