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Astrology Planets

Astrology Planets Symbols & Meanings Five planets are visible to the naked eye and they were traditionally called “wanderers” because their path across the sky was easily visible against the background of the stars and constellations (“astrological signs”) which did not move as quickly. An early astrological system only covered the five visible planets and […]

Tarot Readings

Here are a list of the Tarot Readings that we have available. These links point to the readings for sale in our shop. See your email for special offers and for limited time offers, as they may include additional bonuses… If you are not on our Mailing List, please sign up for our Newsletter (bottom […]

Free Astrology Reading

Get your own free Astrology reading and check your sign. Just fill out the form below, and click to Submit your Astrology Reading info to You will find out the true nature of your emotions and what it means for your partners and others. Some moon signs may indicate a fiery personality (Scorpio, or […]

Free Astrology Chart

To receive/print your own FREE Astrology chart enter your date, time and city of birth below and click the red ‘Next’ button, continue by following the instructions underneath the chart:*Note: After clicking the ‘Next’ button, if your Chart does not show up, select your correct city from the selection box and then click the red […]