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Enter the Year, Month and Date that you were born in the three boxes (tab keys will not work, so you must click in each box), then click on the Calculate button. Your cycles will appear on the chart, a dark BOLD line indicates today's date, and then 30 days after today's date appear on the chart. Red/blue lines indicate weekend days. Transition (critical) days occur whenever a cycle crosses the dark HORIZON line that runs from left to right across the middle of the chart. After clicking on Calculate your biorhythms will appear as well as the number of days you have lived at the top of the chart. You can selectively turn off the Physical, Emotional or Intelletual lines at this point by clicking the checkboxes at the upper right of the chart.

Biorhythms were first discovered by Doctor Wilhelm Fliess (in Berlin) in the early 1900's. As a physician he noted good/bad days and discovered that they occur in rhythmic cycles (as Emotional and Physical cycles), but definitely in predictable patterns. Several years laster an Austrian professor Alfred Telscher identified the third cycle: the Intellectual cycle.

Fundamentally biorhythms are a way of expressing continuous changes, which can help you plan your life more effectively if you can come to understand them and how they influence you. Each rhythm begins on the day you are born and follows its course throughout life and stops at your death. Everyone is subject to their influence and most likely can feel them, though some people will not conform to the established patterns at ALL times, most people can recognize a trend of rhythmic patterns in the Emotional, Physical and Intellectual physiology.

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