Planes of Expression Description

This page will describe your Planes of Expression. Note that this page is taken from our Professional Readings.
PLANES OF EXPRESSION (what it means):
The Planes of Expression is one of the most detailed and important parts of a numerology reading. The Planes show all of the vibrational energies of each letter in your Birth Name as they relate to one of 4 Planes of energy: Physical (Body), Mental (Mind), Emotional (Soul) and Intuitive (Spirit) energy. These planes are related to the ancient mystical texts that explain how each character of the alphabet is energized. The Physical plane letters indicate those aspects of your expressive self that are related to your senses of touch, taste and smell, as well as to your potential for physical strength, endurance and size. The Mental plane letters indicate the types of expression that you will use in thought, in calculating or solving problems, and in your skills of learning. The Emotional plane letters represent your expression of feelings and sensitivity toward yourself as well as how you express them to others in your life. The Intuitive plane letters will indicate your unique perceptive expression and how you may understand your own introspective abilities. Besides the four energy planes there are also three specific qualities that the letters may fall into that will determine the nature of how that letter will affect the plane that it is listed on: Creative (inspiring), Vacillating (wavering), Grounded (practical). The Creative column is used to indicate the letters which will have an inspirational effect in the particular plane that they are shown at. The Vacillating or wavering column will show those letters which are not quite practical and not quite grounded. The Grounded column indicates the parts of your expression which are practical, reserved and calculating. Note that the number of letters in a specific quadrant of the chart will reveal some aspects of your expression, however since your Numerological makeup includes many other energies, do not expect it to be highly accurate. You can look at the totals columns as a sketch of how your personality is being expressed, for instance if you have more Creative Letters in your Mental Plane this would indicate a creative approach to decision making rather than a practical approach, you will find a more detailed description by reading the interpretation sections which follow the chart. The interpretations sections should give you an insightful understanding of yourself, and you should use those along with your other interpretations, especially your Foundational number, Existence number, and passions/lessons to get the most from this reading. The dreamtime uses a unique Numerological Interpretation based on the many readings we have done for others. Our calculations and expression listings may differ from others, however we feel that we have found a way to analyze the planes of expression that yields a more representative description of your vibrational energy.

Note that this chart will only indicate the number and value of vibrations in your planes. We will interpret these for you in the text following the chart, lets look briefly at each vibration and how much of it is part of your expressive self: