Foundational Number Description

This page will describe the four elements of your Foundational Number (also called Life Path). Note that this page is taken from a Advanced Reading so you can see how we break down each element of the Foundational Number into properties which you can use to help yourself grow and learn from the Foundational Number which you have chosen in this lifetime.

FOUNDATIONAL NUMBER (what it means):
This number is calculated by the addition of all the numbers present in your birth date. It represents the foundation upon which your destiny in this world lies. This number contains four elements representing:

  • Your Gift to the World - or the gifts you are given in order to accomplish your destiny
    This section highlights your primary purpose and where your energies can be used to benefit not only yourself but the whole planet.
  • Traits of your personality
    In this section you will read a description of the fundamental Traits of your personality. Please remember that your Foundational Number only represents one quarter of the Numerological influences you are under , so not every word maybe 100% relevant to you personally and it is important to acknowledge how other aspects such as your Existence Number, Hearts Desire, Soul Urge, Outer Expression and Facets will determine how you exhibit these traits.
  • Non-Productive tendencies and Challenges to be overcome
    We all have them to different degrees those negative, reactive behaviors that trip us up when we're feeling a bit 'out-of-balance'. Instead of calling them Negative tendencies I have called the Non-Productive because that is exactly what they are! No matter how you justify your negative behaviors if you stand back from the situation you will see that in the long run they never produce positive productive results. These are your challenges in life and it is up to you to first recognize them and then make the appropriate behavioral changes to overcome them. It may take some practice but I can assure you it is well worth the effort!
  • Suitable Vocations for individuals with this Foundational Number
    Please be open minded about the vocations suggested. There are no hard and fast rules in this. These suggested avenues are based on the predispositions found within your Foundational Number, but life takes many turns and you are ultimately a creature of free will. For instance Artistic or Creative pursuits may be indicated and you have held the belief throughout your life that your not Artistic. Our early lives have much impact on our belief systems and it may well be that this natural talent was never nurtured by those around you and never allowed to develop. Maybe it's time to explore those talents and discover your potential - after all Grandma Mosses did start to paint till she was 72! Remember your Suitable Vocation will also be effected greatly by the interaction of influences that your Soul Urge and Outer Expression numbers provide.
We are all travelers on the road of life and each of us has our own path to travel at our own pace. Your Foundational Number represents your primary life purpose and provides the theme for your overall life experience. Once we embrace and integrate our 'reason for being' we no longer seek excuses, blame others or deny personal responsibility. Then we travel our personal path with knowledge of what our primary path looks like and thus avoiding unnecessary detours. Then the journey will be traveled with excitement, joy and renewed energy.