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Richard Gere

Born: August 31, 1949

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This number is calculated by the addition of all the numbers present in your birth date. It represents the foundation upon which your destiny in this world lies. This number contains four elements representing: We are all travelers on the road of life and each of us has our own path to travel at our own pace. Your Foundational Number represents your primary life purpose and provides the theme for your overall life experience. Once we embrace and integrate our 'reason for being' we no longer seek excuses, blame others or deny personal responsibility. Then we travel our personal path with knowledge of what our primary path looks like and thus avoiding unnecessary detours. Then the journey will be traveled with excitement, joy and renewed energy.

Once you learn how to become truly  philanthropic. Work  from a perspective that encompasses the welfare of the planet then shall all doors be open to you.


You have the ability to channel your energies  to  alter any given situation, so you will ultimately find yourself a leader one way or another. The power you exert over the material world is a product of the discipline you expend. You have the potential to be a great success financially. You have sound business judgment and know the value of money. You are shrewd, resourceful and ambitious for power. Failure just spurs you to greater effort. You do not give up easily. Being a natural money maker, you'll probably become wealthy through your efforts. Some Foundation 8's make and lose more than one fortune in their lifetime. Please remember however that working for material gain alone will not provide the satisfaction you need.  Learn to share your good fortune with others. It's important for your spiritual development.  You are endowed with originality and inspiration and you like to create so you are multi-talented in all areas of material achievement. With these qualities and your diplomacy, persistence and courage you can accomplish almost anything you set your mind to. You have the uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time - walking into opportunities that others not as keen witted at yourself may miss. You are able to make precise 'one-the-spot' decisions, a great benefit to you in matters of material gain.

You regard independence and particularly financial independence as a vital aspect of life. Being a very complex person it's lucky if you possess great wisdom and strength of character. Most Foundational 8's do. You have an enormous capacity for compassion and sympathetic tenderness for those in trouble. However, not always do you express yourself in this manner for long. You tend to grow impatient with those who become dependent on you, particularly if they exhibit lazy habits. WARNING: Do not let your emotional misunderstandings interfere with commercial decision making. This is one aspect of your character that could downgrade your ability for enormous success. You take noticeable pride in your dress, giving great attention to your appearance and the appearance of those you love. You tend to hide your sensitive nature as it generally makes you uncomfortable to express this aspect of yourself. You walk the world with a very self confident manner, exuding the exuding the strength of your of independence and dependability. This of course makes you a natural for positions of seniority and responsibility in which you excel.  While  this fierce independence works well for you in the outside  world,  it can translate into undemonstrative coolness, bordering into indifference on the home front. This relates directly to your difficulties of self-expression. Your marriages are more than likely based on a need for security or social image-approval rather than love. You want to be proud of your family, home and possessions.

As a person with a Foundation 8 you know no half measures. It is either personal limitation or spiritual freedom, splendor or degradation. You must learn accept personal responsibility and handle it to the best of your ability. Remember "what you sow, so shall you reap". So use your positive aspects to create a stable material world for yourself - one in which you are willing to share your fine capabilities and creative talents. Your major lesson is to learn the futility of material possessions and realize that they mask a far greater reality.

Your fierce independence is so zealously guarded that you can sometimes develop a deep resentment  towards  any form of interference to your plans. You have difficulty developing a middle path. Where your children are concerned you are either over indulgent with them or exceptionally strict. You could well find that you have difficulty in love relationships, tending to create a barrier that holds your feelings in check. It is important that you learn to express your feelings more fluently as you will find that your happiness and your personal security will improve.

Foundation 8's make excellent executives or senior officers. You have a sound understanding of finances and banking. If you reach Tycoon status please remember that your ultimate success in personal growth relies on your power to share with those less fortunate. Many outstanding athletes are Foundation 8's and they achieve their success though their discipline, effort, will and  strength. Remember that your Soul Urge Number and your Outer Expression Number will greatly influence your choice of career.

YOUR EXISTENCE NUMBER (what it means):
This number is calculated by the addition of your Foundation Number and your Full Expression number (which is not used for analysis, but is made up of all the letters of your birth certificate name). While your Foundational number represents the Foundation of the opportunities, and lessons (the true goal) you are to learn in this lifetime, your Existence number indicates how you might go about achieving these goals: the talents and characteristics of your unique personality that you will find helpful in accomplishing these goals.

As you journey through your life and experience all the joys and fears of accomplishing your goals you may come to find that the type of interests that you have, and the way in which you interact with others (in your Existence) affects how you work to reach your goal (or Foundation) in this life. Your Existence number can be seen as a supporting energy as you think and react each day. Think of it often, and remember that your Foundational Number is your purpose/goal in this life, while your Existence number is the tools/abilities that you have been given; the exceptional skills, talents or personality that you will most likely choose to work with while achieving your goal (Foundation).

You are independent and alternative. You enjoy change and most of all you value personal freedom. Change and variety is the essence of your life, and you seem to enjoy traveling, art, and meeting new and interesting people. It is good to explore many things in this life, but remember to try to maintain your focus on the work at hand; at least until you have a significant understanding of the detail of what is involved, before you let your interests send you in another direction. You may be seen as impractical by some, and you could learn from those who are a bit more patient in approaching their goals. Maintain your high sense of curiosity, imagination and versatility as you live your life and keep your true path in front of you at all times and you will reach your ultimate existence potential.

Your Soul Urge Number has been calculated from the numerical value of the vowels in your name. It represents your inner feelings and the more subtle aspects of your spiritual sensitivities and your inner strengths. It speaks of your innermost drives and motivations - your dreams. These are usually expressed in feelings, emotions, desires. Your Soul Number represents what your inner secret self desires to be. Most people keep these desires locked away and do little to bring them to fruition. Some people stumble around attempting to 'make their dream' come true. However few in this world at present have the drive combined with insight and self knowledge to realize these hidden dreams and allow them to manifest into reality on the physical plane.

Many people alive on this planet today ignore their Soul Urge and live grey, unsatisfied lives because of it. People see them and say 'how can they be unsatisfied they have everything?' But no one is truly happy until they start on the road to expressing their Soul Urge - after all that's why we're here!

This number implies that you possess an ability to utilize a wide range of Soul oriented energies. You have natural intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, thought transference and astral projection, gifts that will negate many of the limitations society place on its members to suppress the expression of human individuality. To employ any of these faculties in daily life frees you from the earth-bound state and brings awareness of the divinity within, the essence of life.

It is quite likely that as a child you dreamed of , or had a passion for Music, Dance, Writing, Drawing or Painting. Have you pursued your inner drive to express yourself creatively?

Creative energy is a bit of a double-edged sword: It can be a powerful force of creative energy that breaks new ground and drives your inventiveness. It can be the surging tide that pushes obstacles out of its path. ...or it can be like the wild ocean that cannot be controlled with underlying currents that you don't understand. When in deep water become a diver, don't just cling to the surface using your outer personality or your ego as a life raft. Explore your creativity and discover depths within yourself you never dreamt possible. Creative energy grows best in an atmosphere of inner security and confidence, only then will you feel confident enough to risk errors and be centered enough to develop your own creative integrity. Skill in any area, however takes time and practice. So there is a possibility that your creativity was nipped in the bud early in life by unthinking adults or peers. Perhaps you hold the perception that you are not at all creative. Find some area of interest and give it a go. Give your Soul a chance to express itself in the best way it knows how.

You have a strong force deep within you and some even consider quite driven. For indeed you are! You may well find yourself constantly striving for ways to develop free independent thinking. However be careful that this doesn't leave the more practical and mundane parts of your life languishing. You are always conscious of your inner strength and because you have lived previous lives in a leadership role you may find that role hard to break. Is it uncomfortable taking a secondary position? Your intensity of focus can be so strong at times that you jeopardize your personal relationships. This inner strength will always be available to you in times of need and you will be a tower of strength to those around you in their times of need.

On a deep level you have a deep connection to nature - all of it...trees, flowers and of course animals. So make sure that you make time to regularly connect with nature - it's good for your Soul. You'll be amazed at the purifying, healing and nourishing effect it has on you.

The inner gift of sensitivity appears in may forms: It can become profound empathy - an ability to tune in to people at a feeling level. It can be that you sometimes feel extremely hypersensitive and pick up on other people's problems. You can get sucked into or be manipulated by others feelings. At worst you could become an emotional sponge or even display co-dependence.

It is vitally important for you to work on stimulating the positive aspects of you Soul Urge. You will find that many opportunities for joy will be open to you if you do. Start acknowledging and nurturing your Soul Urge and you will find that once again there is an increase of energy and joy. Our innermost dreams should be watered and nurtured as one would a garden. Then they can be created in outer reality and exist in our world as truth! - Remember to regularly pour water on you dreams. This water is the water of desire, expectation and action.


Having read about your Soul Urge Number take some time to write down your personal observations.

1: How did you react to reading your Soul Urge? Did it ring any bells?

Write down the positives and the negatives.

What things do you feel strongly about in your life at present?

How do these align with your Soul Urge....

2: Does this Soul Urge have any relevance to fantasies, daydreams or dreams you had as a child?

Now take a look at what you've got. Are you denying expression of this Soul Urge? Ask you self these questions: - If I put energy into creating my desired life what would it be?

Is it close to your life now or is it a far cry?

I'm not sure if you believe in reincarnation or not but let me suggest this:

If you don't strive to express your Soul Urge this time round and get side tracked from what you are here to create and learn, then it's highly likely you'll face a second, third and fourth round under this vibration till you do. Speaking of past lives there is something I feel I should mention at this point. Soul Urge numbers relate to your Soul so quite likely there will be past life experiences associated with it. Many people experience quite irrational fear when confronted with the prospect of stepping into the dominion of their Soul Urge. There's a really good reason for this. Take a look at the history books and legends and religious texts of our society. This world isn't renowned for its nice treatment of those who are expressing their Soul purpose. Noah got heaps from his neighbors for building the ark. Nine million European woman died in a three hundred year period by being variously tortured and burnt as witches. Every single one of us carries scars from previous incarnations in which we attempted to express our Soul Urge and got persecuted for it. Now is the time in human history for as many as possible to overcome these fears and transmute them to become who we truly are at the very core of our being.

3: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have strived to express your Soul Urge.

How did you feel?

What were you energy levels like?

4: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have participated in a scenario totally at odds with your Soul Urge?

How did you feel?

What happened to your energy level?

How did you react?

Which situation gave you the better long term results?

At this point you may have this inner voice saying: "excuse me I'm not playing this game - last time I was burnt at the stake!" (if you're a male reading this don't think yourself exempt many a male alive today have experienced previous incarnations as females).

5: Now take a look at a current situation in your life.

How do you feel about this situation?

How can you best introduce the positive potential of your Soul Urge?

What is it that you fear will happen if you do?

Is there a way to ensure that your subsequent actions and behavior align with your Foundational Purpose and your Soul Urge combined?

This number is calculated using the vowels in your First and Last name as it is used in day to day conversation. It will provide you with additional information about your true nature or what you might desire to achieve in this lifetime. You should look at this interpretation and use it together with your Soul Urge number to help you determine what it is you desire from this life.

Your Soul Urge number itself may hold a stronger vibration and will probably be more representative of your true inner desires, however your Heart's Desire will also describe the nature of your deepest wishes and desires.

Your inner desire is to be diplomatic and cooperative. A humanitarian and comforter, you enjoy working with others to promote peace and harmony. You are more sensitive to issues involving others, especially those whom you care deeply about. You may notice an enhanced musical skill or sense of rhythm. You are cultured and sometimes gentle. Even though your heart's traits are essential and good, you should try to make time for yourself as an individual. Sometimes being alone and coming to your own decisions is more desirable and true to who you really are, and what you believe in. Retain your cooperative sense, but remember to be yourself too

Nurture your Heart's Desire along with your Soul Urge and you will find that once again there is an increase of energy and joy as you go about accomplishing your goals. Your wishes and desires are very important; so try to find the time to ackowledge them too. They will help you as you create your outer reality and define your own unique principles.

Consider your soul urge & heart's desire along with your hidden passion.
You should also keep these two numbers in mind when reading your Hidden Passion Number which will appear later in the reading. Your Hidden Passion is the numerical vibration of the strongest potency in your Name. It will help guide you by showing you what your true passion / talents are in this life. Use your Soul Urge/Heart's Desire numbers as a map of your goals, and your Hidden Passion number as the navigator: pointing you a way which will be best in line with your inner talents and capabilities.

Your outer expression number has been calculated from the numerical value of the consonants of your name. It represents the Outer persona that you present to the world. Like the packaging of a product! This is the you that everyone sees as opposed to your Soul Urge which for most people remains hidden from others. People usually assess you by your Outer Expression and of course this will color their expectations of you, based on merely outer appearances. What happens if the Outer Expression number fails to support the Foundational or Soul Urge numbers? Probably you find that people complain that you are not who you appear to be. Therefore it is most important understand the synergy or relationship dynamics between your Soul Urge, Foundational Number and your Outer Expression.

Your Outer Expression Number indicates that you are optimistic, cheerful and reliable. You appear to love beauty and all things connected with the arts. You have a fine sense of balance and symmetry and can therefore see all the pieces as separate and yet part of the whole. A social consciousness urges you to seek truth and justice. You emanate a protective vibration and a sense of responsibility for others. People are drawn to you for counselling, teaching and healing because you have a motherly or fatherly appearance which lends comfort and security. The home seems very important to you.

There is a tendency to focus much of your energy and attention on the home front. Of course, this might appear to have very decided advantages for the family, but it can also spoil them. Caution must be used to avoid over-indulgence by maintaining a practical balance between pampering and attending to the more realistic needs of the domestic circle.

You could become a slave to others, especially in the home. If left unchecked your tendency to pamper and spoil people can undermine your social responsibility could degenerate into a pattern of social irresponsibility or interference in the affairs of others. In choosing clothing, you are careful yet display an artistic flair, preserving a tasteful color harmony in whatever combinations you choose. You prefer comfortable styles that are easy to wear rather than exclusive models, although you're are particular in choosing soft and flowing materials. Negatively, you could be a casual housekeeper and be careless about how you dress.

With Venus ruling this vibration, a deal of emphasis, will be placed upon loving and on being loved. It's easy for you to seek affection in fleeting and illusionary relationships. As certain aspects of this vibration can arouse the element of the philanderer, you will need to maintain strict control over your emotional nature. The real challenge here lies in learning to rise above sensuality or possessiveness and find joy in loving others without expectation of return. If you can manage this, without a dominating expectancy for them to return that love in the form you feel is best, then you will find joy and happiness.

Some who undergo this lesson may be considered busy bodies, forever interfering in the affairs of others, particularly when you sense deliberate manipulation of weaker individuals. However, such actions will be based on the purest of motives for you will feel impelled to act to ensure fair play and justice for all.

Now take some time and consider how your Outer Expression Number effects your dealings with the world.
At present are you expressing the positive or negative aspects of you Outer Expression Number?

NOW FOR THE BIG THREE QUESTIONS: Take some time with this section. Once you understand these dynamics you are going to make your life a whole lot easier! Working with your strengths, accepting your weaknesses and understanding how you function on many levels will bring illumination into your life. The Oracle of Delphi has carved above its entrance..."Know thyself". So this is your big chance. Don't leave it till later - do it now!

Write down the factors point by point under each of these headings:

In what way can my Outer Expression Number support my Soul Urge?

How does my Foundational Number become externalized through the persona, indicated by my Outer Expression Number?

How can I utilize these various aspects of myself for the betterment of all?

INCLUSION CHART (what it means):
The inclusion chart is used to analyze all of the numeric vibrations that are present in your birth name. Each letter vibration will be accounted for and we will use this chart to analyze how strong the energies of each numeric value are from 1-9. From the chart we will indicate your Hidden Passion: that vibration in your name which is the strongest and which indicates what your most superior talent is. We will also look at which Karmic Lessons you might have brought along with you in this life, and therefore need to be worked on.

Your inclusion chart is represented by 9 vibrations from the total of 9 vibrations which are possible: the 9 number vibrations are related to the Energy of each letter in the alphabet which holds a specific energy 1-9. We will now look at your entire Inclusion chart in the table below to get a brief understanding of your unique makeup. The energy of each letter holds the vibration that you see indicated and the total count of that energy vibration within your name indicates how much of that energy you have. Note that this chart will only briefly describe the 9 vibrations (in summary) and indicate the number in your chart. It is essential that we focus on the vibration(s) which are strongest in your name (your Hidden Passion(s)), and those which are or may be missing from your name (your Karmic Lessons). We will do that in the text following the chart, for now lets look briefly at each vibration and how much of it is part of your personality:
INCLUSION CHART for Richard Tiffany Gere
Vibration ValueAmount in your nameBasic interpretation / energy from this Vibration
12Sense of independence, desire to be a leader
21Your desire to feel fellowship and affiliation with others
32Self-expression, out-going, originality / creativity
41Ambition to work and persevere
54Freedom of choice and sense of personal freedom
62Responsibility toward home, family and marriage
73Deep urge for knowledge, learning and understanding
82Compulsion to be successful, also need to own material things
95Your need to feel universal love, kindness for humanity, spirited and unique.

This part of your inclusion chart will indicate which vibration holds the most powerful affect on your life and should therefore be used to help you reach your true goal. You should read this number while keeping your Heart's Desire and Soul Urge energy in mind, since the skills that are indicated by the Hidden Passion Number will be what you are most talented at you will be able to use these skills to activate your innermost dreams and desires; which are indicated by your Soul Urge and Heart's Desire numbers.

You are a true humanitarian and therefore you desire to work in a field that allows you to show your compassionate nature and to help in providing for the good of mankind. You may be artistic and very creative particularly in the later part of your life as you become more aware of all of your innate talents. Others see you as enthusiastic and very good at diplomatic discussions. You may tend to be quite independent if you are aware of and happy with your talents, so try to include others and inspire them as much as possible and you will further your unique abilities of the number 9 passion. Follow the universal principles that you adhere to and share them with others. Watch out for a tendency to be quite idealistic as you follow your dreams. You may need to be practical in some respects to maintain your balance

This part of your inclusion chart will indicate which vibrations are missing in your name and will help to tell us the things that you may need to work on improving in this lifetime in order for you to be at your very best. You should read this number while keeping your Outer Expression energy in mind, since the expression that you represent to the world may be lacking the specific energy of this Number and by learning to overcome or increase the vibration of this energy by working on the spiritual lessons of the number you will find a greater joy in your life and you may feel that overall you are more adept at handling more diverse situations than you were able to in the past.

This lesson implies a need for you to be more diplomatic and cooperative. You may have a lack of concern for others in your actions. You may find that you will be faced with many situations in your life where it is necessary for you to work as part of a team without being praised for your own work. These situations will help you to learn the effects of this lesson. Cooperation and caring for the sensitivities of others should be part of our common courtesy towards the acceptance of others. Remember it is the uniqueness and individuality of everyone that makes this world interesting. Learn to respect those differences and you will have learned this lesson.

Questions for learning
Is there a friend or past friend who may no longer speak to you? Think about the situation and decide if you may have been imperceptive to your friends feelings. Choose one situation where it might have been your lack of feelings that caused the break up.

Write down your own thoughts / feelings on this situation and then draft a letter of apology to your friend. Express all of your inner thoughts, and ask for your friends forgiveness in this matter. You can prepare the letter and envelope, and then contact your friend personally on the phone or in person to discuss the matter. Keep the letter for yourself to remind you of this karmic lesson that you have learned.

This lesson will teach you to establish an organized and focused work ethic. You may need to create a foundation for your life, and you might notice that you have trouble deciding on a line of work that suits you best. You may have a lack of organization and discipline, however by developing your natural organizational skills and paying attention to details you will eventually come to love and appreciate your work. Try to search for answers inside of yourself more often, rather than looking outside of yourself.

Questions for learning
Do you appreciate your family, friends and line of work? Take the time to think of how much your family and friends have helped you through many trying times. Think of how they have been there for you whenever you needed help. Focus on the details of one or two specific times when someone from your family or a close friend came to help you.

Write down all the reasons that you can think of that inspire you to work. Think of of the personal and monetary rewards you receive for doing a job well. Order your list from most to least important and write a detailed description of each characteristic. Take your time and work slowly and carefully until you have listed at least ten things that you enjoy about your job. Remember to include things like company parties and friends, holidays off to enjoy with your family, a secure environment where you know that your skills are appreciated, and many others.

PLANES OF EXPRESSION (what it means):
The Planes of Expression is one of the most detailed and important parts of a numerology reading. The Planes show all of the vibrational energies of each letter in your Birth Name as they relate to one of 4 Planes of energy: Physical (Body), Mental (Mind), Emotional (Soul) and Intuitive (Spirit) energy. These planes are related to the ancient mystical texts that explain how each character of the alphabet is energized. The Physical plane letters indicate those aspects of your expressive self that are related to your senses of touch, taste and smell, as well as to your potential for physical strength, endurance and size. The Mental plane letters indicate the types of expression that you will use in thought, in calculating or solving problems, and in your skills of learning. The Emotional plane letters represent your expression of feelings and sensitivity toward yourself as well as how you express them to others in your life. The Intuitive plane letters will indicate your unique perceptive expression and how you may understand your own introspective abilities. Besides the four energy planes there are also three specific qualities that the letters may fall into that will determine the nature of how that letter will affect the plane that it is listed on: Creative (inspiring), Vacillating (wavering), Grounded (practical). The Creative column is used to indicate the letters which will have an inspirational effect in the particular plane that they are shown at. The Vacillating or wavering column will show those letters which are not quite practical and not quite grounded. The Grounded column indicates the parts of your expression which are practical, reserved and calculating. Note that the number of letters in a specific quadrant of the chart will reveal some aspects of your expression, however since your Numerological makeup includes many other energies, do not expect it to be highly accurate. You can look at the totals columns as a sketch of how your personality is being expressed, for instance if you have more Creative Letters in your Mental Plane this would indicate a creative approach to decision making rather than a practical approach, you will find a more detailed description by reading the interpretation sections which follow the chart. The interpretations sections should give you an insightful understanding of yourself, and you should use those along with your other interpretations, especially your Foundational number, Existence number, and passions/lessons to get the most from this reading. The dreamtime uses a unique Numerological Interpretation based on the many readings we have done for others. Our calculations and expression listings may differ from others, however we feel that we have found a way to analyze the planes of expression that yields a more representative description of your vibrational energy.

Note that this chart will only indicate the number and value of vibrations in your planes. We will interpret these for you in the text following the chart, lets look briefly at each vibration and how much of it is part of your expressive self:
PLANES OF EXPRESSION for Richard Tiffany Gere




Count Value Count Value Count Value Count Value
2 10 0 0 1 4 3 14 / 5
2 2 2 13 1 7 5 22 / 22
5 45 1 2 0 0 6 47 / 11
0 0 3 19 1 3 4 22 / 22
Total 9 57 / 3 6 34 / 7 3 14 / 5 Total

You are most likely known for being romantic and charismatic in your approach toward emotional relationships. You have a creative ability and you may even enjoy writing poetry. Your sensitivity to others is related to the fact that you search for the perfect other (friend, lover) who might not exist, and you become painfully hurt if you do not find them. Learn to be patient with others and there seeming rigidity and uniform practicality. They have a different way of living then you, but that doesn't mean that one way is better than any other. Your sophistical world of dreams will always seem more exciting then reality and the sooner you come to grips with this the better and less moody you will be. Learn to accept the reality around you and others will be enchanted by you.

Because you have a deep desire to serve others, and dedicate yourself to those skills, you may be seen as somewhat impersonal in your relationships. You are probably thoroughly involved in your own goals and others who are not willing to take part in achieving the highest successes that you demand may not respect you. Try to understand that your idealism is beyond most other people, and that they might not have the same motives as you. Your loft goals are worthy and respectful. You may have valuable skills as a visual artist. Keep in touch with the practical part of yourself and keep this balance with the dreams that you weave and you will go far

You are extremely intuitive and you may not realize that your insights are sent to you from the universal consciousness of humankind. Be aware that even though you are highly independent the feelings and sensations that you experience are part of all of us, and that you are unique in being able to tune in to them

Your intuition is spectacular and abstract in that it may be related to to forms or sounds that only you can interpret. You may have refined your own unique way of intuiting in your peaceful and quiet contemplative times alone. Listen to these feelings, and follow up with the research that you have begun as you explore their source. The universal knowledge of humankind can benefit from your inventive mind, and you may also have a talent as a writer of words or music.

FACETS: More unique dimensions of your character
There are many calculations used to highlight your unique characteristics these are very influential in the formation and development of your character.

One of these consists of certain combinations of numbers are found in your birth chart and are calculated by the presence or lack of specific numbers. We call these Facets: These act in a synergistic manner that create specific and very unique personality traits. Some of these represent areas of strength, and some represent deficiencies that can be overcome by using the strengths already apparent by the other numbers present in your birth chart.

Please be mindful that even seemingly negative aspects of your character serve to create an environment for personal growth. Where deficiencies exist, look for the hidden gift in this.....if you search you will find that there is always an opportunity even in apparent negativity. The power of your original birth chart is not nearly as important as what you do to overcome the challenges you have set yourself. Some of the most successful people in history have had very challenging charts. Their success has only come about by developing the qualities in which they were originally deficient in. That is the purpose of life - to evolve.

Now take some time and reflect on a few more questions and write down your answers.

Do any of my personal Facets support me in my life?

Do my Facets stop me from getting what I want out of life?

If they do then ask yourself:
How can I best utilize these aspects of my character to support me on my journey?

What positive benefits for personal growth can be attained from them?

GATEWAYS: Existing periods of opportunities
Throughout your life you go through nine year cycles of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number. These energies influence and provide the focus for that 12 month period. When you recognize the influence that we are under at any particular time in our life it ceases to be such a roller coaster ride. If you work with the energy of the time you will find that you achieve far more than working against it.

In addition to these Personal Year Numbers there are four major Gateways we experience throughout our lives. Your personal Gateways will always coincide with a Personal Year of 9. This is timely and appropriate as Personal Year 9 is about resolution and change. Your first Gateway will open somewhere between 29 and 34 years of age as it is dependant on your Foundational number. These Gateways provide a specific focus at different periods of your life. These Gateways are very important for your personal development. The number of your Gateway will provide additional opportunities for your evolution in this life. It's energy and influence will be felt for approximately three years following the year it commences. So be prepared to approach each Gateway and utilise that incoming energy and focus to improve your life circumstances.

28 years old: YOUR FIRST GATEWAY is Number 3
This period of your life will be focussed on intellectual pursuits. It's a time for learning, reviewing and analyzing. You may find that you have the urge to travel to far off places when this Gateway hits. Travel will provide many opportunities for growth and expand your insight into the world. Its also time for love affairs, marriages births and lots of joy and laughter. It time to get in touch with your joy of living. Explore your creativity because it flourishes under this vibration. If you want to make the most of this time in your life do not become over indulgent or scatter your energies.

Dedicate some time and finances to your personal appearance as how others perceive you is important. Pay attention to the way you dress, go through your wardrobe and cull anything that is outmoded or does not flatter you and of course get out there and replace them with some more appropriate outfits. Remember appearances are important at this time so keep them up. If you want to live and be treated like a millionaire then start presenting yourself like one.

Business and pleasure go hand in hand so have fun socializing. Give parties, join groups, attend courses and get out there and become involved with meeting people. You need your freedom to find your own personal expression at this time so don't commit yourself to anything that could limit that. You will be center stage now so bask in the light while it shines on you as you travel through this Gateway and share with others the joy you feel in your heart.

37 years old: YOUR SECOND GATEWAY is Number 9
This period of your life will be focussed on humanitarian pursuits. This Gateway is about service to mankind. You may find that your more humanitarian instincts come to the fore. This is a time to 'love thy neighbor as thyself'.

This first year under the shadow of this Gateway will see many important changes happening in your life. Movement is indicated and might take the form of travel, change of residence or job. Be aware however that the external change is only a reflection of the enormous internal transformations taking place.

It's a time for squaring off old debts and for extending the hand of peace to anyone with whom you might be at odds with. It's a time for completion and fulfillment. So spring cleaning is the order of the day. It's time to clean out everything that no longer serves you - people, places, ideas and possessions. Bless them by acknowledging the value they once had in your life, release them and let them go with love and understanding. This is appropriate to allow space for the new energies that are coming your way.

It is a magical Gateway and you will find yourself transported to some wonderful delightful adventures. You may find that you attract the unexpected. As I said: "It's a big time for endings", so don't halt your process by trying to hold on to things that are no longer appropriate for you. If you do you will only find that things grind to a halt.. Life has the reins as your taken through this Gateway, so let go and let the Universe take action. Let life weave its magic ... trust in the process.

Your romantic life could resemble a soap opera full of color, drama and conflicts. Remember it is a time of separating paths and new opportunities. So hold on to your hat, you are in for a bit of a wild ride! Old flames may return and create chaos. This is a time to tie up any loose ends. Those without love in their life will surely find romance.

46 years old: YOUR THIRD GATEWAY is Number 3
This period of your life will be focussed on intellectual pursuits. It's a time for learning, reviewing and analyzing. You may find that you have the urge to travel to far off places when this Gateway hits. Travel will provide many opportunities for growth and expand your insight into the world. Its also time for love affairs, marriages births and lots of joy and laughter. It time to get in touch with your joy of living. Explore your creativity because it flourishes under this vibration. If you want to make the most of this time in your life do not become over indulgent or scatter your energies.

Dedicate some time and finances to your personal appearance as how others perceive you is important. Pay attention to the way you dress, go through your wardrobe and cull anything that is outmoded or does not flatter you and of course get out there and replace them with some more appropriate outfits. Remember appearances are important at this time so keep them up. If you want to live and be treated like a millionaire then start presenting yourself like one.

Business and pleasure go hand in hand so have fun socializing. Give parties, join groups, attend courses and get out there and become involved with meeting people. You need your freedom to find your own personal expression at this time so don't commit yourself to anything that could limit that. You will be center stage now so bask in the light while it shines on you as you travel through this Gateway and share with others the joy you feel in your heart.

55 years old: YOUR FOURTH GATEWAY is Number 4
This period of your life will be focussed on increasing your material power. Its up to you what you do with this opportunity, but if you are prepared to work hard and stay in your integrity the rewards will be enormous.

This is a time for creating order in your life. Be prepared to spend time sorting out past mistakes. Your opportunity here is to build a strong foundation for the rest of your life. So, if the foundations aren't solid, the cracks will certainly show up during this phase. It's a time to attend to all those boring mundane things that you've most likely been putting off. So get your nose to the grindstone and start building those solid foundations for the years to come.

Creating a sound Structure is necessary for the coming years. So make plans, set goals and for goodness sake follow them through! It's through system and order that you will create success. Quality not quantity is the important focus as you travel through this Gateway. Work on what you do best and you will excel in many other areas of your life. There's no time for slacking off present, so get yourself some good vitamins and make sure you are physically up to the tasks at hand.

This is a time for clearing out all mercenary or negative attitudes towards material pleasures. So keep a wary eye on your motives. You'll find that if you are coming from a selfish focus then all your hard work will come to very little in the end. This could quite likely cause a severe strain on your immune system and health problems could be the result.

Please don't attempt any major new steps into lifestyle changes as it will very likely end in material loss. Instead, look to the foundations of your life and make sure they are solid. It's a time for tidying up loose ends and completing things that have been left undone for too long. This is all in preparation for the changes to come in your life, so make sure all your t's are crossed and your I's are dotted

Throughout your life you go through nine year cycle of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number. These energies influence and provide the focus for that 12 month period. When you recognize the influence that we are under at any particular time in our life it ceases to be such a mystery. If you work with the energy of the time you will find that you achieve far more than working against it.

You have the opportunity to make this year a bright and happy one filled with many wonderful social occasions and new learning experiences. You are in for an interesting time this year because its all about having fun! The urge to express yourself will be overwhelming. This year can be about having fun and acting out your fantasies. You will find yourself very optimistic this year and any previous sense of fear or trepidation will vanish. The sky is the limit this year! But don't let responsibilities get lost in all the fun. Even your wildest dreams could well come true if you stay focussed.

This is a year of intensified mental power for you. You'll find that your thought and observation faculties are attuned to an acute peak of alertness. So, its a good time to start indulging in your quest for knowledge. Start a course or investigate new philosophies. You may even make the decision to travel this year and if you do it will be filled with many new learning experiences. But remember to complete projects, leave nothing undone! Projects begun in previous years will very likely bear fruit this year so be ready to celebrate your successes. You will find that your eloquence and charm surprise even you this year. So this bodes well for new career opportunities. Fortuna beams down on you with a wonderful air of wealth and prosperity. Remember appearances are important at this time so pay attention to personal details. If you want to live and be treated like a millionaire then start presenting yourself like one.

This is a bit of a year for fantasies and intrigue, so romantically there are many interesting paths open to you this year. If you are in a relationship you may well find that you and your partner start exploring new avenues of intimacy. If you are single you may well turn into a bit of a flirt and you may break a number of hearts this year. There are many surprises in store for you and some people may find that they even hear wedding bells this year.

This year you have the Midas touch and many opportunities abound. Windfalls and inheritances are likely this year and you'll find that your feet get mighty itchy.

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