Life Purpose – Finding Your Life Goals

You may be wondering, what is my life purpose? Don't worry, you are not alone. Many people never get to answer this question as they plod along in careers and lives that just don't feel right. They stubbornly continue to seek out answers without looking at the information that they have brought with them into this life. Some never even get to ask the question - what is the meaning of my life

You're smarter than that. You've taken the time to wonder about your pursuits of happiness, joy and life in general. You know that your life is not a mistake, or an accident, and that the goals that you work toward are perhaps the most important things you can do with your life. That is where the divination sciences of astrology, numerology and tarot fit in.

I've learned over the 15 years of doing readings that these ancient sciences should not be abandoned, they are still accurate and true. You can follow them to your own route to success, and understand the meaning of life that you brought with you when you were born.

When it comes to finding the 'meaning of life', nothing can beat the double-digit Life Path number in Numerology. Using just your date of birth you can understand quickly what your purpose is during this life, and through the other numbers in your chart you can come to find out how to best achieve the outcome in the method that serves your soul purpose best.

Complete the form to receive your own double-digit life path number. Use this number as the basis of following your goals.

Complete the form to receive your own double-digit life path number. Use this number as the basis of following your goals.

When it comes to Astrology and the stars, your exact date, time and place of birth can also help show you the way. There are a few professional reports that stand out above all others and they include The Sky Within reading written for you by Steven Forrest, the Merlin report, and the Astro*Talk and Heaven Knows What reading (by Grant Lewi). In addition to these readings you can consider the do-it-yourself route and have a look at your free astrology chart and interpretations and then work them up yourself - it's enlightening that way, but not quite as fast.

This fascinating natal report reading by Steven Forrest is one of the best you will ever read. His conversational style and symbolic interpretation of your date of birth will have you in awe. I refer back to this reading frequently, it is so positive and empowering.

Many natal reports can leave you wondering where that came from, but not the reading done by Gina Ronco. With Merlin you find out the true details of your planetary alignments and all of the other significant astrological data.

One of the best astrology horoscopes you will ever read. From the very beginning Astro*Talk is straight forward and right to the point. It is full of details you may have not found in other readings, such as your 'Burn Rate' to help you see where you may be headed in the near future - based on your long range cycles.

Your natal interpretation by Grant Lewi is one that should be treasured. An award-winning author, Grant's readings are always enlightening and they cover a broad range of topics, touching on areas that others do not cover, an excellent choice.

Your free astrological birth chart will give you all of the planets, houses and angles in your natal chart. Short interpretations are available by hovering over the chart. Get a chart down look at your life.