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To receive/print your own FREE Astrology chart enter your date, time and city of birth below and click the red ‘Next’ button, continue by following the instructions underneath the chart:*Note: After clicking the ‘Next’ button, if your Chart does not show up, select your correct city from the selection box and then click the red ‘Next’ button again.

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Find your exact planetary and astrological sign positions. Having a full Astrology Chart for your time/date and place of birth is empowering. Fill the form above, and click the Next button to view your personal Astrological Chart. Knowing your planet astrological house and sign positions is important in understanding the real you. click here to enter another name.

  • Wait a few secs for your chart to be created.
  • If you want additional House/Sign/Planet Information (after your chart is displayed)
    *scroll down with the ‘scroll-bar’ along the right of the page (inside the page) and in the
    Display Options section choose ‘Display List of Aspects and Positions of Planets’ option
    and click ‘Refresh’ button.
    *note: the scroll bar only appears AFTER
    you have clicked Next and displayed your chart.
  • Right-Click near your chart and choose This Frame, then choose Print
  • Select Your Printer and click ‘Ok’ to begin printing.

You are done!


Now check out the Astrology sections and articles from our menu above for more Astrological Chart interpretation!

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