Arrows Description

This page will describe your Arrows. Note that this page is taken from our Professional Readings.
ARROWS: Subtle nuances of your personality
The Arrows were originated by Pythagoras to indicate specific traits/emotions in your chart based on groups of specific numbers. We use our own unique, corrected and modified version of them here. Pythagoras and most traditional Numerologists calculate the Arrows using the birth date. We use the full name at birth for calculating our Arrows. We have found this method to be more representative of the underlying personality.

The Arrows in your chart point out subtle, and sometimes unnoticeable traits of your personality. They may not be readily apparent to you, so search for them within (using your intuition) as well, and you may find that these are tools, further actions and lessons for you to learn!

There are many calculations used to highlight your unique characteristics these are very influential in the formation and development of your character. One of these consists of certain combinations of numbers are found in your Birth Certificate Name and are calculated by the presence or lack of specific numbers. We call these Arrows: they act in subtle ways to influence your personality. Some of these represent areas of strength, and some represent deficiencies that can be overcome by using the strengths already apparent by the other numbers present in your birth chart.

Please be mindful that even seemingly negative aspects of your character serve to create an environment for personal growth. Where deficiencies exist, look for the hidden gift in this.....if you search you will find that there is always an opportunity even in apparent negativity. The power of your original birth chart is not nearly as important as what you do to overcome the challenges you have set yourself. Some of the most successful people in history have had very challenging charts. Their success has only come about by developing the qualities in which they were originally deficient in. That is the purpose of life - to evolve.

Note: We have also found that those Arrows which are missing from your name may be as important as those which are present. Because of this, we also list ALL of the Arrows which are in your name, and ALL of the Arrows which were missing from your name so that you can see where any potential deficiencies may exist.