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Astrology Planets Symbols & Meanings

Five planets are visible to the naked eye and they were traditionally called “wanderers” because their path across the sky was easily visible against the background of the stars and constellations (“astrological signs”) which did not move as quickly. An early astrological system only covered the five visible planets and the 12 houses. Eventually three additional planets were discovered and also included in the calculations, though to a lesser extent.

As we determine our calculations for the position of each planet at the time of birth, we can use those positions in relationship with the Earth, Sun, Moon (which is not a planet) and other planets (from a geocentric point of view: viewed from the Earth) to determine the planetary influences. Even though the Sun is the center of our Solar System, from where we stand on Earth it appears as though we are at the center and that the other planets and the Sun revolve around the Earth! This early Earth centered was eventually found to be false by Copernicus (who quoted Hermes Trismegistus) who eventually developed our modern day Solar System viewpoint.

We will list below the Planets (in numerological order, which is only a little different than the distance from the Sun) and each planets qualities as they are known to influence an astrological/numerological *chart

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Historic References

Qualities and Traits




Life giver, heat and light

Astrological Leo
Numerological Mostly #1 with some energy of the #9

The masculine principle, spirit, mind, the will to live, willpower, deterination, health and the heart, man, father, authority. Creativity, Confidence.
The Sun is at the center of our Solar system and all of the other planets revolve around it. Because the light and the heat which is generated by the Sun is seen as the giver of life the Sun in an astrological birth chart symbolizes the essential self, the heart and the center of the physical body. It can be seen as the Heart of the Solar system. The positions of the Sun at birth (the Sun Sign) is a very important part of the astrological chart, but it is only one part of many which can be interpreted.

Positive tendencies: Perseverance, responsibility, discipline, authority, wisdom.
Negative tendencies: Isolation, inhibition, aloof, delay, control issues.

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Barren, cold, dark

Astrological Cancer
Numerological #2 and #0 to some extent.

The feminine principle, the soul, mother, fecundity, adaptation, wife, the family, nation. Emotions, moods, feelings, fertility, fluctuations, receptivity.
The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth and is the closest planetary (it’s not really a planet, but it’s influences are strongly felt) object to us. The moon is without water and the only light it receives is reflected from the Sun. The light which repeats itself in phases every 28 days is caused by the Moons orbit around Earth. Because it is always near us, it represents are ‘shadow self’, our changeable moods and feelings. The relationship between the Moon and the Sun are especially important in Natal charts. Together these two objects represent the anima:conscious (sun) and animus:subconscious (moon) parts of our self according to Carl Jung.

Positive tendencies: Nurturing, receptive, instinctual, domestic, sensitive
Negative tendencies: Changeable, insecure, moody, sensitive.

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(Mind, Intellect)

Short journey’s, trickery, messenger of Gods.

Astrological Gemini
Numerological #3 and some of these qualities also influence #12 (which reduces to a #3 numerologically).

Intellect, mediation, judgement, critical ability, analysis. Reason, perception, logic, messenger.
Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar system and also the closest one to the Sun. Because it is so close to the Sun itself, the Sun and Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees apart in angular separation (aspects). Because it is so close to the Sun, the properties of this planet is closely related to those of the Sun – health, well, being and life-force. It was thought to be a message of the Gods since it always appeared in close proximity to the Sun, and because of it’s strange orbit it is also sybmolic for speed, trickery and mental ability. Mercury is the 1/2 ‘octave’ expression of Venus (6/2 = 3), but more relative to the affectionate and emotional qualities. This is a love of platonic and idealistic nature rather than a domestic and family love.

Positive tendencies: Intellect, Wit, versatility, adaptability, healing,
Negative tendencies: Sarcasm, trickery, duality, flippancy.

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Feminine, Mother, Foundation, Elements: fire, air, water, earth.

Astrological None – though symbollically the Earth (along with Venus) can be shown to rule Taurus to some extent.
Numerological #4

Stability, foundation, fertility from the divine mother.
Earth is our own Mother, sometimes referred to as the divine Mother; for giving birth to all of us. The Earth orbits the Sun in 365 days (give or take 1 day every 4 years – known as a leap day). Many myths see the Earth as female, and the Sky as Male with both being locked together forever mingling the god of Air (An – Sumerian) and goddess of Earth (Ki – Sumerian). However the Egyptians saw it another way and their myth sees the Earth as male and the sky as female: in general though most ancient cultures refer to her as ‘Mother Earth’. We are close enough to the Sun to still feel the influences of solar flares and other solar phenomenon. The Moon shields the Earth occasionally from the Sun completely (creating Solar Eclipses when the alignment is such that a complete blackout occurs on part of the Earth).

Positive tendencies: Stability, fertility, responsible, practical, dependable, ethical.
Negative tendencies: Slow, conservative, overly cautious, fearful.

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(Physical energy)

Energy and action, courage and determination, impulsiveness, ruthlessness. Male, direction, drive and ambition.

Astrological Aries
Numerological #5

Initiative, action, conquest.
Mars is the first planet in the Solar system to orbit the Sun outside of The Earth. It takes 687 days for Mars to orbit the Sun. It’s orange/red glow follows traditional color associations of courage, danger and daring. The symbol for Mars represents the Male and Mars is known mostly as the planet that is the bringer of war and conflict among the people of the Earth.

Positive tendencies: Courage, energy, out-going, self-expresive, directed, self-assertive, pioneering, explorative, driven.
Negative tendencies: Quick temper, impatient, selfish, agressive, angry, impulsive.

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(Love, affection)

Love and art, physical attraction, feeling, harmony and beauty, girl, sweetheart, mistress. Grace

Astrological Pisces
Numerological #6

Possessions, values, harmony, comfort
Venus is the second planet from the sun and requires 243 days for her journey. She is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun, but Venus does have the ability to rise above the horizon for viewing. As a beautiful object in the night sky, Venus has become known as the Goddess of Love and Beauty. It is interesting to note that Venus *(beauty) travels between us and Mercury *(mind)! Venus itself is invisible when it is closest to us, and the clouds that surround her are made up of sulphuric acid – even though the surface of the planet is believed to be smooth.

Positive tendencies: Love, popularity, tact, diplomacy, comfort, fulfillment.
Negative tendencies: Lazy, vain.

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Asteroid Belt

(love and family)

Loving, familial. Security is important, as well as harmony. Safety, stability and the warm domestic aspects of motherhood.

Astrological Pisces
Numerological #6

Responsible, harmonius, smug, sometimes interfering.
The Asteroid belt is not now a planet, though it is believed that this collection of thousands of asteroids (which were first discovered on January 1, 1801 with the asteroid Ceres) were once a planet. Dr. T.C. Van Flandern of the US Naval Observatory has proposed a theory that these asteroids are the remains of a giant planet (90 times the mass of Earth) which exploded in its orbit between Mars and Jupiter about 5 million years ago.

Positive tendencies: Secure, dependable, responsible, loyal, loving and caring.
Negative tendencies: Smug, selfish, trivial, betraying

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(Expansion, growth)

Harmony, law, religion, expansion and growth, moral and religious aspirations. Great expectations. Good and charitable kindness, charm, high moral nature, humanitarian.

Astrological Aquarius
Numerological #7

Mature, strong morals, happy, domestic, lucky, prosperous.
Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar system and it also takes the longest to travel around the Sun in it’s orbit: taking 12 years to completely orbit the Sun. Because of this astrologers have maintained that Jupiter signifies expansion and growth. It is circled by red swirling clouds of gases and no solid surface has been determined. Overall from Earth the planet has a friendly look to it and so it has also been known as a bringer of luck and fortune.

Positive tendencies: Expansion, Optimism, maturity, growth, prosperity, luck.
Negative tendencies: Greedy, self-righteous, arrogant, excessive.

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(Limitation, control)

Inhibition and concentration, perserverance, seriousness, caution, reserve. Silent meditation, the powers of hearing and listening. Slow and patient.

Astrological Capricorn
Numerological #8

Wise, responsible, persevering, disciplined, patient.
Saturn was once thought to be the farthest planet in our Solar System since it was the last one that could be seen with the naked eye; because of this it’s properties were those of a boundary maker (ruler). Saturn takes 30 years to orbit the Sun and is the second largest planet (after Jupiter). It has a traditional image of hollowness and frailty which is quite amazing considering that the entire planet could float on water with it’s low density!

Positive tendencies: Experience, patience, discipline, duty, stable, thrifty.
Negative tendencies: Catastrophic, cold, stubborn, inhibited, isolated.

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Suddenness, revolution, transmutation, independence, excitable and impulsive. Startling and odd, sentimental and imaginative

Astrological Sagittarius
Numerological #9

Change, chaos, eccentricity, sudden
Uranus has a reputation for unpredictability and eccentricity. It’s discovery caused total chaos. It’s rotation is tilted and it takes 84 years for Uranus to orbit our Sun. Uranus is known for ruling the ideal sentiments and imagination. It is a magical planet of alchemical, creative and transmutational properties. The base of creativity can be found here.

Positive tendencies: Independence, creativity, excitement, brilliance, uniqueness, originality.
Negative tendencies: Catastrophic, eccentric, bored, rebellious.

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Providence, invisible forces, power and influence. Obsessions, fanaticism, secretive, and rejuvinating

Astrological Scorpio
Numerological #10

Elimination, regeneration. Exceeding limits, seeking the infinite. The inner soul of the Solar system.
Pluto is second to eccentric and ethereal behaviour only to Neptune. This planet was unknown until 1930. It seems that the esoteric system of celestial bodies influences us and that Pluto has subtle and powerful – as a rules of dictators and the masses. This power is subtle and is the ‘octave’ power of Mars (also of Uranus – 11, Sun – 1 and Moon – 0/2) and therefore is seen at the subtle level as one that influences the masses particularly in areas of destruction and war.

Positive tendencies: Regeneration, power, intensity, rejuvenation, birth, rebirth.
Negative tendencies: Death, destruction, ruthless, compulsive, obsessive, fanatical.

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Impressionable, imaginative, mystic, vague, confused and confident. Illusion, intuition, spiritual and secret. Dreamy and idealistic…

Astrological Libra
Numerological #11

Confusion, charisma, poetry, inspiration and fantasy lie here.
Neptune is planet of weirdness! Weird attributes and a 165 year orbit make this planet one of subtle yet powerful properties. It was originally discovered as a star, and later found to be a planet as it was discovered by two different astronomers at exactly the same time! It’s ethereal forces mean that it only influences us on higher vibrational levels. This planet has primary properties that influence clairvoyance on the Earthly plane.

Positive tendencies: Imaginative, intuitive, mystical, inspired.
Negative tendencies: Deceptive, fake, charismatic, secretive, dreamy.

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12th Planet


Dedication and Discrimination. Powerul and knowing, spiritual into the Physical.

Astrological Virgo
Numerological #12, also #3 (since 12 reduces to 3)

Completion and discrimination.
The 12th Planet is not entirely fictitious. Zecharia Sitchin has symbollically discovered it, and NASA has verified that it may indeed exist in an extremely long orbit that puts it so far away from us that it is only visible in part of it’s extremely long 3000+ year orbit.

Positive tendencies: Power, discrimination, spirituality welcomed into the physical.
Negative tendencies: Over-bearing, perfectionist, idealistic to an extreme sense and overly sensitive (and moody) at times.

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*Note the Moon appears second in the chart above (most likely because of it’s huge appearance in our night sky), and that the Earth appears in this chart (although zodiacally it is really the Zodiacal Pole and therefore does not have a position in the traditional zodiac as a planetary ruler of a house). Numerologically the Earth appears to be out of sequence (it occurs numerologically as #4) and it does not appear as a traditional planetary ruler of a astrological sign. Symbolically it can be said to rule Taurus (the fourth house) which also happens to be a Earth Triplicity (Earth, Air, Fire, Water).

**Also note the number 6 (Venus and the Asteroid Belt – which is not considered a planet now, it was at one time) and that the number 12 (the Twelfth Planet as noted by Zecharia Sitchin) is said to exist (and has been validated by NASA) in an extremely long orbit and therefore is not observable for thousands of years at a time. Also note that Pluto appears before Neptune as closer to the Sun in this chart, it has been shown that this planet is actually closer to the Sun than once believed and its strange orbit only makes it appear as though it is farther away than Neptune, and that though according to Bode’s Law the planetary distances indicate there must be a planet between Pluto and Neptune, it is our belief that this planet is really the 12th Planet reported by Zecharia Sitchin. The true (distance from the Sun) sequence is: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, 12th Planet.

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