Inclusion Chart Description

This page will describe your Inclusion Chart. Note that this page is taken from our Professional Readings.
INCLUSION CHART (what it means):
The inclusion chart is used to analyze all of the numeric vibrations that are present in your birth name. Each letter vibration will be accounted for and we will use this chart to analyze how strong the energies of each numeric value are from 1-9. From the chart we will indicate your Hidden Passion: that vibration in your name which is the strongest and which indicates what your most superior talent is. We will also look at which Karmic Lessons you might have brought along with you in this life, and therefore need to be worked on.

Your inclusion chart is represented by 7 vibrations from the total of 9 vibrations which are possible: the 9 number vibrations are related to the Energy of each letter in the alphabet which holds a specific energy 1-9. We will now look at your entire Inclusion chart in the table below to get a brief understanding of your unique makeup. The energy of each letter holds the vibration that you see indicated and the total count of that energy vibration within your name indicates how much of that energy you have. Note that this chart will only briefly describe the 9 vibrations (in summary) and indicate the number in your chart. It is essential that we focus on the vibration(s) which are strongest in your name (your Hidden Passion(s)), and those which are or may be missing from your name (your Karmic Lessons). We will do that in the text following the chart, for now lets look briefly at each vibration and how much of it is part of your personality.

This part of your inclusion chart will indicate which vibration holds the most powerful affect on your life and should therefore be used to help you reach your true goal. You should read this number while keeping your Heart's Desire and Soul Urge energy in mind, since the skills that are indicated by the Hidden Passion Number will be what you are most talented at you will be able to use these skills to activate your innermost dreams and desires; which are indicated by your Soul Urge and Heart's Desire numbers.

This part of your inclusion chart will indicate which vibrations are missing in your name and will help to tell us the things that you may need to work on improving in this lifetime in order for you to be at your very best. You should read this number while keeping your Outer Expression energy in mind, since the expression that you represent to the world may be lacking the specific energy of this Number and by learning to overcome or increase the vibration of this energy by working on the spiritual lessons of the number you will find a greater joy in your life and you may feel that overall you are more adept at handling more diverse situations than you were able to in the past.