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The Vocation and Career Map
(by David Cochrane, Art Poppe)

The Vocation and Career Map shows geographic areas where you are more likely to attract good employment and business opportunities into your life.

Areas on the map that are tinted with a red color are the best areas for attracting good business situations. Yellow areas are also good, but not as powerful as the red areas. The orange-colored areas fall in between the red and yellow areas in intensity. A geographic area varies from light yellow (slight vocation and career emphasis) to deep red (strongest vocation and career emphasis).

An area with no coloration is not a strong area for employment and career pursuites. This does not mean that you are destined to unemployment or miserable work conditions if you live in one of these areas. It simply means that there is no astrological boost to help you attract a better career situation in this area, but this fact does not mean that there is a roadblock that prevents you from finding very good career opportunities in these geographic areas.

You should use common sense when studying your Vocation and Career Map. For example, suppose that you have just finished school and are entering the job market, or you are changing careers. If you live in a town that has a high demand for the kind of work that you want to do, and there are not enough qualified people to perform this service, then it is very likely that you will find suitable employment even if the Career and Vocation Map has no yellow or red coloration in this geographic area. Also, if you have a positive attitude, the necessary skills, and are motivated and capable, then these traits will assist you tremendously in finding a worthwhile vocation regardless of whether the area is astrologically the most suitable for you.

However, some people are surprised to find a perfect vocational situation in a particular area, or, at the other extreme, to have difficulty in a geographic area where there are lots of opportunites. The Career and Vocation Map can help you identify those areas that are either favorable or unfavorable for unknown reasons. Astrology often explains what otherwise is difficult to understand.

Note also that astrology is not fatalistic. It is up to you to utilize the energies available to you in the best possible way. Astrology can help you better understand what kinds of energies underlie your present situation, and thereby help you to take the right steps to improve your life.

The Career and Vocation Map shows areas where you are most likely to attract good employment and business opportunities. There are also qualitative differences to various geographic areas. In some areas, for example, you are more energetic and focused on the tasks at hand and therfore you are more effective and consequently more successful in your work, while in other areas you attract benefits from people who are wealthy or powerful. Both areas are good for improving your work environment but the quality of the influence is different. Given below is a brief explanation of the influences that are in your Career and Vocation Map. If you follow the lines through the map, you will see astrological symbols in a light yellow or pink oval-shaped area. Locate the symbol on the pages below to see what the "flavor" of this influence is. In the description of these astrological influences we frequently emphasize what you can do to utilize the astrological influence to best advantage. As we said earlier, astrology is not fatalistic and should never be an excuse for failure or problems in your life. You have the ability and opportunity each day to express the energies available to you in new, creative, positive life-enhancing ways.

Some symbols have a number between the 2 glyphs of the planets. If the number is 20, 80, 100, 140, or 160 it will not appear in the list of symbols below, but it has the same meaning as the number 40. Here is a list of numbers that do not appear in the list of symbols below, and the number in the symbol with the same meaning:

           40 is the same as 20, 80, 100, 140, and 160
           72 is the same as 36, 108, and 144.
           51-26 is the same as 25-43, 77-09, 102-51, and 154-17.

Areas of intensity on your Vocation and Career Map are very sensitive to accuracy of birth time. On average, a difference of 1 minute in the time of birth can move the astrological influence about 15 miles in an east-west direction. Because it is very possible that your birth time can be inaccurate by a few minutes, you may find that the Vocation and Career Map can pinpoint the towns and cities that are most suitable for you, but you must rely on your own intuition to guide you to the most suitable areas within that town.

Your Vocation and Career Map is based on the most sophisticated and accurate astrological techniques available. These astrological influences have not yet been scientifically verified and astrology is a very controversial subject, but we do believe that there is validity to this map, and we hope you find it useful.

A place where you shine! You play an important part in the community, and you are able to express yourself well in this area.

Important relationships develop here. A friend may help you get a better job, for example, or you might form a business partnership. You are well-received by others, and make a strong impact on the local community.

You get a lot of attention in this area, and you are able to achieve a good deal, but it also requires a great deal of effort as well, and you sometimes may feel like you are struggling too much.

Employment and career opportunities are good for you. Life is comfortable and you are likely to find yourself drawn to return to this area, and if you live in this area, you are likely to find that you can develop a healthy, positive life style here.

You are aggressive and active in this area. You tend to work hard here, but you may find it difficult to relax.

Try not to get into arguments or fights while in this area. There is a tendency to attract aggressive partners. Positively, you may develop a strong, ambitious partnership with the energy to achieve mutual goals, but the inability to handle frustrations well inclines towards arguments or hostility.

In this area you are likely to become involved with others on shared projects, perhaps team sports, and other group endeavors with a goal of achieving a lot. Try to avoid arguments and hostility because there is a tendency for hostility to arise when frustrations are encountered.

You are able to gain the cooperation and interest of others in this area. Good teamwork and cooperation leads to success. A good place to accomplish tasks that require the cooperation of others. You get your life in good working order here.

An excellent area for you! Opportunities present themselves and you are able to attract benefits and opportunities for growth.

Others are likely to help you here. You meet influential people and rub elbows with those in positions of power. You are outgoing and gregarious here.

While in this area you socialize a great deal and are rather outgoing. You may become a member of large organizations. Be wary of a tendency of some offers or hopes to be overly inflated.

You are able to make friends and acquaintances here. You are drawn into a social circle and good opportunities present themselves. You enjoy yourself, and find time to party, socialize, and explore.

You take on serious work in this area and you are able to successfully accomplish tasks. You are responsible and hard-working, and others treat you with respect. Unless other astrological factors indicate otherwise, you may be a bit too serious or lonely in this area.

You incline towards a positive "can do" attitude while here, but if applied too forcefully, you could become involved in power struggles with others.

You are likely to be very popular here, and you are supported and encouraged by the local community.

You have an added measure of strength and personal power in this geographic area. You feel self-confident, perhaps egotistical, and are able to pursue your interests with passion and dedication.

In this geographic area you pursue your work and interests with some degree of passion and commitment, and you will find yourself getting deeply involved in local activities.

This is a geographic area where you find that you get support for the projects you want to undertake, you get into an ambitious frame of mind, and you can be very successful. You will find that there are opportunities to keep progressing and achieving even more regardless of how much you do accomplish.

You are more aggessive in this area than in most other places. You quickly become disappointed with others who will not cooperate with you, and you may become involved in relationships where there is a power struggle, either you are attempting to dominate the other person, or they want to dominate you. With care, the powerful energy here can be harnessed to achieve a great deal.

In this geographic area you tend to be able to keep your life in good balance and to be able to keep things in perspective. Consequently, your life tends to be productive and constructive.

A great place for you to be! A feeling of optimism and expansiveness permeates your activities, and you encounter progressive people who know how to open doors, and they willingly help you and cooperate with you. You are likely to be successful here and to have some exciting and interesting times as well.

In this geographic area you attract people who are successful and powerful. There are opportunities for you to attain a more prestigious life style with greater income and assets. However, a fixation on growth by yourself or your friends and colleagues can make for an unbalanced approach to life.

An excellent place for your vocation and career! You receive recognition and honors here.

A good place for you to live. You might even be able to make your dream home here. A home-based business or business oriented towards domestic or family interests can succeed here.

You are likely to find yourself struggling for a balance between work and home responsibilities while in this area. There are opportunities for advancement, but they do not come easy. This is a challenging place for you, but the challenges can bring rewards.

Your vocational activities run smoothly here. Employment opportunities are good for you, and you are able to find a harmonious work environment. This also helps you create a stable and harmonious home life as well.

Your personal ambitions are highlighted in this area. You are ambitious in your career, and you are likely to succeed, but be careful to avoid hostility with colleagues and competitors.

You feel impatient in this geographic area. You want to get your life in order and achieve a great deal, but you may not always know exactly where to put your energy. You easily feel frustrated by others, and hostility can erupt. If you find yourself getting into a habit of being angry or frustrated in this location and you cannot seem to reverse this pattern, relocating may help.

You are ambitious about career goals while in this area, and you feel an urgency to steer your life in a new direction, but the process requires some patience, and unfortunately you are likely to feel frustrated and perhaps even angry at times as you struggle to make changes in your life. Try to avoid hostility both at work and at home.

An excellent geographic area for career, vocation, and business activities, especially if you are ambitious but not too pushy or hostile. The ability to achieve a great deal and make solid progress.

An excellent place for your vocation or career! You attract help from people who are in a position of power and your services are well received by others. You may, however, be promised even more than can be achieved, so check details closely before gambling on a new venture.

Domestic affairs are favored. You are likely to find that your home can be larger or more comfortable than you had imagined, due to fortuitous circumstances. Vocational and career affairs tend to attract benefit as well, making it possible for you to make a very pleasant home life.

Big dreams and hopes tend to get ignited while you are in this area, but all of the pieces of the puzzle that are required to make a plan work may not be in place, so career and business plans tend to go through big ups and downs while you are here.

Excellent opportunities in your career, vocation, or business pursuits. Doors open for you, and you can find a good job and have a nice home life in this area.

You are more motivated to work hard and achieve your goals while you are here. You may find yourself competing aggressively and pushing yourself to do more. A good place to be productive, but avoid arousing animosity through overly aggressive tactics at the work place.

Job and career opportunities are very good for you in this area. You attract the interest and support of employers and business people, and there are opportunities for you to advance in your career.

You pursue goals and interests with intense drive and dedication while in this geographic area. You are likely to push forward to new levels of achievement and you gain recognition from the local community. You may also become involved in power struggles on your way to greater levels of achievement.

You approach your goals and dreams with a broader sensitivity than you do in other places. You are able to incorporate more varied ideas in creative projects and your awareness of resources available to you expands. A good place to broaden perspectives and pursue goals on a larger scale than you have before.

A great place for work and career! You are likely to get excellent support from others and opportunities that are very good for you. You find yourself in an environment where there is a lot of opportunity for growth and expansion and also the drive and ambition to achieve these goals.

If you live in this area, it is very unlikely that you are unemployed because you feel very motivated to achieve your goals, and you will work very intensely to improve your life. You are so aggressive in fact, that you should be wary of getting into power struggles or hostile competition with others. Positively, this can be a place where you achieve a great deal.

Your life tends to be organized well, and you are able to work effectively with the local political and economic system.

Boundless enthusiasm and many good opportunities are available to you here. An excellent place for you to live! You tend to feel optimistic about what you can achieve, and you may have so many ideas that you are not sure which ones to focus on.

A great place for business pursuits and career opportunities. You attract the attention and interest of powerful people, and you can advance the social ladder here.