Who wrote the numerology reading text?

Brett A. Simpson - biography

Brett A. Simpson jpg - 9K Brett is a Musician, Metaphysician, Poet, Numerologist who has been studying the mystical aspects of humankind since the age of 5. His knowledge of the arts and sciences and his 26 year Meditation history as well as his unique sculpting ability with words allow him to take an independent view of human nature, society and the intricacies of Number systems at their source in the Kabbalah.

Numerologically Brett is a ruling 28/10 and his primary focus is solving the riddle of the 'root race' of the planet as well as promoting peace, kindness and understanding.

Brett lives in South Bend, Indiana, USA where he works to create this website and study research trends for the coming Millenium. He is available for personal readings and answering personal questions (by email) as well.

"The readings are a stepping stone to the future for those who choose to chart their course. The patterns of our lives are enmeshed in a Mandala of existence that stretches to time immemorial."