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A Long-Term look at your Life through the Pyramid based on the letters in yoru name. Unique calculations that can be used to explore past and future years and what they may bring - Find Your Future!

Your personal Pyramid Numerology Reading focuses on your entire life (from Birth to 99 years of age). This intuitively unique calculation shows you exactly which letter, and time period it is in effect for. The included Pyramid Events highlight 4 1/2 year cycles and interpret each year for you in one single number. Amazing presentation of your Pyramid, and detailed triangle calculations (for the triangles inside of the Pyramid) highlight your life cycles accurately and succinctly. Based on unique calculations, and including details never before calculated - you will know this reading is powerful by referring to your previous life patterns.

Sometimes called the Kabbalah (Qabbala) or Abracadabra report, and very rarely calculated because of the time it takes to prepare one, you can now have your own Pyramid report prepared for you along with it's interpretations. An empowering and detailed look at your possible future.
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