- Life Purpose Numerology Reading for -
Katie Holmes

Born: December 18, 1978
Kate Noelle Holmes
(English name)

This Reading was created by The Dreamtime...

Knowing your true Life Purpose is one of the most important things in your life. You may have several relationships, work in different careers, and explore a multitude of hobbies. But, underneath all of that your soul wishes for only one thing. To find a single purpose, and set of values that motivates you and drives you forward in life. This reading will give you everything you require to understand your strengths, weaknesses and where your soul may have wished for before you were born. I believe that your soul chose the physical body you are experiencing at this time and came here into physical form from spirit with an intent and desire to fulfill your true purpose. It is not always easy though to know and understand that purpose. This reading will help you get a good idea of your strengths, from a numerological perspective.

If your spirit can choose your parents, and date of birth, and influenced them in naming you, it's easy to see that all of this information could have something to tell us about who you are: your strengths, talents, and desires. Your spirit would also influence the different aspects of how you express yourself, as well as your personal will. In this reading we will look at all areas that your soul chose (based on your name and date of birth).

This reading will provide you with all of the numerology information regarding you and the purpose your soul brought with it when you came into this world. At the end of the reading it will help you pull all of this together so that you can write your own personal Life Prupose Statement: a set of values and intent. You could live by this daily based on your numerological expression. Each section will discuss specific aspects and how, and why things are important to you in all areas of your life. If you prefer a more thorough study you should include a detailed Professional Numerology reading as well as a Yearly Forecast Numerology reading (that includes transit information) so that every trait, lesson, strength, karmic influence and cycle can be fully understood and compared.

To begin the reading we will analyze your Life Path, and then we will look at each area: the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual along with your numerology information in each one of these areas. After the Life Path we will run through each area in the order in which others may see you. People will see and notice you as 1. physical (personal/personality), 2. mental (intellectual/philosophical/ethical) 3. emotional (psychological/feeling), 4. intuitive (inner knowing) and 5. spiritual (fate and common purpose).

Throughout this part of the reading we will refer to each of the areas indicated above, and we will show you the prominent and most useful traits as they appear for you. Keep in mind that no two people are exactly alike, or even close. Each area features powerful and personal information prepared for you. As you read through each, try to keep the strongest traits in the back of your mind as those are the traits that you want to heighten in order for you to achieve your true life purpose and your highest potential.

It is also interesting to note if specific areas of your chart are similar or more closely matched compared to others. For example you may find that your personality self and your emotional self are very similar, while your mental self and spiritual self may be quite different. These unique nuances of your overall makeup are what keep life interesting and fun. Try to take a light-hearted approach to reading through this the first time, and then go deeper into what you are reading the 2nd and 3rd time through.

You will find after several readings you are ready to write your own Life Purpose statement. Do not take it lightly, and remember to re-visit this reading at least ever 4-5 years to re-write your Life Purpose statement. You should also consider this if a major life event happens to you. You can relax in knowing that your soul chose these characterstics of your personality before you were born. You are merely fulfilling what you came here to do in the physical world.

Independent, insightful, charitable

YOUR LIFE PATH (what it means):
We will begin your reading with your Life Path Number. This number is one of the most important numbers in your chart since it indicates the path through this life you should take to fulfill your destiny. This number indicates which goals or pursuits are best for you, the positive assets and the talents you have for achieving them as well as a section on how to best follow your own unique path. Rather than point out negative traits or possibilities we have instead focused on the positive aspects in each section so that you can accentuate them to help you realize your goals in this lifetime. The four main sections are indicated as follows:

We all learn and grow at our own pace, and we are all intricately linked together as we develop and grow toward our own unique goals. Each Life Path is entirely unique in some way when all of the numbers are considered. The essential qualities of the Life Path indicated below will provide you with the true potentiality for the Life Path that you should be following as your Date of Birth has determined. If you pursue this path it will be most rewarding and exciting, but if you do not, there may be even more troubles and issues blocking your path which try to steer you back toward your true destiny. May you find your own path within the talents and assets listed below in Peace and Fulfillment.

As a 19/10 your primary purpose is to explore and become confident with your creative abilities as you teach, lead and counsel others. You will learn to lead, teach and inspire others with your unique personality.

There may be many obstacles in your path, but you recognize these as opportunities to grow and learn. We all experience difficulties - however your life path is one of individuality and uniqueness: you are a pioneer who is concerned with serving humanity. You will eventually overcome your sensitivity and learn to accept that your integrity and wisdom may be different from others.

As you learn to explore this uniqueness you will come to value your skills and see them as tools of expression that will help you overcome any mountain in your path. Your inspirational energy and desire to assist others sets you apart as a sympathetic, sensitive person, who also prefers to blaze their own trail of uniqueness and difference.

In your most positive sense you are known as an excellent problem solver as well as someone who attracts others to them. You have mastered your intuitive skills and project a confidence and awareness that creates a persona of leadership, responsibility and concern. Others will look to you for guidance and awareness.

Any type of creative service for others is one that will interest you: drawing, painting, writing and other artistic endeavors are most interesting to you as well as any form of healing arts such as massage, reflexology or counseling work. Teaching is another possible career field.

As an independent and sensitive person, you are aware of the difficulties that may arise when others challenge your beliefs. You have come to learn to expose your sensitivities without letting the opinion of others upset you.

You must let your emotions and angers out for them to dissipate, otherwise a strong temper and addictive behavior can be a result of unreleased feelings. Do not become too set in your ways and come to accept others around you for who they are: unique and positive personalities.

Others may find you opinionated and rigid if you become set in your own ways. There is a fine balance between confidence and egotism: one that you have found and that is part of you throughout your life.

Each of the vibrations in your Life Path resonates with a specific aroma oil which will assist you in achieving your life purpose. The aromas/oils below can be used for therapeutic uses, such as massage, acupressure, reflexology, or for creating personal aromatherapy blends which may inspire you to reach your true potential. You may choose a single oil from the group to use, or you may prefer to make a blend. Blends work best with a top, middle and base vibration oil which will help to maintain the aroma and healing energy of the oils. If you cannot create a blend from the oils listed for you, you may want to work with the oils by themselves, until a possibility of a blend occurs to you. Example top note oils include citrus, and light smells such a lemon, eucalyptus, basil, and rosemary. Middle notes (use 3-4 drops) are the heart of the blend include lavender, geranium, marjoram, and the base notes (use 1-2 drops) are the musky smells that evaporate slowly and linger the longest, such as patchouli, vetiver, jasmine, and myrrh. We wish you the best of fortune in finding and following your unique path and we hope that the aromas/oils below provide you with another tool that brings you fulfillment.

/// Caution: essential oils are highly concentrated and potentially hazardous, if misused. Consult the safety guidelines of any oils you use. ///

The aromas/oils in your Life Path that will best assist you include the following. Note that if your Life Path is a double digit Life Path than you will have additional tools (qualities) which may be subtle, yet still valuable in helping you along your path. If your Life Path is a single digit such as 1-9, or 11, then your Life Path is an Essential Life Path which means that the numbers in your Life Path add up to a single digit number and do not require reduction. As an Essential Life Path you will have one group of oils to help support you along your path.

The following aromas/oils (properties) are tools to assist you in reaching your true path.
Vibration 1 (Inspiration/Leadership):
The following aromas/oils support the vibration energy of "1".
Top: Bay, Basil, Lime, Orange, Middle: Cinnamon, Juniper, Neroli, Rosemary, Base: Cinnamon, Frankincense, Ginger, Neroli,

Vibration 9 (Humanitarian, Sympathetic, Explorer):
The following aromas/oils represent the vibration energy of "9".
Top: Bergamot, Lemon Balm, Middle: Calendula, Clove, Hyssop, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Base: Clove, Nutmeg, Saffron

The following aromas/oils (properties) support your true path.
Vibration 1 (Inspiration/Leadership):
The following aromas/oils support the vibration energy of "1".
Top: Bay, Basil, Lime, Orange, Middle: Cinnamon, Juniper, Neroli, Rosemary, Base: Cinnamon, Frankincense, Ginger, Neroli,

Reliable, confident, joyful

In this section of the reading we will explore your Total Outer Expression numbers (your Physical Self) and how it influences your Life Purpose. We will start with your Total Outer Expression numbers: these personal, physical attraction numbers for each of you represent your physical / personality appearance self. This number indicates how others first see you, and will tell you how you appear to others when they first meet you. From this number you can learn others first impressions of you and how this influences your Life Purpose.

Remember that the paragraphs of interpretive text describing the traits for you below are printed in the order of the strength of that trait, from the strongest (most prominent) trait, to the weakest (least prominent) trait.

Katie - your Physical Self, your 31/4 Total Outer Expression:
You are looked at as being extremely reliable and as being somewhat reluctant to accept new ideas. Others get the impression that once they win your respect that you will stand by them forever. Sometimes though, they think that you are a little tight with your money and too conservative.

Others recognize you as cheerful and confident. They see you as the life of the party, though they also have the impression that in your private life you may be lonely. They feel that sometimes you desire to be the center of attention. To them you appear as if you need to be needed, and yet they feel that you rarely allow others to get close enough to you.

You look like a bold and confident person to others who first meet you. Under your exterior they recognize that you are loyal, trustworthy and supportive of others when you need to be. They recognize you as a natural authority on most topics and a leader in most situations; in fact they may get the feeling that you are a little arrogant or pushy in trying to get your own way.

PERSONALITY TRAITS (what it means):
From your personality traits chart we will note the vibrational value of each vibration that makes up your personality. This will indicate the complete makeup of your personality from a list of 9 fundamental personality traits. Note that the stronger the value (amount in your name), the more prominent this trait will be in your personality. From these values we will indicate your Personality Strengths: those traits of your personality that are the strongest and that will be most helpful as you pursue your Life Purpose.

Keep in mind that this is not the strongest determinating factor of your reading for your Life Purpose, but it is an excellent indicator of the personality traits that affect you every day. Compare this to your Life Purpose Aspects of Expression (later in your reading) and you may find some similarities, and differences. The important part here is that these are personality traits (usually expressed emotionally), while the Aspects of Expression are stronger at determing your personal will (or initiative), rather than showing your 'outer personality' like you see here.

Your Personality Trait chart is represented by 3 vibrations from the total of 9 vibrations which are possible: the 9 number vibrations are related to the energy of each letter in the alphabet which holds a specific energy 1-9. We will now look at your entire Personality Trait chart in the table below to get an understanding of your unique personality makeup. The energy of each letter holds the vibration that you see indicated and the total count of that energy vibration within your name indicates how much of that trait you have in your own personality. It is essential that we focus on the vibration(s) which are strongest in your name to indicate your Personality Strength(s). Lets look at each vibration and how much of it makes up your overall personality:

PERSONALITY TRAITS for Kate Noelle Holmes
Vibration ValueAmount in your nameBasic interpretation / energy from this Vibration
15Independent, unique (active)
20Diplomatic (receptive)
33Outgoing, ambitious (completion)
40Hard working, routine (earth)
52Imaginative (self-discipline)
60Domestic (practical)
70Mystic (spiritual)
80Organized (material)
90Sympathetic (harmony)

This part of your personality traits chart will indicate which vibration(s) or personality traits are your strongest in this lifetime. Since you will be stronger in these areas (personality wise) they should be used to help you achieve your true life purpose. These traits are used daily, and you may find that the personality strength(s) indicated here are those that you feel often.

You have a strong will and sense of personal initiative. This trait will help you in all that you do by allowing you to concentrate and focus on achieving your goals. You may have a desire to be the authority in areas that interest you, or to lead others in your work. You are extremely creative and confident and known as a pioneer in trying new things. You realize how risky and daring it is sometimes be the first to try something, however you are confident in your skills and capability and this provides you with the support you need to overcome anything!

Compassionate, encouraging

The next part we will look at is your Total Soul Urge (emotional self). This is the emotional (and psychological) side of your Life Purpose. It represents your inner desires and dreams and you should try to include the traits here in your overall Life Purpose Statement. It will show you how you feel inside, and tell you what is most important to you from a values and priorities standpoint. This number represents how you are motivated, as well as your intentions. From this number you can determine your emotional strengths and weaknesses.

Remember that the paragraphs of interpretive text describing your emotional traits below are printed in the order of strength in you. They are listed from the strongest (most prominent) trait to the weakest (least prominent) trait.

Katie - your Emotional Self, your 33/6 Total Soul Urge:
You have a deep concern for others and there welfare. You are someone who has a strong attachment to your family and those who are close to you. Your kind actions and considerate thought for others is recognized by others and their praise is important to you. You love harmony and want most of all to feel loved and appreciated. Your principles, values and ideals are extremely important to you, and your deep inner sense of responsibility means that you sometimes hold yourself responsible for the mistakes of others. You enjoy the arts and creative work; you may have artistic talent too. Sometimes you seek out a sense of perfection and comfort which might be unrealistic; you must learn to accept all things as being perfect so that you can continue without feeling too hurt. You make an excellent parent or marriage partner. There may be an inner desire within you to teach or assist others as a counselor or therapist.

You are an eternal optimist, always living in hope of a better future. You know inside that life has purpose and meaning and that real effort will eventually be rewarded. It is tough to ruffle your composure. You feel that you have an excellent sense of humor, and this works well for you when you share your talents and skills with others. You are encouraging to your partner in any type of relationship, and your strong will to achieve rubs off on others too. Your charm makes you a very desirable friend.

Leader, intuitive, efficient, caring

Your intuitive self will be considered next. This section is one of that is very important in the Life Purpose reading since it represents how you handle your affairs and how you form your opinions and ideals. It represents how you combine what your inner soul wishes for with what your outer soul desires. You may not begin to feel this part of yourself until you are in your early 20's, or later. This number along with your spiritual self and Life Purpose Aspects of Expression are the most important sections of your reading.

The intuitive self number indicates the values and ideals that you have been born to represent in this lifetime; how you determine your values and see others. This deep and intense, all-encompassing number (calculated from your entire birth name), is a vibration that may play a part in your life from adulthood on. From this section you may learn a lot about what makes you act the way you do toward others in general.

Remember that the paragraphs of interpretive text below describing your traits are printed in the order of strength in you. The strongest (most prominent) trait is listed first, and so on, down to the weakest (least prominent) trait.

Katie - your Intuitive Self, your 64/10/1 Total Expression:
You are a leader who needs to feel in control of your own environment. You avoid being secondary at all costs and you strive to be the expert at whatever you focus your attention on. You may be creative and artistic, or even choose to work in one of those environments. In your home you like to be the ruler and in relationships as well. You must feel like you are in control in all circumstances in order to be comfortable and this can sometimes bother others.

You have an impeccable inner perception and ability to determine the true nature of things. You have a strong intuitive ability as well as kind, protective care for those who are closest to you. You may use this quality to help you make decisions, or even to tap into a universal knowledge that helps you discover new ways of approaching things. You sometimes may prefer to be by yourself, in a quiet sanctuary so that you can get an understanding of others, yourself and the situation at hand before you make any decisions.

You like most of all to please others. You are good at handling finances and you have a potential to make or handle large amounts of money, especially if you decide to go into business for yourself. In this situation you may be very successful. In your private life though, you may be very intolerant of others who do not live up to your own high ideals. In fact, you are quick to abandon any relationship that is not working to your satisfaction without any qualms.

You are efficient, quiet, and extremely dependable. You don't like to waste time making small talk and when you go to work you mean business. You are caring and considerate of others most of the time, though in close relationships you are reluctant to form close bonds to those who may disturb your routines. You may reject people for companionship because of your need to be organized, timely and responsible, and this makes it difficult for you to form truly lasting partnerships. Eventually you will become more adaptable to others but it may be too late.

Independent, insightful, charitable

This part of the reading indicates how your talents and lessons affect you: intellectually and mentally. This is the part of the reading that explains your life path (which was also discussed earlier, in the first section of this reading). It represents what your life lessons are. Your intellectual outlook is determined by the lessons and assets that you were born with in this lifetime and how you apply and use them to help you achieve your true goals (life purpose). The Life Path is calculated from your date of birth and it indicates the specific path, and life lesson that remains to be learned. This number is one of the most important section of your reading along with the Fate number (spiritual self) and the Destiny number (intuitive self).

The intellectual aspect represents the way in which you perceive your view of the world. This is the part of you which develops the models for how you live your life, and it determines the things that you aspire to and pursue as you grow into maturity. We will look at how your Life Path talents/assets and your life lessons affect you.

Remember that the paragraphs of interpretive text describing your intellectual traits below are printed in the order of strength in you. They are listed from the strongest (most prominent) trait to the weakest (least prominent) trait

Katie - your Intellectual Self, your 19/10/1 (19) Life Path:
You are a leader who needs to feel in control of your own environment. You avoid being secondary at all costs and you strive to be the expert at whatever you focus your attention on. You may be creative and artistic, or even choose to work in one of those environments. In your home you like to be the ruler and in relationships as well. You must feel like you are in control in all circumstances in order to be comfortable and this can sometimes bother others.

You have an impeccable inner perception and ability to determine the true nature of things. You have a strong intuitive ability as well as kind, protective care for those who are closest to you. You may use this quality to help you make decisions, or even to tap into a universal knowledge that helps you discover new ways of approaching things. You sometimes may prefer to be by yourself, in a quiet sanctuary so that you can get an understanding of others, yourself and the situation at hand before you make any decisions.

You have a talent for organization and solving problems in the quickest way. You are highly visual and visionary in your creative powers and your desire to serve others. This however, makes you somewhat intolerant of those who are slow, and you may be overly critical of them. You enjoy variety, travel and all of the experiences of life. You may be hard to reach initially in relationships, but once your love and affection is in place you will defend anyone (especially friends, family and loved ones) through even the most intimidating circumstances.

Katie - your Life Path Lesson:
You aspire to be a born leader. Often you will succeed through the sheer force of your personality, and if you are faced with obstacles you will do whatever is required by using your determination and willpower to overcome them. You are decisive, confident and courageous.

The one main lesson you are to learn in this lifetime is one of tolerance and cooperation with others. You must learn to respect others without attempting to dominate or control them. You may hold resentment inside for the successes of others and those must be erased as well. You need to develop and apply your creative ideas to command the respect of others.

You are known for your extreme creative powers (and originality) and you enjoy working in these fields. You must try to overcome your desire to make any situation into a competition or a leadership task.

Supportive, inspirational, original, outgoing, ambitious

We will now look at your spiritual self, represented by your Fate number. It indicates past karma and what it has to teach you in this lifetime. It indicates the true fate or reason that you are here in this lifetime. This number makes itself known as one major lesson that you have come here to work on. The fate number will tell you what your final goal of accomplishment is in this life and how you can achieve it.

Remember that the paragraphs of interpretive text describing your spiritual traits below are printed in the order of strength in you. They are listed from the strongest (most prominent) trait to the weakest (least prominent) trait.

Katie - how your past karma teaches you, your 83/11/2 Fate
In order for you to achieve your greatest potential you must truly learn to find a solution to your fate number. By analyzing your fate number we can determine the potential trait(s) and abilities that you can use to do this. Read your fate number interpretation below carefully, it is a powerful sentence that is created to teach you. It is based on the unique power of the combined vibration of your full name and date of birth.

You must learn to teach others with your encouraging, inspirational, intuitive and visionary nature by showing determination, organization and realistic awareness of your own joy and your outgoing nature.

Read through the sentence above several times. There is a powerful spiritual message in it. The solution to that sentence is like the key in the lock to your soul, allowing you to complete what you came here to do in this lifetime. Read your fate number interpretation above carefully until it sinks in to your soul, it was designed by you (your soul) to teach you.

TOTAL SELF - Strongest Traits
Now that we have looked at and interpreted your entire Life Purpose Chart and found the Life Lesson that you are to learn, we will take some time now to look at all of the numbers in this chart to create a Total Self Chart which details the traits that will be most prominent vibrations for you.

In the next section we will also create a Life Purpose Aspects of Expression Chart. While these charts are similar, they are very different in what they reveal. The Life Purpose Aspects of Expression Chart will cover all aspects of your 'personal will' (including intuitive and spiritual traits), while the Total Self Chart below covers the traits of your physical/mental/emotional self. Note that each of these charts use unique calculations which have been discovered by The Dreamtime and which are not used by any other Numerologists. We have found them to be extremely valuable in helping to identify your unique personality and life purpose traits.

These charts are similar to, but much more important than the Personality Traits chart that we looked at earlier. While the Personality Traits chart indicated aspects of your personality, the Total Self and Life Purpose Aspects of Expression will indicate aspects of your entire personality (including your intellect, intuition and emotions) as well as your personal will and inspirations. You can see that the Total Self and Life Purpose Aspects of Expression charts can be used to help you identify deeper traits of your personality and will that may not have been previously uncovered. These traits are sure to be evident throughout the growth of each individual and past maturity. Since these charts represent the aspects of you that make you unique and different we hope that you find them valuable in interpreting and writing your personal Life Purpose Statement.

Total Self for Kate Noelle Holmes
VibrationAmount in KatieBasic interpretation / energy from this Vibration
17Independent, unique (active)
22Diplomatic (receptive)
3-Outgoing, ambitious (completion)
41Hard working, routine (earth)
5-Imaginative (self-discipline)
61Domestic (practical)
7-Introspective (spiritual)
8-Organized (material)
9-Sympathetic (harmony)

Katie - your Total Self indicates that your strongest vibration is: Independence (1)
This indicates that as this trait influences your entire self, and you should really consider including this trait in your Life Purpose Statment as it is important to you, especially in relationships:

Katie - your Most Outstanding Traits
Your most outstanding traits that appear in your Total Self above are interpreted below:

Strongest Trait - 63% - Independent / Original

Other Trait - 18% - Cooperative / Sharing Other Trait - 9% - Self-disciplined / Practical Other Trait - 9% - Responsible / Loving

Your 12 Aspects of Expression
We will now look at the strenght of all 12 of your aspects in a Life Purpose Aspects of Expression chart. This chart details how you express your personal will throughout your life. It is a powerful tool for helping you find your life purpose. This chart is similar to your Essential Self chart, but with some modifications. It looks at the 12 primary vibrational energies of your personal will and how strongly each of them are developed in you. We will interpret the strongest traits for you in the interpretations that follow after the chart is displayed. An intepretation of the Essential Self chart with your strongest/weakest traits compared to another person can be found in our Compatibility Numerology Reading. Please read the text below the chart for your individual interpretations.

12 Aspects of Expression
for Kate Noelle Holmes
VibrationAmount in KatieBasic interpretation / energy from this Vibration
00Intuitive (instinctual)
113Independent, unique (active)
23Diplomatic (receptive)
34Outgoing, ambitious (completion)
43Hard working, routine (earth)
50Imaginative (self-discipline)
63Domestic (practical)
70Introspective (spiritual)
81Organized (material)
91Sympathetic (harmony)
104Inventive (ingenious)
114Inspired (influential)

Katie - your strongest trait: Independence (1)
Katie in this expression your strongest trait is your independence and originality. You enjoy being the leader in life, and in showing others the way. You are intelligent and original too. At times you may feel like you are all alone in your quest to be yourself. Try to spend more time understanding others close to you as they may be bothered by your extreme desire to control things, unless they are relaxed enough to always let you show them how to do it. Learn to work together with others from time to time, especially when you are in a crisis. You will be more respected than you can imagine. Make sure to include some of this in your Life Purpose Statement.

Another Trait (3) your outgoing and friendly nature. Compared to others you are more interested in being out in a crowd and expressing yourself freely through speaking, writing, or artistically. Your happy joyful nature probably helps you get your way quite often. Your love for being around others could cause friction between your relationship partners. To overcome this, try to spend more time alone with your partners or work together on issues that come up. Do this instead of trying to discuss them with your friends and family and make sure you include plenty of this outgoing nature in your Life Purpose Statement.

Another Trait (10) invention and intuition; this indicates that in your life you are happiest when you can be creative and philosophical with in your daily activities. You are extremely original and ingenious at formulating new ideas and solutions. This suits you well to understanding everything there is to know about other people. You may however, need to spend time alone before you accept others into your close circle. You like to be a leader and you have an inner-knowing of how to react with others and why. You may have a desire to try to control things, or to be secretive as you work to lead the way. Use the powerful voice inside of yourself to find the true direction in your life and be sure to include these traits in your Life Purpose Statement.

Another Trait (11) idealistic, inspirational and utopian viewpoint. This indicates that you may have trouble accepting the reality around you. You are much more idealistic than most people and you may become disappointed easily if you don't learn to accept reality at an early age. You are inspirational as well and you love to teach things and others. You may known for your interest and understanding for others around you. This tends to give you a more sensitive feelings than others and they might not always understand your deep emotions. Try to be forgiving of others and accept that things will not always go your way. Listening to the more practical nature of others can help you in this regard. Others do not always feel the same as you inside. Learn to accept that your ideals are higher than most, and make sure to include some of this in your Life Purpose Statement.

Another Trait (2) cooperation and sensitivity. This means that overall you are much more of a cooperative person than others, in general. You may feel like you are always the one who has to give in and this may be irritating at times. You view others as less sensitive and cooperative as you; they might be more interested in following their own interests, rather than sharing them with you. Do not let this bother you, as you are also much more sensitive and likely to become emotional over these issues. You may feel like you are feeling too much, but it is your nature to explore every aspect of your emotions with others, especially if a partnership develops. Try to include some of these traits in your Life Purpose Statement.

Another Trait (4) love of hard work, practicality and dependability. You may get frustrated by the seeming irresponsible and illogical nature of those around you, but remember that each of us is different and unique in our own respect and try to learn as much as you can from them. Some people close to youmay find you to be a workaholic: someone who is too dependent on a mundane and routine life. Try to live it up once in awhile! You may learn to live better with others if you can adapt a little more and become a little more down to earth. Make sure to include some of this energy in your Life Purpose Statement.

A summary chart of all of your traits is prepared for you below. Look at this chart and use it as a starting point to choosing adjectives to use when writing your own Life Purpose Statement. The words/traits listed here are unique and personal for you. Look for patterns of words that may repeat. Look at the entire chart below and get ready to write your personal Life Purpose Statement:

Your Life Purpose Traits
for Kate Noelle Holmes
Self Area Number(s) Life Purpose Traits
Life Path
Mental 19/10/1 Independent, insightful, charitable
Outer Expression
Reliable, confident, joyful
Soul Urge
Compassionate, encouraging
Total Expression
Intuitive 64/10/1 Leader, intuitive, efficient, caring
Spiritual 83/11/2
Supportive, inspirational, original, outgoing, ambitious
Total Self
Personality 1, 2, 4, 6
Independent, cooperative, practical, responsibile
12 Aspects
Personal Will
1, 3, 10, 11, 2, 4 Independent, outgoing, inventive, inspirational, cooperative, practical
*Note: keep all of these traits in mind while writing your Life Purpose Statement.

Review your summary chart above. Pay attention to the Life Purpose traits listed here as these are the strongest traits you have to work with in this lifetime. Look for repeated traits, especially if they are in bold. The bold traits are the strongest traits in each area. If you see a trait in bold appearing multiple times, you will know that this is one of your strongest traits. Make sure to include those traits in your Life Purpose Statement when you write it. You can find more information on how to write your Life Purpose Statement in our book: Exploring Your True Life Purpose. Use the book, and the traits above and in the other sections of this reading to write your Life Purpose Statement below:

My Life Purpose Statement









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