Just for Women

Astrological Profile for Jennifer Aniston

by Gloria Star





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      Name:        Jennifer Aniston
      Date:          Feb 11, 1969
      Time:          10:22:00 PM PST  +08:00
      Place:         Sherman Oaks, CA   
                        118W26'54"  34N09'04"







House Cusps






01  24°Li29'






02  22°Sc50'






03  24°Sg03'






04  27°Cp08'






05  29°Aq44'



05°Li15' R



06  29°Pi15'






07  24°Ar29'



03°Li28' R



08  22°Ta50'






09  24°Ge03'



24°Vi33' R



10  27°Ca08'






11  29°Le44'






12  29°Vi15'





Elemental Balance

Modal Balance




3 Fire   

6 Cardinal




1 Earth  

4 Fixed  




5 Air    

2 Mutable




3 Water  











































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Just for Women

An Astrological Portrait

Prepared for Jennifer Aniston

Your astrological chart provides an amazing guidepost to the most important aspect of your life: an understanding of yourself. As a woman today, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of many life experiences. You wear a variety of faces and play many roles, experiences which can both enhance and complicate your feeling of satisfaction with yourself and your life. Your astrological chart provides indicators which help to define who you are, strengthening an understanding of your needs on every level. Each chart is different in its make-up, and the myriad combinations of influences help to underscore the importance of each person as an individual. One thing you must remember when working with astrology: it is through your free will that you make choices. Your "chart" does not make you do anything!

We are finally acknowledging and realizing within today's world, that men and women experience life differently. The workings of your psyche, symbolized by your astrological chart, are likely to be experienced quite differently through your filter as a woman than they would be if you were born male. This report is designed for you, a woman in a world of change, a woman seeking to become whole.

Your natal, or birth, chart is made up of several factors. Drawn upon a circular wheel, your natal chart shows the positions of the planets relative to your place, date and time of birth. Everything is indicated symbolically, with each symbol having specific meanings. The planets, Sun and Moon are placed around the circle, and each is placed within a particular degree of a sign of the zodiac. The planets, Sun and Moon are energy bodies, and the astrological signs indicate how these energies work. Just as you are a complex of feelings, needs, drives and desires - your natal chart maps these qualities. You will also notice that the planetary symbols fall within particular segments of the circle. These segments, called "Houses", indicate the specific environments and relationships which are part of your life. You may find, upon reading your report, that there are a few contradictions. For example, one factor may indicate independence, while another shows strong dependency. It is not unusual to experience contradictions within yourself, and that is just what your chart illustrates about you! But when you reflect upon these qualities within the context in which they are explained, you may discover some self-illuminating facts about yourself. Self-understanding has a marvelous way of emphasizing your personal power!




An Overall Glimpse at Your Astrological Chart

The astrological signs are defined by one of four elements: fire, earth, air or water. The fire and air elements have a yang (masculine polarity) quality, and tend to be more outgoing and assertive in their nature, whereas the earth and water elements have a yin (feminine polarity) quality, and are more receptive by nature. The elemental balance in your chart is determined by the amount of energy within each elemental sign. The factors added together to find this balance of energy include the Sun, Moon, planets and the angles of the Ascendant and Midheaven.

Your chart shows a strong predominance of air energy, indicating that you function very easily on the mental plane. Living in the world of ideas, you may also gain strength when you are connected to others - at least mentally. Your social calendar is important, not because it's frivolous, but because you need to make contact. Most comfortable with others who are intelligent or interesting, you may be a natural in public relations. It's easy for you to stay in your head, which can be wonderful if you're involved in a mental project or study. But if you're stuck worrying, you may find it difficult to break the habit. The elemental balance in your astrological chart indicates that earth is a weak factor, signifying that you may sometimes feel a need for greater stability. Practical matters may not always be a primary consideration when making major decisions. The problem with little earth is usually related to not being in touch with the physical plane, which can cause you to lose your focus or to ignore physical reality. During the times in your life when you feel out of touch or uncertain, get back to nature. Take a walk in the park or woods, garden, hug a tree, work with clay, or get a massage to remind yourself that you are part physical, too!

Another aspect of your basic nature is determined by the balance of the modes in your chart. The modes are also defined by sign, which are grouped together as either cardinal, fixed or mutable. Your strongest mode is Cardinal, indicating that your basic approach to life is one of getting things started. You're an initiator, and are happiest when you're beginning something new. This factor sometimes indicates an enhanced sense of courage and enthusiasm. A strong ability to get things going, maintain your inspiration, carry through with your commitments and complete projects. Your ability to deal with different styles and human diversity enhances your spirit of cooperation, and makes you a good choice for leadership positions. However, you also have an adequate level of fixed energy, which helps you maintain your focus and stability in the midst of change, and aids in your ability to complete your obligations. Your weakest link is in mutability, which indicates that you sometimes have trouble adapting to change or that you are somewhat inflexible in your attitudes. 

When you view your chart as a whole, you'll notice that there is an emphasis of planets on the bottom half of your chart. This hemisphere emphasis signifies that you are most comfortable away from the glare of the public, and that you safeguard your privacy. Building stability and security are a strong focus in your life, and your career may be a means to an end in that regard. You can be uncomfortable in situations where you feel that you are put on display, and may need to cultivate your ability to speak or appear in front of groups, since this may not come easily for you.

You may also be concerned with the areas in your chart which appear to be empty. Never fear, these houses are not really vacant! You are just not placing as much emphasis in these relationships or environments, or you may be satisfying these needs through other dimensions of your life.




Projection of Your Real Self

Sometimes showing the world who you really are is not easy, and sometimes the world may not respond as you had hoped! It's helpful to take a look at the differences and similarities between the attitudes, impressions and images you project and the person who resides at the core of your being.

With your Sun in Aquarius you are a woman whose spirit forges into the realm of the unusual. As an individual you are unique, and you may pride yourself on the things that make you different from everyone else. But you also have a strong desire to connect to those who are like minded, and may count your friends as your most significant blessings. Since your Sun speaks of "who you think you are,"  you need to realize that your powerful mind, which can be strongly focused, is your link to your future, and that you are the creator of that future.

Your Ascendant is the face you present to the world, and shows how others see you. Your Ascendant, or rising sign, is Libra. You project an air or refinement and grace with Libra rising, and may take special care with your wardrobe, hair and appearance. Others may see you as beautiful. Your sense of color and style may be exceptional, and you can definitely pull off a class act when you want. You're most comfortable in a serene environment and prefer to maintain a sense of social grace and charm whenever possible. If there is difficulty, you may be the one called upon to help achieve harmony. Venus, the planetary energy associated with your rising sign, is in Aries in your chart. Your manner of dress is likely to reflect a quality of fun and freedom, and can you project an image of independence and vitality.

With your Moon in sextile aspect to your Ascendant you have the capability of becoming well-rounded by integrating your feelings about things with the way they are. You've probably learned that if you're not comfortable with something, you should probably look into it further or avoid it altogether. You may also be quite adept in relationship matters, since you can be aware of the way others are feeling or reacting in addition to staying in touch with your own feelings about what's going on.

With your Sun in trine aspect to your Ascendant, you may easily win respect and cooperation from others. This can be quite helpful when you need to accomplish important tasks. Your sense of confidence may be very strong, and you have high hopes for yourself and your life. Although you may have to learn to take advantage of your personal strengths, ultimately you discover that you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself, both in a personal and professional sense.

Mercury is in a tense square aspect to your Ascendant, indicating that you may need to work harder to develop an easy presentation of yourself which others understand. You may mistrust your own abilities, and that mistrust can be projected as arrogance, but it can also be seen as incompetence if you're undermining yourself in some way. Certainly your interest and curiosity are strong, but you may have experienced frustrating situations when you were younger which tested your intellectual abilities in a harsh way that still undermines your self-confidence. By concentrating on your strengths and developing the areas of your communication which you feel are weak, you can gain greater self-confidence and poise.

With Saturn in opposition to your Ascendant your standards are quite high. You may judge yourself by the opinions of others or by your association with particular people instead of accepting yourself for your personal strengths and limitations. Certainly you can rise above your limitations, but not by expecting someone else to carry you there!  If you try to live your life through someone else, your unhappiness can become immeasurable, because you have failed to be responsible to your own needs. You may also feel that your only choices in life result from answering the demands of others. If you are in circumstances which require you to support or care for others, can grow to resent their dependence upon you. Listening to your inner self and learning to accept positive ways to take responsibility for yourself will be personally empowering for you.

There are many different facets of the Moon in your chart. But when it comes to your identity, your Moon speaks volumes about who you are at the deepest level: the soul of your being. Your Sagittarius Moon shines through as a quality of wisdom, adventure and spirituality. Despite all the outside distractions, your real self is striving to achieve a true sense of truth, honesty and integrity. Deep within yourself you are the Wise Woman and will open most gracefully to those individuals and circumstances which allow you to express and develop this part of yourself. To do this you need one thing above all else: true freedom. It's easier said than done!




Understanding Your Inner Feminine Self

Although the temptation is to think that just because you are a woman you are in touch with your inner feminine self, this is a much more complicated task than it appears to be! First of all, the model for the true power of femininity has been lost over recent history and is now becoming re-energized. Recovering this power is a personal task for each woman, and learning to use feminine power constructively on a collective level is another challenge for today's woman. This process is the cradle of self-healing, and provides the essence of your personal security.

The primary energies associated with your inner feminine self are the Moon and Venus, but Neptune and Pluto are also significant in your experience and expression of this part of your psyche. The Moon is the energy which filters through your subconscious self, and tells the story of your connection to the part of you which provides nurturing, support, care and comfort. The person who projects the model for your Moon energy is your mother, and you see her through the lens of your own emotional matrix, signified by the Moon. As you mature, you learn to send this energy into the world, but to be truly effective, you must first own this energy and know how to use it to care for yourself!

Through your Sagittarius Moon, you yearn to find your sense of home, comfort and inner peace through developing knowledge. You may hope to experience horizons which reach beyond what you knew as a child. Your mother may have inspired you to reach beyond your limitations, or you may have seen her as a teacher who seemed to have the answers for everything. Even as a young girl, your mind could reach into the possibility of what life was like in other parts of the world, as you are becoming a whole woman, an interest in other cultures may even stimulate your desire to travel to other lands or to learn different languages. The real thirst you feel is to know Truth. Your search for truth may be found through your dedication to building a strong spiritual foundation in your life. But you may also find that truth resides in accepting and embracing cultural diversity. You're most comfortable when you can be candid, and may surprise people with your brash and outgoing nature. Sometimes, you may feel that "femininity" is the last thing you possess, but your brand of feminine self is comfortable standing toe to toe with men in the world - so what if you have lace on your boots! Your moods are usually optimistic, since the future is a consideration for you in any situation. Isn't that what your Mom might have said?

With your Moon in supportive sextile aspect to your Sun, you may enjoy a positive blending of the masculine and feminine elements of your psyche. As a result your ability to enjoy and relate comfortably to both men and women can function more easily. With your subconscious emotional nature in harmony with your willpower, you can also be much more confident about seeking out experiences and relationships which fulfill your needs. You're less likely to allow the needs and demands of others to overwhelm your sense of self.

Your emotional stability is strengthened through your Moon's trine aspect to Saturn. This connection gives you an ability to accept yourself as you are. Your personal honesty with yourself about your needs helps you approach life in a responsible manner. You can accept those special qualities which arise from being a woman, and can even find ways to use the power of being a woman to your advantage!  You may feel that it is important to strive toward achieving respect, and can readily gain the respect and admiration of others because they can count on you. Although you may not be looking for a man or partner to take care of you, you can appreciate the importance of mutual support. As a mother, your stabilizing force can be invaluable, and you may gain exceptional joy from teaching and guiding your children. In the work place, you are likely to be the one others turn to when they need an honest opinion and responsible attitude. You are a teacher, whether or not you work formally in this position in society: your life is your lesson plan.

Through the tense square between your Moon and Pluto in your chart, your emotionality is extremely intensified. You may hold some deep-seated resentments, and can hang onto guilt eternally unless you make an effort to release it. Your trust of your own power as a woman can be undermined, especially if you felt emotionally abused as a child. It is quite possible that you were mistreated because one of your parents resented your being there, but you may also have been simply struggling for survival in a situation which provided little emotional nurturance. Regardless of the particulars of your early conditioning, you do have the capability to healing these old wounds through the same energy which has sustained their pain. You may be drawn to relationships for the pure physical pleasure and stimulation they provide, but may not want to feel emotionally close due to your lack of trust. Yet deep within your soul you may long for that bonding which results from the alchemy of two souls merging. Since you were not issued an instruction manual about how to deal with people when you entered this life, you need to give yourself plenty of time and room to research human nature and human emotion. Safe circumstances like a friendship with someone who shares your interests can give you a chance to learn about trust - but you must be honest about your feelings!  Even though you might think that you would prefer to live apart from society, fitting into social situations can help you trust yourself more fully, because interacting with others helps you develop objectivity. To have the love and tenderness you need from others, you must learn forgiveness, too. That forgiveness begins within yourself, and releasing tension and stress while also letting go of the burdens from your past will help you feel much more light, alive and free. Then, and only then, can you feel good about the power of being a whole woman.

Your Moon is in the Last Quarter Moon Phase of the Lunation Cycle, symbolizing an element of conflict which is at the core of your personal growth and understanding. This cycle has often been described as a crisis in consciousness, since you may feel that you are turning away from the old and moving toward a new level of inspiration and understanding. The archetypal quality associated with this moon phase is that of the Warrior, stimulating a passion for existence which allows you to develop clarity, liberation and self-confidence. Through "The Warrior Woman," you learn about fervent sensuality, courage and sexual freedom. Your experience of this ideological conflict may arise through your need to break away from false ideals and to reorient yourself to a new way of being, thinking and living. What you learned from your mother and her generation about being a woman may not fit with what you are experiencing, although some aspects of your experience from her may ring true. The tricky part is finding your own way without totally destroying the path you've been taught. You are a revolutionary, and although revolutions can be radical and extreme in their outcome, they do not have to be entirely bloody! It is as though you have a fragile egg which needs to be moved to a different nest. First, you must create the new nest, then you must make the journey without breaking the egg, then you must settle in for a time. After that, it's up to the egg.

Through the energy of Venus you express your feminine wiles, and also locate the part of yourself that needs to be emotionally expressive. Your sense of inner beauty and feelings of personal worth are also functions of Venus. Venusian energy is part of your connection to other women, and the placement of Venus in your chart can tell you a lot about your openness and acceptance of your own femininity. Although your Moon may indicate your basic emotional nature, the manner by which you express your feelings is frequently through Venusian energy.

Through the energy of Venus in Aries, you project a special flair, and can be quite effective initiating romance and sending out the right signal when you're attracted to someone. You love the rush of passion which ignites at a moment's notice, and are more inclined to follow those feelings than to ignore them. It's unlikely that you have ever accepted the idea that it's the woman's place to wait for a man to take the first steps in a relationship, since when you experience attraction you can be quite driven to pursue your feelings. This directness can be intimidating to those who are reticent about expressing themselves or their feelings. For you the feelings of the moment are extremely important, and you're most comfortable when you can address them immediately. If this sounds as though you are impatient, well, you already know that story. Waiting is not your style. You enjoy being noticed, and may look great in bright colors, especially red shades, which enhance your fiery energy. Getting somebody's attention, after all, is the first step! 

You love the side of life that is filled with fun, games and enjoyment. Your playful attitude can be quite endearing, except that you have trouble knowing when it's time to grow up. With Venus in opposition to Jupiter, you can be very self-indulgent, and may appear to be greedy or gluttonous in your desires. You may also live under the mistaken impression that if you achieve enough status, have the right clothes, live in the best neighborhood or have the most influential friends that you will be accepted and loved. As a woman, you are especially vulnerable to the illusions perpetrated by advertisers who play on these desires, so remember that before you go shopping the next time!  What you need in your life is an outlet which allows you to give of yourself and share your resources. The joy you gain from helping others enjoy the good things in life may be more exciting than having it all yourself.

Do you remember the line in Peter Pan, "I won't grow up!"?  Well, in your heart of hearts you would prefer to remain as free, experimental and playful as you were when you were a young girl. In many respects, that independence and "catch me if you can," attitude is always a part of who you are now, as a woman. With Venus in opposition to Uranus, you have little interest in being a cookie-cutter image of anybody. You may dress in a bodacious manner, and may feel uncomfortable with "traditional" hair styles, clothing or jewelry. You can actually create your own look, which ultimately may express the truly beautiful qualities you have to offer once you've gotten beyond the need to shock everybody. You are an individualist, an experimenter, and need lots of room for self-expression. Sometimes, in creating all this room, there is a big empty space inside your heart where you want and need someone else to be close. Your friendships are a good beginning for understanding the way you need to be accepted and supported in your life. You're learning that there is a difference between unconditional acceptance and irresponsibility. You may have to give a little more of yourself, however, before you have the life situation, relationships or happiness you hope to achieve.

Although the planets Neptune and Pluto move very slowly and are generational in nature, they do have an influence upon your psyche. These energies define much about the collective experience which shapes your inner self. You're experiencing Neptunian energy when you're in the midst of reverie, when you're deep in dreams and when you're feeling compassionate. Neptune drives your imagination, the realm of illusion and your psychic sensibilities. Because Neptune is difficult to grasp on a physical level, there is a lot about this energy that can be problematic, and when you are caught in the negative grasp of Neptune, you can give in to addictive behaviors, escapism and deception manifesting. But you do have a way of channeling this energy. It is through Neptune that you find the heart of compassionate love and understanding. This is the doorway to your inner self.

With Neptune in Scorpio, you are part of the generation of women, born from 1955 to 1970 who are forging new frontiers in the sexual revolution. This is not only in terms of human sexuality, but also extends to the roles men and women play in regenerating society. You are the generation who will grapple with issues of control and whose influence in the arenas of human rights will cover the entire spectrum from conception, to birth, to sexual lifestyles, to choices in death. As you are maturing and making these choices, you may resist the idea that some belief system or government should dictate the choices you make in these intimate situations. But you must also create a vision which goes beyond these old systems and which encompasses a true compassion for the experience of life and the pain and joy of choice on every level. 

Pluto represents the primordial essence. It is from this level that all transformation occurs: birth, death, illness and healing. It is also here that the powerful kundalini force continually regenerates itself. This is the space of all creation and all power. It is the space of origin: the Great Mother.

You are part of a generation of women born from 1957 through 1972 who have Pluto in Virgo. It has been your challenge to develop a true awareness of the relationship between mind, body and environment. You've blasted through many of the mysteries of the way humans function - at physical, psychological and sociological levels. Additionally, you may be seeking a way to improve the quality of life and are likely to be dealing with repairing mistakes and fixing things as much as you are creating new options. At an individual level, this energy prompts you to determine ways to improve yourself.




Owning Your Inner Masculine Self

For centuries, women were not allowed to assert themselves in the world, and carefully learned the role of supporter of their "men." Those who failed to respond in this manner were frequently shunned or punished, although there have always been women who defied convention! During this century particularly, women have broken out of their strictly "conventional" roles, and have been making their way in the world. Because of this, women have been successful at fulfilling more of their needs, and owning their own power more readily. As a result, a woman's relationship with the men in her life has also changed. Despite women's collective knowledge about the need to be whole persons, it is still sometimes easier to allow men (fathers, brothers, lovers and husbands) to "own" certain qualities. (They, in turn, prefer that women own certain qualities - like emotions!) But to become truly whole and functional, it is necessary to find and incorporate your inner masculine self into your sense of wholeness, instead of projecting that part of yourself onto others (most usually men) in your life.

Through the process of becoming at home with your ego, you gain a true sense of personal strength and power. To own this power, you must learn to acknowledge that it is okay to be recognized for who and what you are. Your Sun energy is the primary factor in the expression of ego needs. As a young girl, you may have seen your father through the filter of your Sun. His power of getting out into the world, and the manner by which he did it, have shaped your own sense of personal identity. And today, the Sun in your chart may symbolize significant men. But this energy is, in itself, the core of your spirit.

The most friendly path toward developing and expressing your willpower and personal drive may be that of education. As an Aquarian Woman, you appreciate a well-developed mentality, and may feel most confident when you are comfortable in your knowledge about a subject or situation. However, you may have felt as a young girl that the people who knew the most were men, and you certainly may not have questioned whether or not a man had the right to be different. Although you may have felt the impulse to be different, you've never been entirely comfortable with the idea of alienating yourself from the society of which you are a part. And as you've developed your own individual identity, you may have sensed that becoming who you are might not exactly fit the model your father had in mind for you. If you're owning your personal power, you're confident about expressing your uniqueness and meeting the world on your own terms. If you've not yet embraced this part of yourself, you may by trying to accomplish it through projecting these qualities upon your husband or partner. Let him be the genius in the family! Your own genius may not fully emerge until you've consciously determined that you, too, deserve to be seen for who you really are.

You may feel an undercurrent of anger which rarely loosens its grip on your psyche with your Sun in square aspect to Mars. This can be especially true if you've failed to address your needs to direct your own life. It is crucial that you come to grips with your feelings about the men in your life, including your father. You may be fighting battles which are already won and can be belligerent or hostile, which can be alienating and self-defeating. Finding positive outlets to challenge yourself, like sports or other competitive games, will make a huge difference in the quality of your life. But the critical factor is knowing that you can get what you want once you've entered a level playing field.

You're probably quite ambitious, since the energy of your Sun in sextile to Saturn stimulates your need to gain respect. Taking responsibility for yourself seems only natural, and you are more likely to feel that you do not need anyone, including a husband, to take care of you. But you will enjoy relationships which provide an opportunity for each person to succeed and develop themselves. Your attitude toward men is probably healthy, although you may be quite happy that you are a woman.

Experiencing an honest connection to the true essence of your spirit is not easy with your Sun square Neptune. In order to integrate or express this masculine element of your psyche, you first have to find it! Your tendency to project your sense of identity onto the men in your life is heightened under this influence. If you've been in situations with men which have left you feeling deceived, then you may be the victim of your own inability to see yourself and others clearly. The undercurrent of this energy is a lack of trust within yourself, and it is that quality which needs to be healed in order for you to move forward. Your compassion for life and need to feel spiritually connected are basic requirements if you are to embrace your ego. But you're caught in a true zen experience: you must first surrender your ego in order to find it!  The key is knowing where and to what that surrender must be directed.

Sometimes, you're just too intense. Although you seem quite normal to yourself, the influence of your Sun in quincunx to Pluto indicates some inconsistency in your self-concept. When you're feeling uncertain of yourself or insecure, you can overcompensate by becoming too compulsive or obsessive, and it is this intensity which can get in the way of your progress. By becoming more aware of the things, people and situations which trigger your vulnerability, you can compensate and become more consistently sure of yourself.

Mars energy is assertive, aggressive and combative, and can be angry. These are not "feminine" qualities. In fact, women who possess and project these qualities from within themselves often get bad names, and are called "ball-busters," or other expletives, by the men who are dealing with them. But to become fully whole, you need to accept the manner in which you can utilize your Mars energy so that you are confident and strong with it, and so you can get into the world and make things happen for yourself!

With Mars in Scorpio, you're determined to fulfill your desires, and can be unstoppable in your drive to achieve your aims. You're not likely to deny your sexuality as part of your personal magnetism and can be strongly aggressive when you know what you want in any circumstance, including the bedroom. But you are also the mistress of control and can be cold as ice when you've been hurt. You understand the power which surges in the soul of a woman because you've harnessed it more than once. 

Knowing where to draw the line is frustrating under the influence of Mars semisquare Jupiter. You like to feel that you're free to experience total spontaneity in the moment but may discover that just jumping into situations before you're ready leaves you feeling depleted. Until you've developed a positive sense of your inner masculine strength, you can experience some of the frustration of these energies through your relationships with men, who may consistently disappoint you. If you're wondering why you seem to attract men who have simply not grown up, well, you love that little boy quality - it's fun! That is, until you need to count on him for something. Creating long-term relationships may be difficult, and that includes the long-term discipline necessary to complete projects. Think of those difficulties as bumps in the road of life instead of excuses to walk away before you've honored your promises.

Trusting your own ability is not always easy for you. The influence of Mars in quincunx aspect to Saturn indicates a strong tendency to feel that you are either inadequate, unprepared or afraid when you need to assert yourself. Getting your energy "out there" can be anxiety-producing, and because of the frustration you feel, you may  create unnecessary limitations for yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself is important, but you may also take on responsibilities which belong to others. By learning to focus your energy and develop the skills and talents you need to accomplish the realization of your desires, you can be successful. You may sometimes just need a little confidence booster!

Sometimes, your imagination just takes over, and you have to go with the flow! With your Mars conjunct Neptune, your key to success in any endeavor involves surrendering to the flow, instead of pushing against it. The problem with this energy bond is that your actions can leave an impression of vagueness. In your attempts to evade  situations you'd just as soon avoid, you may be accused of being deceptive. You can also be the mistress of mixed messages, so try for clarity if you want to create a position of strength. One other dilemma: you can project too much onto the men in your life. If you do not want to be disappointed, don't make them more than human!

Directing your energy toward the things you want is no problem for you with Mars in sextile aspect to Pluto. When you're focused on something, your energy can create something akin to a "tractor beam." You know how to use your sensuality to your advantage, and men may find you difficult to resist. Owning your power as a total woman capable of transforming the circumstances of your life through your own actions, you can be especially influential within your relationships and successful in your career endeavors.




Developing Your Mind

Education and learning are lifelong processes. Your approach to developing your intellect is multifaceted, but there are special indicators in your astrological chart which help you understand the best ways to develop your mentality. Improving and strengthening communication skills is also part of developing your mind, since connecting to others is certainly improved if you can effectively illustrate your point of view!

Although the energy of Mercury is traditionally considered to be the main indicator of your mentality, there are also other qualities which are part of your mental and intellectual self. First, let's look at Mercury, which is the energy through which you link your thoughts and ideas with others. Although you have a very active and curious mind, with Mercury in Aquarius you may be most interested in learning about things which are at the leading edge. Your fascination with technology and inventive mind may lead you into areas which are off the beaten path. You're also in touch with social issues, and may have a desire to understand human nature and society which takes you into some very interesting fields of study. You definitely prefer to learn at your own pace and may balk at learning about things which are not particularly interesting to you. As a little girl, you may have responded to your parents and teachers by saying, "I know," a lot, and that reflex remains strong. Intuitively, you do know about everything. But in the practical sense, you may not yet have had the time or opportunity to experience the development of that knowledge!  By listening to your intuitive voice and blending the insights you experience through your intuitive awareness with practical experience, your intellectual development can be unparalleled.

Your interest in learning, exploring the adventure of life and increasing your understanding is stimulated by Mercury in trine aspect to Jupiter. You may always be on a quest for greater knowledge, and seek out inspiring people and experiences. Your acceptance of different viewpoints and tolerance are enhanced through this quality.

Your inventiveness and unique approach to life strengthen your intellectual development and ingenuity with Mercury in trine aspect to Uranus. Technological advances are both useful and interesting to you, and you may be quite adept at integrating new methods into existing systems or situations. You may be a gifted writer or public speaker and may also have a knack for reaching the masses through media such as radio or television.

Your imagination is easily stimulated with Mercury in sextile aspect to Neptune. Self-expression flows readily, and writing, music, painting and photography can all be worthwhile avenues for you to express your ideas and view of the world. You may be an excellent mimic and talented actress.

Mercury's trine aspect to Pluto adds a special depth to your thinking abilities, and may stimulate a desire to look beneath the surface for answers. You may feel most comfortable working in an area which allows your to probe. Metaphysics, medicine and the healing arts can be especially appealing to your way of approaching questions. But there is also a special psychic ability associated with this energy connection, which you will learn about in the next section of your report.

The energy of your Moon also has a mental component. The Moon is the realm of thought, the process of subconscious thinking, and plays a strong role in intuitive thinking. Through your Sagittarius Moon, you are most drawn to subjects which appeal to your higher nature. You cannot separate your feeling for the natural order of things from the way you learn. You may be most interested in subjects which are philosophical and which provide pathways to understanding the greater truths of life and laws of the nature and the universe. Always on a quest, you may be fascinated with knowledge and wisdom but can be uncomfortable if you have to focus on any one subject for too long.

Jupiter also plays an important role in learning, stimulating you to look ahead into the realm of possibility, beyond the horizon of the now. Through the energy of Jupiter, you share what you know with others. As a woman, you are likely to feel most at home when you use this energy to encourage and support others, but you can also apply this to yourself! You've adopted a philosophy of fairness, and may believe that life should always be just with Jupiter in Libra. Although you've probably seen evidence to the contrary, your ideal life would involve situations where everyone is treated fairly and equally. You function and learn best in an environment which is beautiful and peaceful, and if you're involved in education, will include social skills in your teaching practices. You may also have an interest in the law and the social practice of other cultures and may be an expert in diplomatic or social relations.

The idea of being unusual seems quite fine to you, since you feel much more like yourself when you're expressing your individualism. With Jupiter conjunct Uranus you have a very high level of perception and need to trust your first impressions. Your religious beliefs or spiritual ideals may play an important role in your life, and you may be more attracted to a spiritual path which allows room for your individual growth at your own rate.

The purpose of Saturn is to provide clarity, structure, form and discipline - elements which are certainly important to learning. Saturn functions primarily as your inner teacher. Mothers are the most influential Saturnian models in western society. They provide the structure, guidance and support for their children in the realms of learning, socialization or personal growth. Once you enter society as a child, teachers play the Saturnian role. But the role of mothers and teachers in relationship to Saturn is to help you define the structure upon which you will build your life. Then, you "own" your Saturn, and know how to discipline and focus your own energy.

With Saturn in Aries, your ability to reason can be quite strong. You may have good powers of concentration, and enjoy a stimulating debate. In learning situations, you may have had trouble dealing with your teachers when you were a little girl. Your desire to be accepted can overwhelm your need to express yourself, resulting in an inner conflict. Once you determine your own direction, it is important that you follow your path with confidence and courage.

The areas of your chart which are connected most strongly to mental and intellectual development are the 3rd, 9th and 11th Houses. The 3rd House of your chart deals with communication and the development of concepts.

You may love the adventure of learning with Sagittarius on the cusp of your 3rd House. You can see the big picture and may enjoy situations which allow you to participate in decision-making. Travel and reading may be important pastimes and provide you with continued opportunities to learn and expand your mind. With Jupiter ruling your 3rd House you may be drawn to study religion or law. You can easily become an excellent writer and dynamic public speaker.

There are no planets in your 3rd House, indicating that developing your communicative capacities is not one of your highest priorities. However this does not indicate an impairment in your thinking or a lack of intellectual development. To further understand your approach to communication reflect upon the meaning of the sign on the cusp of this house, explained above, and study the influence of Mercury in its sign and house as indicators of the best ways to develop your intellect.

Your 9th House shows your approach to higher learning, which is usually accomplished through a college or professional degree program. Subjects like philosophy, religion, political science, cultural pursuits and the like are strongly associated with this facet of your development.

Your powerful curiosity about life on earth and the people who inhabit the planet may stimulate a desire to learn both through institutions of higher learning and travel. The influence of Gemini on the cusp of your 9th House adds a powerful need for logic and reason in your life, and you may extend your education in order to strengthen this aspect of your understanding. You've always asked "Why?" about everything, and may be ever-seeking to answer some of those unanswerable questions. The influence of Mercury as ruler of this house adds a desire to connect your thoughts and share your ideas about religion, philosophy and culture with others.

There are no planets in your 9th House, indicating that extended education in a formal setting may not be your highest priority. Although you may be quite philosophical or approach life itself as a learning experience, you may have interruptions in formal education or may find that you learn in different ways than those found in more academic settings. To further understand your approach to education study the meaning of the sign on the cusp of the 9th House explained above, and reflect on the energy of Jupiter and its sign and house placement as indicators of the development of your higher mind.

Through the 11th House you learn from peers, and connect with your community. The 11th House involves your special interests, too. This is very much the school of life, because this is also the area which relates to developing your goals.

The goals you set for yourself may be quite impressive with Leo on the 11th House cusp. You need life experiences which provide you with positive recognition for your efforts, and that begins with your feeling good about your choices and accomplishments. In community activities you may take a role of leadership and can inspire those around you to strive for excellence. With the Sun ruling this house, you may spend a lot of time and energy developing your special interests and can be quite strong about setting and pursuing your goals.

With Pluto in your 11th House you need goals which will help you change your life. You may be drawn into groups of those who share your interests or profession, and are not likely to enjoy just sitting back if nothing is happening. You prefer to become involved in using the power of the collective to create change and you can be quite influential when you wish to be. You may be fascinated by politics, and if you choose to become involved in political or community affairs, can become a catalyst for far-reaching change.




Your Special Edge

It's true. Women are definitely the intuitive sex. The process of intuitive awareness may be more developed for you as a woman because you are more cyclically aware, thanks to your anatomy and hormonal changes. But there is something more. As a woman, your natural affinity with the energy of the Moon increases your receptivity, an important ingredient in opening to the intuitive process. Intuitive awareness is multifaceted. You can use it when you're dealing with emotional and psychological issues, you can apply it to your creative expression, and you can take advantage of your intuition in your work as part of your decision-making. Developing your intuitive process is like developing any other sensibility - you have to concentrate some time, effort and energy in order to finely hone this element of your psyche. Although some quality of intuition may be there innately, to make the most of it, you must learn to trust, listen and incorporate it into your life.

The parts of your chart which are most strongly associated with intuitive sensibility are the water houses: the 4th House, the 8th House and the 12th House. The 4th House is connected to your soul history. It is here that you seek a sense of home, a connection to your family, and a feeling of safety and comfort. It is here that your soul remembers your past, even if your conscious mind cannot fit the pieces together.

The influence of Capricorn on the cusp of your 4th House adds a need to feel centered and stabilized. Your soul may yearn for a solid foundation which will allow you to grow and change while still on solid ground. The influence of your family can be quite powerful, and you may feel that you were born into your family for very definite reasons. Saturn's connection to this house adds a tendency to hang onto others for support instead of establishing your own platforms for growth but also can help you discover the importance of becoming self-sustaining.

The Sun's placement in your 4th House stimulates a powerful need to discover your identity through your family ties and then, beyond, into the history of your soul. You have a very powerful survival urge, and may cling to the people and places you know because your identity can be very strongly tied to them. Yet, as you are maturing and growing toward becoming a whole woman, you may discover ways in which you are different from the family you knew. Your father and mother may seem to connect to a place deep within your soul, and intuitively you've always known that the flame of your soul had its individual roots. Weaving together the core of your being with the roots and history which have preceded you is one of the key factors involved in achieving the security you so deeply desire.

Mercury's position in your 4th House can stimulate a tendency to become overly concerned with family matters or to worry too much about what's happening at home. Freeing your mind from your emotional fears or anxieties can be accomplished by allowing yourself to achieve a sense of mental rest: something soothing, like bathing your consciousness in true quiet and clarity. This can be achieved through meditation, and you may discover that everyday acts like washing dishes or preparing dinner provide an excellent opportunity to be active yet contemplative.

The 8th House brings you into your deepest emotional attachments, and is the space where you are alchemically transformed. This is the seat of your magical power: your ability to change yourself in order to become whole. Here is the heart of healing, but here you also hide your greatest vulnerabilities. Most people shy away from dealing with 8th House issues like sex, death and taxes. After all, there can be problems with any of them, and they are not easy to explore out in the open. But there is more. For your intuitive development, this area represents the part of you which holds your power, and you must learn to accept and embrace this side of yourself to feel truly satisfied with your life.

With Taurus on the cusp of your 8th House, you may want some tangible proof regarding the mysteries of life which are connected to the experiences of birth, sexuality, death, healing and the inner nature of the self. To some extent it is possible to understand the deeper elements of life experience through the physical plane. The processes of life and death may be a profound mystery for you. If you have had children, or if you've been present at a birthing, your life will have been profoundly changed from the tangible experience of such a quickening. Although you may be able to philosophically accept the spiritual essence of yourself, you need to feel the effects this part of yourself has on the other aspects of your life. Adopting a working spirituality makes a lot of sense to you. That means you may need to make the effort to recycle and reclaim, since diminishing resources will not feel okay at the core of your being. With Venus ruling this house you may become caught in the illusion that locking up your resources will protect you in some way. But it's like the old story of the talents: if you don't put them to use, then what good are they?

Since you do not have any planets in your 8th House you may not feel very strongly driven to probe into the mysteries of life. Perhaps you do not have issues in this regard, but there may also be other factors in your chart which drive you in this capacity, and do not need the additional focus in this particular area. To further understand your 8th House study the sign associated with it explained above, and look to the planet associated with that sign.

The 12th House is the space of your dreams. Here, you surrender your conscious self and float into the beyond. This is also the place in your psyche which contains your past, and where you are one with all humanity. Your superconscious self rests in this part of your psyche: the part of yourself that transcends your everyday reality.

The influence of Virgo on the cusp of your 12th House shows a need for purity of thoughts. This includes a clear and compassionate acceptance of yourself and others, and may involve developing tolerance for the imperfections which exist in everyone. You may relish the times you spend in quiet contemplation and may become quite adept at using meditation techniques which help you clear your mind. Removing mental clutter is important, since Mercury rules this house, and you may fritter away too much energy on unnecessary thoughts or ideas. Your physical health can be closely tied to your emotional and spiritual harmony. If you are prompted to serve the needs of humanity, you may spend much of your time in service to others. This can be accomplished in many capacities, but the best choices will arise from your deep sense of awareness which is guided by your intuitive self.

When you are uplifted through your faith in truth and justice, your intuitive flow is enhanced. Jupiter's energy in your 12th House adds an important dimension to your spirituality, and encourages you to adopt a philosophy which includes compassion, forgiveness and tolerance. Directing your generosity toward efforts which benefit the collective may seem natural for you. You may also feel a powerful connection to a spiritual level of protection, such as your guardian angels, knowing that even when you're in difficult circumstances, you are out of harm's way.

Your intuitive self can be highly stimulated with Uranus in your 12th House. You may have flashes of insight which vanish as quickly as they come, and may need to develop some manner of focusing your mind in order to take advantage of your sense of knowingness. Your meditations can be freeing, but you may have trouble just sitting quietly. An active form of meditation, such as hatha yoga, tai chi, chi gong or even dancing can be both inspiring and clearing for you.

The energy of your Moon plays an important role in your intuitive development. Since your Moon is related to your subconscious mind, it should not surprise you that this is the part of you that contains all knowledge about yourself and your life. Occasionally it's a good idea to purge from your psyche the things you no longer need - much like an internal house cleaning. Your hormonal cycles provide an excellent opportunity to do just that, and by using this natural rhythm to release, you can feel much more open to clearer transmission of intuitive thinking!

Through your Sagittarius Moon, your mind is open to all sorts of possibilities. Since your search for Truth may take you on many adventures, it seems natural to you that your might find keys to developing your intuitive self through adopting a more spiritual approach to life. Integrating the spiritual into your everyday life is crucial to your personal growth. You simply cannot abandon your principles in any of your thoughts or actions without feeling strong repercussions. 

There are other points related to the Moon which you'll find in your chart. They are called the Moon's Nodes, and are not planets, but points in space. The influence of the Moon's Nodes is felt on an inner level. From the South Node, you learn about your past and the natural inclinations which may influence many of your subconscious choices. In some ways, the South Node suggests old habits. The North Node of the Moon suggests a spiritual and emotional challenge, and represents the directions you may feel compelled to follow in your evolutionary path.

Your North Node in Aries challenges you to develop your courage, independence and assertiveness as part of your spiritual growth and self-discovery. You may be drawn into situations which require you to stand up for yourself or to fight for your position, and although your preference might be to just allow situations to resolve themselves, it is important to take action. Finding yourself involves finding your convictions and creating your own path. With the South Node in Libra your tendency to rely upon others to take care of you or forge the pathways for your development has to be abandoned in favor of self-confidence and free thought and action if you are to grow into wholeness. Self-determination is your key to fulfillment. 

Uranian intuition is the flash of insight. Sometimes that flash is so brilliant that you change your entire life to follow it's glow. This is also the part of you which defies restraint, and certainly your intuitive mind can celebrate that possibility!

The influence of Uranus in your 12th House has been explained earlier in this section of your report.

Neptune's energy takes you into the world of the etheric - the place beyond the physical which is filled with mystical wonder. You surrender to this part of yourself when you meditate, when you give in to your creative muse, and when you give of yourself to others. In developing your intuitive and psychic sensibilities, Neptune provides a primary ingredient: letting go. Through this energy you surrender yourself to the greater truth. But be careful: you can also surrender your will to the power of deception and abuse through another of Neptune's doorways!

The influence of Neptune in your 2nd House adds a dimension of confusion about the best way to use and handle your material resources. You will become more clear about this once you've surrendered your need to determine your value through outside measurements.

Pluto's insight is on the deeper psychic level. Through Plutonian energy you can read between the lines. You see the twitch of an eye that tells the truth, you read the movement of hands, the tone of voice that betrays what words fail to say. Developing your Plutonian energy requires that you reach into the very depths of yourself and become familiar with your entire being. Yes, that includes your shadow self, your darker side - and it also encompasses your passion, your strength of survival and your ability to heal.

Although you may be quite aware of the ills which penetrate the social system with Pluto in your 11th House, you may hesitate to become involved in changing them. But it is important that you express your views and ideas, especially in a political sense, because your insights may be those which help to change the system and allow it to undergo great improvements. Community affairs can also be a positive outlet, although your ideas may cause some turmoil to those who would resist change.




Nurturing and Creating a Home

Nurturing. Mothering. These experiences are associated with womanliness, but are not the sole definers of your womanhood. Although women are the only ones who can become mothers, it is not necessary to be a mother to become an exceptional nurturer! Nurturing is a natural expression for women - but the manner in which it is done is very individualized. Whether with children, lovers, partners, friends - or even with your own parents - you have ample opportunities to nurture others. The person who needs your nurturing most, however, is YOU. Although caring for others can fill a special place in your soul, the way you care for yourself is especially important. You may derive nourishment from developing your talents and skills, or through your work. Study or travel can be nourishing. And something as simple as a long soak in the tub can refill your spirit. Part of nourishing yourself is physical, part emotional and part is definitely environmental: what you create in a home. In exploring these factors together, you can begin to see the link between these different levels of personal fulfillment.

Yet another facet of your Moon beyond what you've already explored, is what your Moon shows about your deepest needs. You can only feel whole when these needs are answered and fulfilled. Although it is tempting to look outside, your wisdom tells you that a great part of the responsibility for nourishment comes from within yourself.

With the Moon in Sagittarius, your drive to fill your hunger for truth and freedom may lead you into pursuits which develop your mind. However, you also may have to learn to ask for personal space when you need it, and to respect the same needs from others. When nurturing others, you encourage them to develop their own independence. At home you need a place which provides a real sense of space, and where you also have a place for reflection - a room like a study or library, or an alcove in your bedroom might be just perfect. Give yourself ample time to walk in the woods or a park, to read something inspirational, or to have an open discussion with someone you admire. Take time to travel, even if that only means a different route to work or exploring an unknown part of your home town. Vacations away from home can be positively rejuvenating. When you're feeling low, you might be most recharged by adding these things to your life. They feed your soul. 

Saturn also plays a positive role in nurturance. Despite the bad rap Saturn sometimes receives, this energy is necessary to your stability and growth. Through Saturn, you learn to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Saturn also seems to be the repository of your fears, and it's important to understand and deal with these emotions in order to be whole. Trying to repress such feelings blocks your ability to feel the positive, supportive energy that life has to offer. In many respects, the energy of Saturn is played out in your life by your experience with authority figures. Your mother and father, extended family and teachers were your primary Saturnian influences when you were a young girl, and their direction and guidance still whisper in the way you approach establishing your personal security. As an adult woman, you express Saturn through the manner in which you take responsibility for yourself and your needs for stability and security.

With Saturn in Aries you may prefer to take on the role of guide and supporter to your children and those in your care in a rather independent manner. You believe in personal autonomy, and will work to be sure that anyone you influence develops it. A competitive spirit may drive you to try to be on the top, first or the best, and you're not likely to be afraid of starting something new. But you can lose your drive if a situation seems to grow stale, and its important to clear barriers from your path on a regular basis. Then you'll avoid the traps of repeating the same mistakes or staying in a rut. Either of these concepts just simply does not fit with your model of who you want to become. As a result, you may be tempted to jump into something new or different just for a change of pace. But if you still have unfinished business elsewhere, you may just have jumped from the proverbial frying pan into the fire! Creating your own traditions within your family may satisfy your yearning to establish a difference between the way you're doing things and the way mom did it.

Your 4th House illuminates what you need in a home environment, where you will feel most comfortable and how you like to live. It is here that you create a feeling of safety, where you can let your hair down and be yourself.

Having your own home is definitely important for you with Capricorn ruling your 4th House. Whether you have an apartment or a mansion, having a chance to put your personal touch on your environment makes you feel complete. You may have a well-defined sense of taste, although your favorite feeling is likely to be a room with rich wood accents and textured fabrics. Sometimes you can be a bit austere in your choices, and may even wonder why you bought that uncomfortable chair for the living room. Maybe it was well-made; or maybe it was just a good bargain!  Saturn's influence in this part of your chart adds an energy of stability to your home environment, and may stimulate your own interest in antiques or period furnishings. You may also have a good sense of structure, and appreciate a home which is solidly built and stands on a strong foundation.

With the Sun in your 4th House you're definitely Queen of the Castle! You need a home which reflects your personality, not just a place to live. Anyone who visits will see your special touches. You may also enjoy inviting special friends into your personal space, and family gatherings at home an be quite meaningful to you. Family is important, and the creation of your own family may take a strong priority. You may become the matriarchal leader of your family, and your influence and ideas can have a powerful effect. If you feel that you are carrying on the traditions of a long line of influences, it's probably true. And if you are inclined to alter or change those traditions, you can probably accomplish your aims as long as your approach flows from love and not unresolved anger or competitiveness.

Mercury's energy in your 4th House adds a liveliness to your home space. There may always seem to be ample communication happening at your house, with either friends or family sharing ideas or someone on the telephone. This placement also stimulates a need to express your feelings, and in your personal relationships, you can be quite animated in showing your emotions. When you're upset, you can even be a little high-strung. This energy is unsettling in the home environment and sometimes brings frequent moves. Your tendency to worry about family and home matters is also amplified, and if you're fretting over possibilities, may miss the opportunity to experience what is actually happening. At home, you need a place for reflection where you can write letters, make entries in your personal journal or read quietly.




Meeting the World on Your Terms

Career and financial arenas were for many years primarily part of the "man's world." Women stayed at home, cared for children, and took care of the social needs of the family. Now that so many women are in the work place, and with the advent of more open relationships where both partners are likely to share paying bills and making financial decisions, the world is changing. You can define your identity in the world in many ways today, including developing a career. Meeting the world on your own terms involves uncovering the manner in which you might shine most effectively and the way you use your resources, and creating a pathway which allows you to realize your goals.

The Midheaven, which is usually near the top of your astrological chart, is signified by an astrological sign. This point in your chart represents your vocation, your calling in life, and the sign at the Midheaven gives you several clues about your path in the outside world. Just as importantly, the Midheaven signifies your blossoming into wholeness and the manner by which you might best accomplish this experience. Your 10th House also provides information about your career path.

The influence of Cancer on your Midheaven indicates a need to create security as a primary feature of your life path. You may feel torn between creating a home and family and pursuing a career, because you probably have some strong ideas about wanting to make a difference in the world. It might seem more reasonable to focus more on one for a while, and then to pursue the other, instead of experiencing the inner conflict of trying to do everything at once. You are likely to enjoy many of the traditionally considered "domestic" activities, like cooking or sewing, and can be an exceptional homemaker. Even working outside the home, you may find yourself dealing with home related industries. Your interest in preserving what has gone before may lead you to spend time studying and endeavoring to preserve history through restoration, antiques or collecting. You have a good sensibility toward social issues, and may be drawn to politics, community development, and businesses which appeal to women and families. Your Moon's energy also has a powerful impact upon the choices you make and the path you take toward creating a fulfilling life, and strengthens the importance of choosing a career which feels good instead of just taking a job because you have to work.

The influence of your Moon in Sagittarius is likely to stimulate your desire to get out into the world. You may enjoy a career as a teacher, journalist or minister. But you may also find that you are quite adept in diplomatic relations.

The process of work itself is usually seen through the 6th House in your chart. Through this facet of yourself, you express your approach and attitudes about working, and your ability to cooperate with others is also indicated here. This house is related to your physical health, and it's no surprise that you might hear the complaint (or feel it yourself), "I'm sick of my job." Instead of feeling thrown off balance by the tasks required to get through life, there are ways to use this part of your time and energy to strengthen your life.

You may feel that your work needs to mean something with Pisces ruling your 6th House. Your efforts in your job may sometimes be a little overboard, since you have a tendency to put the demands and needs of others first. This may stem from your need for a peaceful working environment. You may use your creative and imaginative sensibilities on the job and can enjoy work which brings beauty, serenity and magic into the world around you. Neptune's energy plays an important role in your approach to your job, and may stimulate an urge to become involved in charitable efforts or to work in fields which involve rescue and help.

Through the energy of Venus in your 6th House, you can be strongly stimulated to work in areas which require artistic sensibility, and you may be most interested in work in the arts, music or creative arenas. Whatever your talents, you'll benefit most from a job which allows you to use and further develop them. Your tastes and values play an important role in determining your work choices, and you will be more productive when you know you're fairly compensated for your efforts. You'll be most effective in a work environment which appeals to your sense of beauty. If faced with stale or drab conditions at work,  you may be the first to add something tasteful, charming or interesting to your surroundings. Work in retail sales, the entertainment industry, fashion, interior design or similar areas can be gratifying. But the key to finding a job that works is whether or not you really do like it. After all, the energy of Venus speaks of what you truly love and appreciate.

Your attitudes toward your work are very important, and with Saturn in your 6th House, your need to exercise true responsibility on the job is critical. You have a tendency to demand too much of yourself and others, and although it is necessary to take your work seriously, learning when to pull back a little and relieve the stress will make a big difference in the level of satisfaction you gain from the experience. If you feel that you only seem to attract situations which require you to work hard so that somebody else benefits, the first step toward changing it is to find a way to experience your own rewards. In truth, applied effort, discipline and good judgment can be your keys to success. Overworking or  staying in menial positions because you don't know how to get out of them will never produce the results you dream of achieving. You can be very successful in business when you use your sense of positive restraint in balance with the need to reach out from time to time. Jobs which require a good sense of planning, an eye for workmanship and an awareness of structure and design can be both satisfying and rewarding. Teaching may also be an excellent outlet for your abilities. You may need to increase your own education in order to improve your job opportunities.

As a woman, you are innately creative. Although you may not consider yourself an artist, your creative spirit and drive are the mechanisms through which you shape your own life. Creative self-expression is seen strongly in the 5th House of your chart, and by incorporating these elements into your career, you will gain greater satisfaction from your work. If you have the time to concentrate on more recreational forms of creativity, this is the part of your chart which indicates what brings you pleasure. Life itself can certainly be a pleasurable experience - all the time, not just on holidays!

Aquarius' influence on your 5th House adds a need for experiences which are out of the ordinary in the realm of creativity and recreation. You may totally enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences and probably have an appreciation for originality in art and music. But your interests may also lean toward the experimental, and you may find some of the things advancing technology has to offer to be quite enjoyable. If you allow yourself to indulge your own artistic abilities, you will find that you are innovative, with a flair for unusual elements in your self-expression. With Uranus' energy also influencing this house, your creative originality is enhanced. You may be a gifted artist, designer, writer or musician. When you get away from it all, you really like to get away! Air travel may be a lot of fun, and if you're feeling stuck creatively, you may discover that you feel quite inspired and free when you're 30,000 feet above the earth!

Just because there are no planetary energies in your 5th House, do not despair. This does not indicate that you are somehow lacking in creativity. As you see from the sign on the cusp of your 5th House, your creative inclinations are driven by particular qualities and needs. Explore the different dimensions of the planet associated with your 5th House to gain insight into your creativity. By following these you'll find that you easily unlock your creative potential.

One of the most powerful creative drives in your chart is your Sun. Since this is the energy which can drive you to be noticed, learning to cultivate this aspect of yourself in a positive manner can amplify your success in life.

Even though you may have found your differences from others painful when you were a young girl, you've probably discovered that it is your uniqueness which will provide the impetus to achieving true success. Your Aquarius Sun adds a drive to attain a clear perception about yourself, and your need to make a difference in the world can give you cause to aim for something out of the ordinary. Your real goal may be to transcend the bounds of mere mortality and achieve something that will open a new pathway. Although this functions primarily at a spiritual level, it does have its implications on the physical plane. In your family, you can be the one who breaks the patterns. On the job you are the one whose vision and insight inspire new direction.

Your individuality is expressed through many different energies in your chart, but the energy which is most closely associated with the unique and individualistic part of yourself is Uranus. Through Uranian energy, you display your ingenuity and make the breakthroughs which allow you to move into new experiences. Uranus also prompts your rebellious nature, and the placement of this energy in your chart shows you where you are staging your own personal revolution.

You have Uranus in Libra, strengthening your need to experience breakthroughs in the realm of relationships. Along with other women born from 1968 to 1975, you've witnessed major changes in personal relationships and their effects upon the whole of society. These changes have also extended into the realm of the law and politics, and are also having a profound effect upon artistic expression. Your revolution will be fought within these realms, and those with Uranus in Libra will incite the changes in the law which have a major effect upon lifestyle and relationship choices. The areas in your own life where you've broken ground in your desire to achieve an awareness of true harmony and beauty are signified by the house in which Uranus resides in your chart. 

The energy of Uranus in your 12th House indicates that you may not always show your unique talents to everyone. However, you can be quite effective in bringing innovative changes even in such situations as institutions, and may be rather adept at working within a system to bring about alterations or modifications. You may also be a natural psychologist, whether you work in that field or not!

The energy of Chiron is also a powerful factor for your outreach into the world. Through Chiron, you discover both strength and vulnerability. The vulnerability represented by Chiron is, in many ways, like a doorway which allows you to penetrate a deeper level of personal mastery. This is the process of initiation not unlike that which a Shaman must endure in order to learn how to travel between the worlds. Through Chiron, you learn how to travel between the world of your inner self and the world outside to achieve a sense of true purpose and wisdom.

You have Chiron in Aries, signifying a need to discover your true courage. Your life purpose is centered around your needs for pioneering into unexplored territory, whether physical or idealistic. Your life work may involve breaking ground, cutting through barriers, or blasting through outworn attitudes. Your head and heart need to be in harmony with one another if you are to succeed in achieving this purpose. 

With Chiron in your 6th House you're learning how to work cooperatively with others. You may also have a special need to attend to health matters, and your consciousness in this regard can be one of your greatest challenges. Self-improvement is your key to fulfilling your life purpose.




Opening Your Heart

Ah, Love.... Songs, poems, novels, fairy-tales, movies all extol the power and pleasure of love - and for good reason: love is the food of life! There are many opportunities to love, in fact, a love affair with life is not a bad idea. But you also may need to "grow" love by sharing it, and therein is the seed of all relationships.

The planetary energies which are most usually associated with love are Venus and Neptune. Venusian energy radiates directly from your heart, from the center of yourself, where love resides deep within. Loving is an inner experience. The more you open to the love you hold within yourself, the more it grows. Your feelings of worthiness are represented by Venus, and as you grow to understand and appreciate your own value as a woman, it becomes easier to let this love energy flow through your life. Neptunian energy is Divine compassionate love - the love which does not judge and readily forgives. Neptune is the realm of romance, mysticism and heavenly perfection. Truly transcendent Neptunian love arises when you have healthy boundaries of your own, otherwise, you can become a victim of your own illusions!

Love is your inspiration with Venus in Aries. Although you may not like to feel trapped by maudlin, sticky situations, you are a romantic, and may relish the game of love. The pursuit of the man of your dreams  inspires highly creative ideas and flashes of insight, and can be a lot of fun, too. You can be a tempting flirt, and even when you're involved in a committed relationship may feel excited by the idea of arousing another man's interest. To sustain love, you need to know that the passion is still alive in a relationship. The love which you hold deep in your heart stirs your sense of faith and hope, and you an enjoy open, passionate exchange of emotions in your close relationships as a means of keeping the flame of love burning brightly. Sometimes, you may wonder if your feelings have changed, when a relationship becomes more everyday. But the truth of the matter is that love has its own ups and downs and sometimes just needs to be there, warming your heart, instead of always burning up the sheets! You have the courage to sustain love through keeping it alive and are not likely to allow a relationship to simply wither away. If you have your way, there will always be a burning ember of desire.

You can be a bit frustrated by your love experiences with your Sun in semi-square aspect to Venus. Part of the problem resides in your impatience. When you have a strong attraction to someone, you may want resolution about the outcome immediately. If you can work toward maintaining a  bit more objectivity when your heart begins to open to a loving relationship, you'll be more satisfied with the end results.

When you're in love, there's no end to your confidence and hope. With Venus in opposition to Jupiter being in love is probably near the top of your list of great life experiences. That's a good thing, but loving continues far beyond the "in love" stage. If you set "falling in love" as your horizon, then you may never know how much further you can go. But if you see falling in love as the opening of a vast doorway to your heart, then the journey of loving is never ending. The other part of the puzzle involves opening your heart to your true feelings and needs and allowing love to grow within you. Just seeing love as an outside object - a man, for example - you'll always feel frustrated. Building the bridge between your heart and the heart of your lover assures that you'll discover a new horizon of possibilities together.

So, you want a relationship which offers absolute freedom. Okay. Can you give the same thing in return? With Venus in opposition to Uranus, you are very likely to resist anything that looks like commitment, especially if it is restraining. Your own rebellion can create disruption and change in your close relationships, and you may wonder why you seem to attract men who never want to grow up. You love unusual people, adore your friends (although you may not have seen them for decades!), and attract unique situations. The thrill of being in love is wonderful for you, but you may lose interest when that intensity is not retained. When you stop and think about it, maintaining such a high level of intensity might result in spontaneous combustion! That's why the course of love has its twists and turns. And it does not mean that love no longer exists when your feelings change. Love has just evolved. If you are to evolve with it, you will learn to flow within the current of change. Those relationships which allow ample room for personal evolution, individual autonomy, and true equality can work for you and for the ones you love.

As one of the generation of women born with Neptune in Scorpio, you are seeking relationships which involve total connection. When you finally open your heart to love in an intimate relationship, you need to feel that you can create a true bond with your lover and mate. Halfway connections don't quite cut it, and if you're the one resisting, it's crucial that you discover the root of your fears or blocks. Your experience of compassionate love involves surrender to the processes of transformation, and that transformation may involve getting to the core of why you need intimacy in your life. Sexuality is certainly a part of the drive, but it is not for pure pleasure alone, nor is it for simple regeneration of the species. There is a link of energy formed during the process of intimacy which leads to the alchemy of loving, and it is that link which you are learning to understand more fully.

With your Sun in square aspect to Neptune you may have a history of rescuing men who don't really appreciate or acknowledge your sacrifice. If you're sacrificing your own dreams and needs so that the man in your life can have his, then you're in trouble!  If you're making excuses to yourself because your man drinks too much, uses drugs, is not available for the kids, runs around on you - whatever they are - you have lost yourself to an illusion. By learning to set reasonable boundaries and to identify the situations which you can and cannot support, your life will change. Your ability to love fully will change. If you stay stuck in the same old dependencies, then your life will be more like a nightmare than a wonderful dream.

Beautiful words, poetic ideas and spiritual quests are all part of your fantasies of love with Mercury in sextile aspect to Neptune. And if you put your energy and focus into creating the manifestation of these ideals, you may actually see some of those dreams becoming real. You'll adore a man who spirituality is genuine and whose ability to show compassion is part of the core of his being, because that is a reflection of a true part of yourself.

With your Mars and Neptune in conjunction you may project a powerful illusion about the nature of your perfect man. You may think you want a man who embodies all the traits you dream about, but may discover, instead, that you attract men who are never what they seemed to be in the beginning. The problem may be in what you project onto the men who capture your heart. If you see only the illusion of perfection, you are already in trouble, since if anyone is still in human form, chances are that they are not perfect! You may be a very sensitive woman who desires a sensitive man, and that's wonderful as long as the sensitivity does not extend to behaviors which are deceptive or abusive. If you've felt victimized, it's crucial that you discover your own role in the victimization so that you can change your patterns. Learn to say "No."

You were born with Uranus in sextile aspect to Neptune, an aspect which occurs about once each century. As a generational influence, this aspect shows increased idealism and new approaches to religion, philosophy and personal ideals. You will be happiest in a relationship with a man who gives you plenty of room to find and follow your own spiritual path.

The houses in your chart which amplify love relationships are the 5th, 7th, and 11th Houses. Through the 5th House, you experience giving love. It is through this facet of yourself that you have love affairs, playful and recreational relationships and where you produce the offspring of loving. The offspring can range from artistic endeavors to children. But when dealing with relationships, this is the space which is usually occupied by loving another in an intimate sense.

The influence of Aquarius on your 5th House provides an unconventional approach to affairs of the heart. You can be rather experimental through your love affairs, and look for unusual options to fulfill your desires. To open your heart, you need to know that you are free to be yourself, without conditions. A love without boundaries is best for you, although that really does not mean "no strings attached."  Taking an irresponsible attitude in your love relationships will leave you with a broken heart. Perhaps a safer approach, particularly in your young adulthood, is to be focused fully upon the moment and enjoying it completely and honestly. If you are not ready to make a commitment, but want to allow the love you feel to flow easily, let your lover know that. You may also discover that you attract men who are emotionally distant, and that will continue to be the case until you allow yourself to be more available on an emotional level. With Uranus ruling this house, you need to develop friendships as part of your love relationships and may find that your most enduring love occurs between yourself and those who are you dearest friends. A friend can also be a lover or life partner.

You have no planetary energy in your 5th House. There is no need to be alarmed, because this does not indicate that you will be without love in your life. As you've seen above, you have definite inclinations in love relationships. To further understand what you need from a lover and how you can become more adept at giving love, study the planet associated with this house.

The 7th House of your chart illustrates what you're seeking from a partner. More importantly, this part of your chart also tells a story about the kind of partner you really want to become. This is also the realm of social contact, and provides information about your approach to socialization. Although marriage agreements are shown through the 7th House, planets here (or a lack of planets here) do not "promise" marriage or its lack. But if your 7th House is highly activated, you may be more motivated to find a partner.

Your 7th House is ruled by Aries, indicating that you may be the one who initiates partnerships. You need relationships which provide ample room for independence and autonomy, especially your own. It's important that you try to be fair-minded in this regard, and that you avoid any type of passive manipulation of your partner, since it will only come back to haunt you. If you attract a man who is very strong willed and controlling, you can learn to stand up to him. In fact, you may prefer a relationship which is active and somewhat challenging. But if you do not know how to assert your own needs, you may ultimately grow to resist his control and can become belligerent instead of cooperative. You do need a relationship based upon equality and harmony, but with Mars ruling this house, need to direct your own energy into making the relationship work to the benefit of both parties. Dealing with anger in a direct and forthright manner can make a big difference in the nature of your personal contentment with your marriage.

The lack of planetary energy in your 7th House does NOT indicate that you will be without a partner, or that marriage is not suitable. There are millions of married women with no planets in their 7th Houses! To better understand how you approach finding a partner and the type of partner you wish to be, study the meaning of the sign on the cusp of this house and the planet associated with that sign, noted above.

It is through the 11th House that you learn about unconditional relationships, and where you open to receiving love and support from others. Here you find your friends, your supportive professional allies, and your community. Through this facet of yourself you develop your special interests. And here you set your goals for the future. It's wonderful the way friends can support your aims, provide feedback when you need objectivity, and comfort you when you're facing challenges. Your approach to friendship is also seen through this part of your chart.

You have Leo influencing your 11th House, signifying that your friendships are based upon strong loyalty. You appreciate friends who will acknowledge your accomplishments and who support your self-expression. Sometimes, though, it's harder to give them the same attention, so try to avoid being too self-absorbed and give your friends a chance to show off, too! You may not intend to ignore their accomplishments, and would probably be the first to want to open doors for them, but intentions and actions are sometimes different. You may also have friends in positions of influence and prominence who share and compliment your own interests and actions. With the energy of your Sun stimulating this area, you will love being surrounded by those who share your interests, and can be quite influential and inspiring to others. Opening your heart to receive love feels wonderful for you, and you truly appreciate the admiration, care and affection that comes your way. Just try to remember to get your ego out of the way, and learn to distinguish between those true friends who really care for you and those who would stroke your ego for a few favors.

Through the energy of Pluto in your 11th House, you attract friends who are involved in creating transformational change. You may not easily open to the experience of friendship, and your few good friends will understand your needs for privacy and confidentiality. Your intensity can sometimes be intimidating, and you need a friend who will embrace and support your power instead of being jealous or offended in some way. Although you do not necessarily distrust your friends, you may find that experiences and changes put their trustworthiness to the test from time to time. You may have a deep appreciation for your women friends, and may attract powerful women into your life. Cooperative efforts with friends can be a highly effective method to bring about significant changes in the world around you, and your energy may be the catalyst to get these things moving. Just be sure that your motives are pure, or directed toward ends which will stimulate growth and opportunity.




Power Issues:  Sex, Money and Control

Personal power is an individual expression, and has different meanings for each person. As a woman in the world today, your opportunity to experience and express your personal power is largely dependent upon the manner in which you develop it. Particularly in the Western World, as times have changed and the power base has gradually evolved beyond the patriarchal control of the last centuries, women are seeking to define their place in the world: collectively and individually. Gaining influence in the world through career and financial development, you begin to understand the different levels of power. Within the family, your roles are also evolving. You are also more free to express your sexual needs and desires, and demand that you are respected as a person and not sexually abused. But everything stems from your ability to identify, embrace and assimilate the true nature of your power as an individual woman.

On a personal level, you can begin to identify much about your own power by looking deeply into the meaning of your 1st House: Your Personality Self. Early in your report you read about what you project about yourself as identified by your Ascendant. Your first House further defines that projection of the Self, and is an area where you carve out much about the way you show yourself to the world on your own terms.

Through your Libra Ascendant your personality takes on that unmistakable air of refined grace and good taste. Your power radiates as a true beauty which can be both attractive and  can inspire a real sense of peace and harmony. In the world, you can be a voice for justice and fairness. This begins with a deep sense of self-worth, which is critical to your ability to allow your beauty and intelligence to shine forth. But you may question your value, or wonder if you're beautiful or smart enough, and have this uncanny ability to always be comparing yourself to other women. These comparisons, especially when occurring unconsciously, undermine your personal power. If you're always worried about what everyone else will think, you may lose track of what you think and feel. You can also undermine your power when you spend your time trying to keep everybody happy, or when you adopt behaviors which are placating. Peace at any price is too costly, especially if it means that you give and give and never allow yourself to receive. By remaining honestly conscious of your real needs while still acknowledging the needs of others, you will establish that sense of balance in your relationships which is truly empowering to everyone.

Since you do not have planets in your 1st House your personality expression may not be overpowered by the drive of a particular energy. The qualities associated with the sign on this house cusp, explained above, since through as the primary manner in which you want to be seen by the world.

Another power space on your chart is your Midheaven. This point, which is usually at the top of your chart and marks the cusp of the 10th House, is like the crown and torch of the Statue of Liberty. Here too, are the indicators of the types of people you most admire, and the clues to what you need to develop within yourself to attain unshakable self-respect.

Through your Cancer Midheaven you experience the need for the power which arises when you feel connected to a world which is safe and secure. You have a deep understanding of the power of human potential, and may feel drawn to use your own influence to help foster the needs of children and to stabilize the role of families. Your admiration for those in public service may be quite strong. Whether you like it or not, you've also been immensely influenced by your mother and the women in your family. You may ultimately take on a role which is akin to family matriarch within your family, from which you can wield immense power. But you may also perform quite well in roles which allow you to initiate new opportunities for women in the world.

Finding the right path in life can be a bit frustrating with your Moon in quincunx to your Midheaven. The answer may be as simple as listening to your changing needs instead of trying to keep everything constant all of the time. Flexibility in your schedule may be important to your happiness in your work, but you also need to develop flexibility in your consciousness which will allow you to re-focus your aims from time to time. What was important in the last decade may no longer be meaningful.

The quincunx between your Sun and Midheaven illustrates a frustration between your ambitions and your perceived abilities. You may not like the idea of being in the spotlight, or you may be uncomfortable seeking the recognition you need in order to progress in the world. But your talents can speak for you if you let them. This means you may have to cultivate your special talents if you wish to experience true self-fulfillment.

Mercury's opposition to your Midheaven can underscore a sense of mistrust of your own intellectual abilities, or you may be caught in life experiences which have made it difficult to complete your education or accomplish the learning you need. Maintaining your focus on your long range goals is important, and choosing opportunities which allow you to continue to develop your mind or enhance your skills will stimulate greater success and strengthen your sense of personal power.

You don't mind working hard to accomplish your goals. The energy of Mars in trine aspect to your Midheaven confers a strong measure of courage and confidence where career matters are concerned, and blazing trails may be second nature for you. You can handle competition and may even perform better when you rise to meet challenges.

Saturn's energy in square aspect to your Midheaven provides a powerful challenge in regard to achieving your ambitions. You may actually perform best when you're under pressure, and you rarely choose goals which are easy to achieve. But if you are well prepared and have the confidence in yourself required to rise to the occasion, then you can accomplish a great deal. The problem you may run into is in your motivations. It is crucial that you explore the underlying reasons for your goals, since if you are trying to satisfy someone else and gain little satisfaction for yourself, you will feel that you have failed - even if you reach the summit of achievement. The obstacles in your path are usually quite apparent, but sometimes it's not so easy to figure out what to do about them.

The energy of Neptune in supportive trine aspect to your Midheaven suggests that many of the accomplishments you're making for yourself can pave the way for others. Work that has a spiritual basis or that allows you to reach into the psyche and soul of others, can be personally empowering. You can be quite capable of surrendering your will to the will of a Higher Power in order to achieve your aims. This aspect also underlines the importance of your role in making your dreams happen in harmony with your Highest Needs. However, you can also be unmotivated and may even be lazy, living in a dream instead of making it real. The difference is applied effort.

You are likely to rise to positions of prominence with Pluto in sextile aspect to your Midheaven. This is particularly true if you dedicate your life to bringing about positive transformation. Whether you accomplish this through the healing arts, performing arts,  through raising a family or doing something else which accomplishes renovation - you need to know the satisfaction which comes from utilizing your personal power.

Someone once said that money makes the world go around, and from all evidence, it certainly seems to be a powerful force. Money, in fact, symbolizes power. With money, you can have what you want. With more money, you can have more of what you want. Without money, you may want what you cannot have. Your relationship with money is an extremely intimate and seductive force. The way you use your resources - money, time, energy - says a lot about how you perceive your own power and personal worth. This facet of yourself is expressed through the 2nd House of your chart. Here, you express your value systems. The important special link between finances and self-esteem cannot be understated, and is especially important for you as a woman. In order to extract the real value of your talents and services from others in the world (such as what you are paid from your job), you must first value yourself.

Scorpio's qualities radiate through your 2nd House, intensifying your need to make the best use of your personal resources. You may have a lot invested in establishing financial strength, and can be very possessive when it comes to your finances. For this reason, you may not like the idea of anyone else controlling your money, although you might appreciate advice or support which will increase the value of your resources. Sometimes, it's not easy for you to share, especially when you're feeling vulnerable, and you can even be a little stingy with your time if you don't like the person who is asking for it! That's perfectly okay as long as you're clear about your motivations. You may even withhold favors when you've been emotionally wounded; you are protecting your vulnerability can keep yourself from having something you want. If someone has insulted your personal worth, you may completely shut them out, feeling that you don't want to waste your time with anyone who cannot see your value. Just be sure you're clear about this before you torch that bridge!  Learning to get the most for your time, money and investments will probably extend to your desire to learn a bit about economics. With Pluto's energy influencing this house, you may also be quite focused on avoiding waste. For this reason, recycling makes a lot of sense to you, and you can stretch your resources much further when you apply this to everything you own - including your time and energy!

The energy of your Moon in the 2nd House stimulates vacillating financial conditions, and material security does have a strong effect upon your emotional stability. You need to accept the cyclical nature of your finances, because there will be times when your financial outlook changes very rapidly and other times when the changes are more gradual. You may experience financial rewards in fields which relate to the domestic front, the food industry or women's needs. Since your attitudes toward money may also be changeable, it's a good idea to operate from a budget for your usual expenses and to make sure that these expenditures are always covered. You can also be rather adept in financial matters, and have a good sense of the connection between your money and your self worth. That still may not stop you from overspending when you're feeling low, so be aware of the link between your emotional neediness and the manner in which you spend your money!

Mars energy in your 2nd House can be a driving force when it comes to your finances. You'll discover that you don't mind working when it pays off. But you may also spend your resources very quickly and need to learn to curb impulsive spending if you are to enjoy real financial success. Credit cards can be a bad idea unless you know how to use them. Otherwise, you can have your resources so scattered and spread so thin that you simply can't keep up. You may find that the recreation or fitness industry offer excellent opportunities for you to make money, but you will enjoy almost any area that allows you to be somewhat active. If you can learn to use your resources wisely, your self worth will remain intact. Otherwise, you can actually wound yourself by wasting your time, energy and material resources.

Since Neptune's energy operates best on the spiritual plane, it does not always have the best effect when residing in a material house like the 2nd House. Your financial judgment may not be very good, since you may not pay much attention to the details involved. Keeping track of your finances is simply not a high priority, but it is a necessary one. If you're in the dark concerning your finances, your self esteem ultimately suffers, because you're only fooling yourself by running away from your need to stay connected to where your resources are being used. But you can become more financially stabilized when you learn to trust the right people to help you manage your money, time and resources. You'll make connections to those individuals more easily when you make the effort to see others realistically. You may experience your greatest rewards when you're doing things for others and when you're allowing your compassion to flow freely and completely through your creativity. Music, the arts, and nonprofit agencies are good options for career.

Resources which you share with others are reflected in the 8th House of your chart. Whether you're considering joint property and finances, inheritance, insurance settlements or tax obligations, this area is not as free and easy as the 2nd House, which seems more like what you want for yourself alone. Another layer of this part of your life deals with your sexuality, and the manner in which you open intimately to others. This is a very personal space, and it is probably one of the most guarded aspects of any woman's psyche. It is here that much wounding has taken place over many centuries, and it is here that the mask of propriety has to be removed in order to openly accept and integrate that fact that you are a person who needs wholeness and healing, and who yearns to bond at the most alchemical level with life itself.

Here you also find your compulsions. It's no wonder that you don't display this part of yourself to just anybody. You have to feel safe to open this facet of yourself, and you realize that this vulnerability can be used against you in power plays. But what you may not always remember is that this is also where you have the power! In true tantric traditions, it is through the vessel of a woman's sexual energy that a couple can ride the wave of sexual ecstasy. This also extends to the other power aspects of any relationship. If your transformational and magical qualities are blocked, the whole of the relationship will suffer.

Your approach to the bond of power created in your sexual relationships can be quite intense with Taurus influencing your 8th House. You need to feel deep love for a man before you are comfortable with the vulnerability which accompanies sexual sharing. When you do express this aspect of yourself, your sensuality guides you into the realm of desire and fulfillment, and you'll be much more satisfied with a relationship which delights all your senses. You can become very attached to your partner, and your possessiveness can lead to jealousy if you feel threatened. For that reason, it is important that you understand the real feelings you have for one another, and it's equally important to realize that the changes you experience over time may alter those feelings in some way. You may not like that fact, since you don't like the idea of letting go of your attachments. Unless you can allow room for the creative qualities of love to change you, you'll never experience the real alchemy of bonding with your partner. Although you may take an apparently passive approach in dealing with joint finances, you probably have your eye on what's going on. If you discover problems, deception or difficulties here, you will lose trust for your partner. Money issues within your relationship can be handled amicably as long as there is trust and you feel that you have a say in what's going on. If a relationship ends, you'll discover that your attachment to the things you've accumulated can become a major issue. If you attempt to maintain harmony with your ex by giving him everything, you'll only resent yourself. But if you don't know where to draw the line, you'll hurt yourself. Maybe you should consider a prenuptial agreement before you marry, even if you don't have many resources. It might solve a number of potential problems later on.

Since you have no planets in the 8th House you may not be obsessed with too many problems or hassles with the issues of this area in your life. But you may not get off free on this one, either. Study the sign on the cusp of this house and read everything noted about the planet associated with that sign, because this is the energy tied up with your emotional attachments!

Mars energy is about getting what you want by going after it. Mars is drive. Mars is courage. Mars is desire. Mars is unabashed sexuality. Mars is the fuel for personal power. Men do Mars quite effectively, right down to fighting and war. But you also have a warrior spirit, an Amazon Self. This is your Mars. If you fail to own and utilize your own Martian force, you lose power.

With Mars in Scorpio, you can be relentless about pursuing what you want. You are also quite sexual, and need high levels of intensity to feel fully satisfied sexually. That means you can't just approach a sexual encounter passively, waiting for sex to be over, and then sigh a little sigh. You are driven to participate fully and completely, to reach the plateaus you are capable of achieving. The real alchemy which arises when you've allowed your sexual energy to be released full force is like a magical elixir for you. Exploring your sexual needs and understanding their importance in your life is primary to experiencing the wholeness you need as a woman. When you are not sexually active, you can consciously direct this same force into your creative efforts. You may be quite adept at developing the connection to your own kundalini force, which you can use in any capacity in your life. You also possess an everlasting charisma which can add to your personal power. Although you may not be especially temperamental in an open way, when you do become angry, you can be quite destructive and forceful. Your tendency to repress feelings of anger can be harmful. It might be a good idea to do some anger therapy if you feel that your Mars energy is blocked or repressed. Your power also grows when you surrender your energy to true healing. Whether your work involves healing directly is not important. You can heal with a look, your words, your touch and your thoughts. Harnessing this energy by directing it through your higher self will entirely transform your life.

You do not always respond well to restraint and limitation with Mars in quincunx aspect to Saturn. If you can see the reason for particular restrictions, you are capable of making the necessary adjustments and moving on. Through this approach, your power base remains strong. But if you keep bumping into the same old walls and never figure out why, you will ultimately lose energy and become exhausted from your frustration. Be alert to your tendency to adopt passive-aggressive behaviors when you're feeling insecure.

Mars and Pluto in sextile to one another is like a special potion of strength and power - but you have to learn to tap into this power if it's going to do you any good! You have the capability to understand and experience levels of personal strength and control that can set you aside from the ordinary. You may also enjoy the pure ecstasy of your own sexuality and will appreciate a partner whose desires can be as unfettered as your own. Although there may be other blocks from frustrating energies elsewhere in your chart, this is the quality which can allow you to transform difficulties and overcome adversity.

You don't mind working hard to accomplish your goals. The energy of Mars in trine aspect to your Midheaven confers a strong measure of courage and confidence where career matters are concerned, and blazing trails may be second nature for you. You can handle competition and may even perform better when you rise to meet challenges.

Saturn plays the role of the big controller in your life. Sometimes that control seems to come from outside. You know - all the rules and regulations, the authority figures, the intimidating people who tell you what to do - this is the Saturn of the outside world. But you have the same traffic cop in the back of your own mind, telling you what is right and wrong, chiding you when you make a mistake, holding you back when you're about to do something stupid. Saturn control can be a good thing. This is your energy for self-discipline, clarity and focus. You need Saturn. But you need Saturn in its most productive sense. You do not need the guilt, intimidation and self-limitation that keep you from having what you require from life.

Your power is confirmed when you have joined your needs for freedom with personal responsibility for your actions. With Saturn in Aries, you may resist taking control of your own life, even though that's what you want most of all. Your resistance can stem from a fear of growing up. After all, life is much easier when somebody else takes the fall for you, and that may be why you're subconsciously looking for a man to take on a father-role. You may just be afraid of stepping out into the world on your own, even though there are no real reasons for your fear. But when you are not taking responsibility for yourself, you run headlong into situations which inhibit your freedom and squelch your power. Learning to be more conscious of your own life force and allowing that energy to spontaneously flow through you brings exceptional power. But self centered immaturity and a lack of trust quickly diminish the stability and power you need.

Life can be a positive learning experience for you with your Moon in trine aspect to Saturn. Your sense of emotional strength is empowering, and your ability to take responsibility for meeting your needs allows you to trust the world and her people. Relationships with other women, including your mother, may be a source of strength and support in your life. Building a network with other women based upon trust, friendship and mutual understanding can be empowering for all involved.

You handle power quite easily. The supportive sextile between your Sun and Saturn indicates the ability to carry your responsibilities with confidence. You'll feel most empowered when you have a specific direction, and operate best within a reasonable structure.

Saturn's energy in square aspect to your Midheaven provides a powerful challenge in regard to achieving your ambitions. You may actually perform best when you're under pressure, and you rarely choose goals which are easy to achieve. But if you are well prepared and have the confidence in yourself required to rise to the occasion, then you can accomplish a great deal. The problem you may run into is in your motivations. It is crucial that you explore the underlying reasons for your goals, since if you are trying to satisfy someone else and gain little satisfaction for yourself, you will feel that you have failed - even if you reach the summit of achievement. The obstacles in your path are usually quite apparent, but sometimes it's not so easy to figure out what to do about them.

Plutonian control is sometimes difficult to grasp, but it's definitely there. When you feel this control from outside yourself, it is undermining and extremely intimidating. The force of Pluto is buried deep within your psyche. It is unleashed and grows in a manner like the process of mitosis in a fertilized cell, which is altered, splits off, combines with other cells and ultimately becomes an organism. Through Pluto, you experience the power of life, birth, healing, and the ultimate change of death. If you are trapped in a mire of shame, guilt and self-destructiveness, you may have undergone a Plutonian transformation as a result of trauma earlier in your life. But it is this same force which plants the seeds of change that eventually can lead to the creation of a new self.

With Pluto in your 11th House, you may meet many of your power issues within the social sphere, particularly around special interest groups or when dealing with political processes. You're not the women who enjoys sitting on the sidelines if you're part of a group, especially if something could be done more effectively. If you have not developed a strong sense of your own ideals and beliefs you can fall under the influence of others who would usurp your power in order to boost their own. But once you've awakened to your own ideals, drives and directives, you can be a highly influential leader and instigator of social change. The extent of your efforts depends upon you and the choices you make for yourself.




Embracing Your Divine Self

In western society today it's okay to admit that women are Goddesses. This, in itself, implies that the power of The Source may not be solely masculine. In essence, this power contains All That Is, but as a woman, you express it through your Goddess Self. This part of yourself is always there when you feel abandoned or alone to give you comfort. Your Goddess Self is standing firmly beside you when you face a major challenge, sharing her strength and support. Your Goddess Self opens the doors to Truth and Understanding. She is the essence of all that is Love. Look in the mirror. Stare deeply into your own eyes and you will see her reflected back at you.

When you need to get in touch with your inner being, an exercise in guided imagery can help you make the transition from your everyday thinking to heightened awareness. Take a few minutes to make this journey. Before you begin, find time to be alone. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position in a place that feels safe to you. Take three deep breaths. With each breath, release the tension from your body as you exhale. As you inhale, fill yourself with energy, light and inner calm. Then, close your eyes, and take one more relaxing breath.

Imagine that you are walking through a beautiful park. You hear around you the sounds of the city, the hustle and bustle. You see a bench in a secluded part of the park, which sits beneath a ray of sunlight. As you feel the warm breeze tickling your face, you close your eyes and focus your attention on the song of a nearby bird. Other birds join in the song, and you feel yourself smiling. When you open your eyes, you see a magnificent parrot sitting next to you on the park bench. The parrot invites you to join him, perches on your shoulder and whispers in your ear about a secret path. As you follow the path, the park begins to change, and the colors around you come alive. You feel that you have been transported into another dimension where everything is clear and perfectly in harmony. All the creatures communicate with one another in their special manner, and you are aware of the many things they are saying. As you continue onward, you feel that you're walking on air with the new knowledge you've obtained. At the end of the path are two portals. You choose one of them, and when you enter you meet a wise teacher who beckons you. As you walk with your teacher and guide, you feel that you are in the presence of powerful knowledge. Your guide gives you a scroll which seems centuries old. As you open the scroll, you read words which speak to your heart. You have found true wisdom in this moment. Your experience in this sacred space reminds you that there is always a source of knowledge from which you can draw strength.