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The Native American view of Your Birth Chart

This is a fascinating and inspiring look at your Natal Birth Chart Astrology from the Native American view. Based on the traditional Medicine Wheel the reading looks at your planets and aspects based on the animals of the medicine wheel - the three realms (above, middle and below) and the 6 elements (fire, water, earth, air, wood, crystal).

With a starting point in the Shawnee and Cherokee tribes and including references from other North American tribes, you will find your true personality and soul laid out based on where the moon was at the time of your birth. Was it harvest time or planting time, and which animal represents your birth data? This unique combination of animal guardians, sun , moon and other planetary aspects make you unique. Using the traditions of the Native American Medicine wheel you will find out which totem animals are represented in your birth chart and why they are important.

A empowering reading that delves into all aspects of your Mind (above realm), Body (middle realm) and Emotions (below realm). This reading will help you understand the balance required in the Realms and Elements to achieve your highest potential. Use this information to verify your own purpose and to truly feel 'at one' with the Great Spirit based on true Native American guardian animals, elements and realms. You will love the unique and well written text by Randall Cole Roffe: an expert in the herbal medicine, history, and astrology of Celtic and Native American people.

This report covers Sun and Moon, The Seven Heavens (detailed descriptions of your own 'heavens' based on Cherokee cosmology), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and aspects to fixed stars in the Pleiades or Syrian constellation. The outer planets (Uranus, Pluto, Neptune) are not covered, nor are planets which are below the horizon at the time of your birth - indicating that they are not visible. All the major clans, animal totems and realms and earth elements are discussed with stunning clarity. A detailed section describes the 'realms' and elements and their significance.

An excellent and worthwhile spiritual based viewpoint of your unique natal chart the Medicine Wheel reading is recommended to anyone seeking to know more about their place and purpose on the Earth. Randall Roffe provides detailed and expert commentary on the Native American influences that are present in your birth chart.
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