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by Grant Lewi





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      Name:        Gwyneth Paltrow
      Date:          Sep 28, 1972
      Time:          12:00:00 PM PDT  +07:00
      Place:         Los Angeles, CA    
                        118W14'34"  34N03'08"

Here are the elements of your birth chart or horoscope calculated for the moment you were born. The horoscope provides a permanent record of what surrounded life at its beginning. It is the blueprint from which the following interpretations are read.







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Grant Lewi (1902 - 1951) is a legendary figure among twentieth century astrologers. He was a writer and editor for the two largest astrological magazines of the time. His two books, Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions, were the first astrological books to become best sellers and even today, over fifty years later, they remain among the best introductions to the subject of astrology.

The astrological interpretations found in Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions were unique, fresh, and simple. Llewellyn George, the prominent astrologer of the time, remarked that Lewi's interpretations must be intuitive because they were unlike any that had been written before him. Today these interpretations remain energetic and forceful and, though some references are now dated, Lewi's text still  provides some of the clearest insights found anywhere in the literature of astrology.

Lewi was determined to make astrology more accessible to the average person, but while popularizing the subject he never watered it down or reduced it to the level found in "sun sign" astrology. Writing before computers were available, he made his books function as the computer, providing the reader with tables to generate their own charts or horoscopes and then linking his interpretations to the information found there. Lewi would have made good use of the computer, so much in his books seem to anticipate them. In his writing he tried to emulate the interpretation process by using a computerless version of artificial intelligence: the meaning of a planet in a sign doesn't stand alone but is modified by the other aspects found in your chart. Many of his comments depend on a combination of factors and for this reason you will sometimes find that he has something different to say about an aspect in your chart than he does for the same aspect in your friend's chart.

This report calculates your chart for you and then collects all of Lewi's comments strictly according to the astrological factors found there. The text contained here is valid even for those who don't know their time of birth - Lewi focused on those factors that are in effect throughout the birthday. The only exception to this is the case of the Moon which can move between 12 and 14 degrees in a day, so if the positions were calculated for noon then the Moon could be as much as 6 or 7 degrees different and possibly even change signs. If you don't know your time and the texts that involve the Moon seem unlikely, you may wish to compare reports done for the beginning and the end of the day.

At all times, Lewi’s aim has been to show how astrology can be used as an aid in living a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Astrology offers indications and pointers - and sometimes insights - to situations that you find in life. It doesn’t tell you what to do about them, but if it offers you a better understanding of the situation, then you are in a better position to decide for yourself what to do. To quote Grant Lewi:

"It is not limitations that eats out the heart, but inaction, the knowledge of powers not used, the sense of having failed to develop to the utmost. The overcoming of fate is not the overcoming of limitations: that is impossible. It is the exercise of free will, the assertion of the full self, expanding to its utmost with the tools at hand, in the circumstances that are set. Astrology, through the interpretation of the horoscope, assists men to the achievement of their maximum by indicating to them the lines along which their will may be most progressively applied, the goals to be sought, and the individual means by which each one may arrive at the outermost boundaries of his world."


Horoscope of Birth


Your horoscope of birth is the blueprint of your personality and character as indicated by the position of the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets on the date of your birth. This section is devoted to each of these members of the solar system.

The planets are the antennae and arms of the horoscope, of which the body and soul are the Sun and Moon. No planet will ever cause you to act counter to the testimony of the Sun and Moon in their combined influence on you. Remember this when you proceed with the following readings. All planetary vibration must be considered in light of the basic solar-lunar readings, for these are your character, your basic nature, which the planets will help or hinder but cannot materially change.

According to the sign position of your Sun, one planet will be more important than the others and should probably be read first. Your Sun is in Libra and your dominant planet is Venus. Not only the action of this ruling planet will be very important in your life, but also the attribute over which it rules. Thus Gemini, ruled by Mercury, lives a great deal in the senses; Libra, ruled by Venus, responds most readily to emotional stimuli; and so on. Study your ruler carefully.

Remember in all planetary readings that they work within the pattern of your solar-lunar nature; never against it. The synthesis of your horoscope from the following series of paragraphs to a working unit depends on your keeping this in mind, which will enable you to weld all the readings into a unified and significant whole.

Sun in Libra and Moon in Gemini

You have a magnetic personality, voluble, expressive, talkative, with an ability to hold audiences. You live up to the limit of your capabilities, all your talents finding expression, and you give the impression of doing things so easily that people imagine they see great deep wells under the surface of your facility. You have a way of saying things that seems to give them significance beyond the actual ideas you convey. The illusion of universality hangs around you, and you have a kind of faith in yourself that people seem willing to accept at its face value. You are highly romantic and sentimental, and thus your appeal is very broad to the emotions, rather than to the intellect, although a certain intellectuality of manner and appearance gives the impression that you are being very profound. You always demand an audience and have an acute sense of what the public wants together with a desire, and an ability, to give it to them. In personal relationships you appear considerate and thoughtful through anticipating what your partner wants. You are mobile, versatile, and restless, and either your travels, your studies, or your influence will cover a wide range. You are rather more likely to be varied, romantic, and appealing than profound; for you don't tend to delve deeply into things. You are quick mentally, and by running from one thing to another, appear to know a good deal. In rare cases this may lead to an exceptionally clever student, but in most cases you'll get by without too much effort. You are avid for recognition but can well be content with it on a small scale, for the inner drive of ambition is not strong. Circumstances usually conspire to reward your charming personality with a good share of adulation and the world's goods. You love the nice things of life and pretty generally manage to get some of them.

Mercury conjunct Uranus increases your mental stability. You have a flashy mind but are liable to be inaccurate.

You are liable to feel sorry for yourself and dramatize yourself considerably, putting on acts of Weltschmerz, discouragement, woe, and gloom when even you won't know how much is real and how much is made up. This position inclines to the possibility of two marriages, and, anyway, a good deal of romance.


The Sun indicates the appearance you will present before the world and the psychological bias which will dominate your actions. What you seem, and why, are told in the reading for your Sun. In many ways the Sun is the dominant force in your horoscope and in your life. Other influences, especially that of the Moon, may modify the Sun's influence, but nothing will cause you to depart very far from the basic solar pattern. For this reason a whole literature and a whole business have grown up around Sun-sign astrology; and many people exist who think there is nothing more to the horoscope than knowing what "sign you were born in" and what the Sun in that sign means. This is a mistake, as you will discover when you have read the influence of the other bodies. But throughout your reading, keep in mind always the basic influence of the Sun, and remember that all other influences must be interpreted in terms of it, especially in so far as other influences play a visible role in your life. You may think, dream, imagine, hope to be a thousand things, according to your Moon and your other planets, but the Sun is what you are, and to be your best self in terms of your Sun is to cause your energies to work along the path in which they will have maximum help from planetary vibrations.

Sun in Libra

"He prayeth best who loveth best all things both great and small."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
 born in Libra, October 21, 1772.


Libra's aim is to identify himself with as much of the rest of the world as suits the demands of his very eclectic and elegant taste. Despite a gentle and firm sort of independence, he does not put much stock in "being himself," for he values other people a great deal and, if no principle is involved, will please others before thinking of what he wants. In a deep sense, what he wants is what makes others happy. In some this makes weakness. The girl who "made love only to her friends and didn't have an enemy in the world" was very likely a Libran. But so also is the girl whose charm is so great and whose interest so eager that she holds a man's attention without yielding to his carnal passions. And many who have tried to force the apparently yielding Libran along a path counter to his principles have felt the iron hand in the velvet glove.

Libra's willingness to lose his identity in others - in society, in marriage - makes Librans ideal companions, or mates, for those who understand the curious need they have for independence that accompanies their selflessness. They merge with others, but they retain their identity, and will withdraw completely if their identity is attacked or endangered. They are democratic in spirit, but since they identify themselves with elegance, will not allow themselves to be forced into contact with things or people that offend their very strong sense of good taste. Thus they are often thought aristocrats or snobs, when in reality they have the deepest kind of inspect, sympathy and understanding for all sorts and conditions of men.

They also have a great deal of respect, sympathy and understanding for themselves, and see no reason why they should ever give this up. They are the living embodiment of the cooperative spirit; they will work with you till they drop, but rarely for you. By the same token, if they are executives (and they often are) they treat their subordinates as partners, not as servants. Much is expected of the man who works for a Libra boss, who in return pays him well and treats him as an equal. The aide who does housework for a Libra mistress must keep the place spotless, but is treated with respect, as a fellow mortal whose human dignity must never be violated or imposed on. Libra finds deepest satisfaction in harmonious union with those around him, and with the whole world, which is not too much to be taken in by his warm and tolerant spirit.

Following are the aspects to your Sun. In a general way, the trines and sextiles to your Sun make ease, contentment, happiness, luck; while squares and oppositions give you energy, drive, success, ambition. Conjunctions bring both energy and luck, and are translatable in terms of whether the Sun receives squares or trines, along with the conjunction. Similarly, squares and trines to the Sun together bring success through work and perseverance, and luck develops in proportion to the work done and the effort extended.

Sun Conjunct Mercury     Orb: 07°00'

You have a sound mentality. along whatever lines you work you are fundamentally sane. Even with the erratic aspect, Moon square Mars and Mars square Saturn, which makes for nervousness, you have a hitching post of normalcy. Men and women with this aspect have an assurance against serious or permanent mental difficulties which will carry them through a whole lot of stress and bring them out the right side. You have fixed opinions though you are not stubborn. You are tactful and considerate of the opinions of others. You are studious and sound in your intellectual work, but this position does not in itself make for creative ability. This will make for perseverance - the ability to add the ninety-nine percent of perspiration to genius's one percent of inspiration.

Sun Conjunct Mars     Orb: 07°09'

Little boys and girls with this aspect are generally known as "fresh kids" and more likely than not they never get over it. You are marked by a certain audacity - you speak out your mind at the drop of a hat - and not very tactfully either. You don't know the meaning of the word fear, either in a physical or a mental sense. You will attack a roaring lion bare-handed, or endeavor to debate a legal point with a Supreme Court justice - all with the same aggressive assurance in your own ability. This is admirable, but it isn't always good sense. You come in for a good many trimmings both verbal and otherwise, through an unwise selection of opponents, and throughout life you have to be careful of trying to push over stone walls with your head. You're the kid who wouldn't holler Uncle no matter how your arm was being twisted.With Moon square Mars and Sun square Jupiter these traits are emphasized dangerously so that quarrels and enmities beset you. Quarrels are destructive; boldness elates you and then casts you down materially as well as spiritually and mentally. In any case, you will have to curb aggressiveness which can range from mere cockiness to downright ego mania. You have abundant energies both mental and physical. It is too bad if your abilities are lost through antagonism, or your powers dissipated in temper. Self-control should be your constant aim in both personal and business matters and you should remember when you are tempted to do or say something bold that "fools rush in where angels fear to tread." Your vigorous personality and quick mind will carry you far when you have learned to overcome the quirks of your own nature. In a woman's horoscope this generally brings trouble through men. If you marry a girl with this aspect prepare to let her rule the roost.

Sun Square Jupiter     Orb: 05°26'

You are full of vitality, good spirits, and fun. You are likely to waste - your energies and your money in having a good time, for this is a happy-go-lucky position and adds a lift and verve even to a pretty sober nature. It generally accompanies comfortable worldly status and keeps bringing in the shekels, even if you manage to get rid of them pretty quickly. You have a great deal of pride. Social prestige is important to you and you feed your vanity on it. You are still genial and humane and will gladly help people in distress, for a goodly amount of charity accompanies this aspect. You love food and drink and tend to overindulge. You are lavish with your expenditures not only of money, but of affection, passion, friendship; an all-pervasive expansiveness runs through your life. This is a sort of Falstaffian position. You're markedly convivial, the best of companions, but through flaunting the precepts of moderation, you can cause yourself a good deal of unhappiness, ruin your digestion, and get fat. Excesses are very dangerous and in addition to crippling your fortunes, will have an effect on your health through blood disorders, gout, diabetes, or one of the ailments that goes with excess.

Sun Sextile Neptune     Orb: 02°42'

Your emotional and intellectual sides are nicely blended and give you a good deal of quiet charm and magnetism. Your intuitions are strong, and your critical faculties are aided by innate good taste. You are likely to have the wish to create artistically, but this aspect alone will not bring the power, though if other aspects to the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury show creative powers, this will materially aid their expression and help to bring recognition. You have in any case a genuine appreciation for beauty, poetry, and music and will be found among the patrons of art galleries, operas, concerts, and the theater. This aspect also supports the health and aids the general material welfare.

Sun Conjunct Pluto     Orb: 03°41'

Your reactions to situations are extreme: What you love, you can make the center of your life and attention; what you hate, you either totally ignore or fiercely attack. You cling tenaciously to any person, idea or object which stirs an emotion within you - hatred as well as love. Although you want to experience as much of life as you can, you are apt to react defensively to the world around you; you build walls which keep others from knowing you and your feelings in any depth. Power, over yourself and/or others, could become your primary concern - whatever your sphere in life, you aren't likely to take a back seat to anyone. With this aspect, both the positive and the negative traits of the Sun sign are amplified and broadcast to the world. Because of this, you find it difficult to make changes and may resist them even when circumstances would force someone else to adjust.


While the Sun's position by sign determines what motives and urges dominate your life as it meets the naked eye, the sign position of the Moon tells the desire of your heart which may or may not be expressed or realized in your life. When you "know what you mean but you can't say it," it is your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can't say it. "Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears" are the thoughts of your Moon's nature. The wordless ecstasy, the mute sorrow, the secret dream, the esoteric picture of yourself that you can't get across to the world, or which the world doesn't comprehend or value - these are the products of the Moon in your horoscope. When you are misunderstood, it is your Moon nature, expressed imperfectly through the Sun sign, that you feel is betrayed. When you know what you ought to do, but can't find the right way to do it, it is your Moon that knows and your Sun that refuses to react in harmony. Also, when you "don't know why I said that," it was your Moon expressing despite your Sun (if you are innerly satisfied with the involuntary speech), or the Sun expressing against the will of the Moon (if you are displeased with what has slipped out). Things you know without thought - intuitions, hunches, instincts - are the products of the Moon. Modes of expression that you feel are truly your deepest self belong to the Moon: art, letters, creative work of any kind; sometimes love; sometimes business. Whatever you feel is most deeply yourself, whether or not you are able to do anything about it in the outer world, is the product of your Moon and of the sign your Moon occupies at birth.

Moon in Gemini

Nothing ever loses any fat in the telling when you tell it, and the tales of your own prowess and ability that you tell yourself are tall indeed. The picture of yourself that pleases you best is that you are a great intellect to which the world listens gratefully. To be as intellectual as you would like to be is a big order and may take more application than you are willing to put in on it. Cleverness pleases you better than profundity. You would rather be funny than fair, exciting than stable, provocative than learned. Said George Bernard Shaw, with Moon in Gemini, "My method is to take the utmost trouble to find the right thing to say, and then to say it with the utmost levity." The great wit told the truth in the latter half of this statement, but it is much to be doubted if anyone with the Moon in Gemini ever took "the utmost trouble" over anything. You don't have to. What you want doesn't take trouble: if it did, you wouldn't want it, and you would find excellent, clever, sophisticated reasons why it would be silly to want it. You are a master of chop-logic, of making the worse appear the better cause, and of making yourself appear the best cause in the world. Being articulate, loving to have your words applauded, you go to the limit of your capacity and will not stop going till you have extracted the maximum from life according to your tastes and your abilities. By spreading yourself thin, you cover a prodigious amount of ground, collect hosts of "friends" (whom another might think of as mere acquaintances), please yourself mightily and appear more dashing, popular and successful than many an honest soul who, with deep integrity, has dug consistently in one spot to strike more valuable, if less flashy, ore.

Following are the aspects to your Moon. Look to the trines and sextiles to give you charm and clear-thinking; and to the squares and oppositions to provide you with concentration and driving force.You overcome psychological handicaps for an intellectual triumph over yourself; you are the mind-that-found-itself type of person, though not necessarily in extreme form.

Moon Trine Mercury     Orb: 09°51'

This is a good aspect for sound common sense, strengthening the sanity of the mind and giving you the power to absorb knowledge readily and quickly. You are inquisitive, eager, intelligent, an apt student, and a good conversationalist, witty and apt in expression, logical and reasonable. You have some adaptability for business, especially salesmanship. You can succeed in one of the "vocal" occupations, such as speaking or radio announcing. You have manual aptitude and can do things with your hands, although you'd rather use your mind. Through cleverness you can generally succeed in life without too much hard work for you're a good talker and can sell yourself as well as your product, which eases the road for you.

Moon Sextile Venus     Orb: 00°02'

You are gracious and no doubt easy to look at. If you are a woman you are probably a social leader; if a man, a favorite with the social leaders. You probably were born to a good social status - or if not, you are a lucky child who rises far above your original social level. It is one of the positions for material luck and always keeps you from the worst degrees of want. You can make a little go a long way if you have to, but if you don't have to, your patrician taste can prove expensive in matters of dress, house furnishings, and personal adornments. You wouldn't live in a shabby place, and even when times are hard, would have a home of grace, charm, and (somehow) of luxury. It is one of the indexes of a happy marriage, and even if other indications are unfavorable, this will in some degree give happiness in the married state. In a male horoscope, gives a beautiful and talented wife; in a female horoscope, gives thes qualities to the native herself.

Moon Square Mars     Orb: 06°00'

You started out in life like a house afire - all energy and intelligence and even brilliance, for this is the aspect of the child who is thought to be a genius in his early and formative years. Your mind was quick, apt, facile, expressive, and able to absorb and give back knowledge readily, so that you were the delight of your parents and teachers, giving promise of great achievement in later life. In many ways you were extraordinarily precocious throughout youth; and at any time in life you possess an exceptional mentality and great possibilities. Your mind is analytic and scientific rather than artistic and creative; and although the creative urge is powerful, the creative force is not usually present with this configuration. Anything that requires knowledge, factual application, technical ease, or critical insight, is your forte, and in these fields you can go far. As a scientist, mathematician, critic, or technician, your mind is invaluable, and the independence and originality of your thought processes enable you to forge to the front. There is with this aspect some danger that after the first glow and flush of youth is past, the great urge to better and improve yourself will in some subtle and inexplicable way be dissipated and lost. A sort of mental inertia may settle over you in which accomplishment becomes difficult. It requires a tremendous amount of will power to bring the promise of this aspect to fruition. There is a tendency to relax internally, with an intimate knowledge of your own worth as your pillow, and forget that no worth is worth anything if it is not made apparent in the world as it is. You can overcome this inertia. This is a position also of great nervous tension, of the sort which is classically supposed to accompany genius. You may be tempted to seek escape from this tension in a variety of artificial anodynes - either in simple daydreaming and imagining what you might be or what you have been or what you are going to be; or in the more concrete escapes, which are also the more dangerous escapes. Liquor or alcohol in any form is poison to you, either to your digestive tract, or to your psychic, mental, and nervous state. Similarly, you should avoid the use of any drug or soporific stronger, let us say, than aspirin, and seek to find the solution to your tensions in more constructive mediums. You should practice relaxation deliberately. Get plenty of sleep, and in every way try to cut down the stress of your existence, both internal and external. You have tremendous possibilities - perhaps even genius - and you owe it to yourself and the world to make the most of them. You have an extraordinary mind, capable of any heights of achievement. You are a genius.

Moon Opposite Jupiter     Orb: 07°42'

You are optimistic with respect to financial matters. You have a feeling that the purse will always be full, and the extravagance resulting therefrom may become dangerous to your security. This is especailly so. If other aspects show material success and well-being, you have a cavalier attitude toward expenses and love to spend. This is a Falstaffian position - there's a hankering for rich and fancy food, a tendency to eat too much of it, and an accompanying danger of fleshiness, diabetes, gout, blood disorders. This is one of the aspects of indulgence. You are sunny and open-hearted, tolerant of other people and of yourself as well; a kind of happy-go-lucky individual, taking people as you find them, and consequently popular. This expansiveness may be curbed somewhat, but you are genial at heart. You usually have some share of the world's goods, though this doesn't in itself make for security - money comes in and goes out without causing you much worry or trouble, but, it does not get saved very consistently. You are able to manage your finances more successfully.

Moon Conjunct Saturn     Orb: 02°01'

You are sober, serious-minded, a bit somber and inclined to dejection of spirits, moody and temperamental. You have a deep, somewhat ponderous mind, careful and painstaking rather than brilliant. You are a good thorough student and prone to philosophize about knowledge. You take very little for granted, being both curious and suspicious; and you are continuously asking the Why? Whence? Whither? and How? questions that are the litany both of the scientific investigator and of the metaphysical speculator. You are a digger, a prober both into abstract facts and knowledge - and into people, delighting in getting at the personal history of your friends and relatives and sometimes giving them quite a problem if they have things they don't want to tell you. Emotionally, you are sensitive, jealous, quick to take offense, and adept at demanding an explanation as balm to aggrieved feelings. For all this, however, you are not especially considerate of the feelings of others; and either with or without meaning to, you can injure people with bluntness. You tend somewhat to introversion, and you nurse your private theories, ailments, troubles, woes, and ideas with a disregard for the outer world that can be very annoying. This is one of the positions of egocentricity. You are the hub of your universe, and it seems only right and proper to you that everything should revolve around you - an opinion which may not be shared by everyone. In some way or other you contrive to hold the center of the stage, if not actively by leading the conversation, then passively by sulking in a corner till someone asks you what's the matter.

This is one of the positions that gives the appearance of genius or ability of a high order; yet so personal and intimate is your viewpoint that you may never get outside yourself enough to express in an artistic or scientific way. You took on responsibilities early in life, and were precocious. But experience has in some way driven you into yourself, and in order to release the energies of your really excellent mind you have to learn to depersonalize your outlook. Take yourself less seriously, and the world around you more seriously. Give your own pet ideas less emphasis and the viewpoint of other people more.

In a man's horoscope, this gives a fine - an exceptional -  wife, more mature and worldly-wise in viewpoint if not in years. She is a great help and, through her very excellence, likely to exaggerate your latent inferiority feelings.

This aspect combined with your Mars square Saturn gives egocentricity and quarrelsomeness of a dangerous order, and risk of loss of position and fortune through the headstrong following of your own hunches. With your many trines and conjunctions this shows a sheltered life with private, and possibly meaningless, woes. In a woman's chart, this aspect inclines to poor health - and does she love it!

Moon Trine Uranus     Orb: 04°43'

There are dash and vitality here, preceding from an alert, quick mind, eager for knowledge, absorptive, and magnetic. You are able to see all sides of any question, from the other fellow's viewpoint as well as from your own; this makes you tolerant and intelligent, a good listener, a fair opponent in a detached intellectual encounter. You are capable of a good deal of mental objectivity; large ideas appeal to you, and you can think abstractly. Artistic and intellectual matters interest you, as well as social and political ideas and theories; but on these matters there is so much tolerance that you have difficulty making a firm stand for your opinions, and unless some other aspect shows decisiveness, this may be a debating-society position, under which things are talked out and mulled over and few decisions arrived at. Learn to see all sides, and then choose one and stick to it, and remember that too much tolerance and understanding of the other fellow's opinions amounts to having none of your own. You have advanced ideas, in theory, and may talk like a radical straight from Moscow; but you are little likely to put these into practice in your own life. This is one of the positions of the Parlor Pink, who talks a good revolution but doesn't get around to doing very much about it.

Moon Square Pluto     Orb: 09°27'

The important lessons in your life will be learned through your relationships. Men, the mother-figure will shape your reactions to all women. Women, you base your conception of your own femininity and nurturing abilities on the feedback you received from your mother. You tend to hold on to the past and act on your early conditioning until you realize how your subconscious reactions and motivations hold you back. You may feel you need freedom, thus avoiding close emotional relationships, when what you really need is to take a direct and personal responsibility for the direction of your life and the satisfaction of your emotional needs. Compromise is one of the key lessons of your life.


Mercury is the sense-impression antennae of your horoscope. His position by sign indicates your reactions to sights, sounds, odors, tastes and touch impressions, affording a key to the attitude you have toward the physical world around you. Mercury is the messenger through which your physical body and brain (the Sun) and your inner nature (the Moon) are kept in contact with the outer world, which will appear to you according to the index of Mercury's position by sign in the horoscope.

Mercury in Libra

Sense impressions reach you through a strict moral and aesthetic censor. You see, hear, taste, smell and feel with the proprieties of art and society in mind, and have few sensory reactions that do not have to submit to this type of judgment. A color is not just red to you; it is a warm red, or a cold red, or a beautiful or ugly red. Further, in addition to the artistic standard, you apply the standard of good taste, and what you see or hear will revolt you if it doesn't conform with your idea of what is "out of the top drawer." You are a kind of sensation snob, and the simple meaning of sense experience is likely to be lost on you if it in any way offends the standards of nicety you set up for yourself. Needless to say, you are very sensitive to odors and all kinds of physical surroundings. Your house must be spick-and-span (so that your sight will not be offended); noises if any must be subdued and quiet (not to affront your ears); the odors of cookery must not penetrate to the living room (for your nose's sake); what you eat must be seasoned just so (or your tongue and maybe your stomach by attraction will revolt); and last, but not least, your mate's face and hands must be smooth (even if she has to do the cooking and the laundry), so that your reaction will be pleasant when you touch her. All these niceties can make you fussy, but, if turned to their best use, make you gentle, considerate of others, and gifted in one or more of the arts where your great sensitivity is translated to creations that reflect it in beauty.

Mercury Sextile Venus     Orb: 09°49'

Idealism is manifest, and also a leaning to the arts, either on the creative or the appreciative side. With your Sun conjunct Mars, Sun conjunct Mars, and Sun square Jupiter these tendencies may become creative activity. You may have friends among clever and intellectual people. You may marry someone from this group, for your affections are much bound up in your opinion of the loved one's mentality. You have a good deal of charm of manner, wit, and gayety to your speech, and probably have a very pleasant speaking (and perhaps also singing) voice. You don't shout even when you're angry, and you have a persuasive manner that wins people over. This is therefore good for salesmanship or the professions where personal contacts are of paramount importance.

Mercury Trine Saturn     Orb: 07°51'

This adds to the intuitive faculties which in turn add to the reasoning power. You have a nicely balanced mind, capable of great concentrative action, probably on the critical or executive side unless other creative forces are shown in the horoscope. You are likely to have a wide variety of interests for you are accurate and profound, a student and philosopher, interested in ideas as well as in the practical workaday routine, for which you have a great capacity. You have good insight and a good business head, not easily deceived. You're utterly honest and trustworthy, a stickler for duty and the sanctity of obligations. This aspect will do a good deal to balance an entire horoscope by giving you the power to control things through logical analysis.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus     Orb: 05°09'

A sharp, brilliant, critical mind, with strong mechanical leanings. You are likely to work your way to a position of respect and authority in criticism, the arts, mechanics, or electricity. Your manner of speech is quick and incisive - sometimes jerky; but the words come out with a clipped force and a curiously inexplicable charm. You don't pull your punches; your judgments bear the mark of a certain detachment that removes the personal sting. You are capable of a high order of objectivity in your mental processes and, in the middle of emotional turmoil, can think things through swiftly and with the utmost logic. You love conversation, reading, the drama. You are an individualist and strive to satisfy your individuality realistically. You are opinionated, but considerate of the opinions of others even when you don't agree with them. You are artistic. You have brilliance.

Mercury Sextile Neptune     Orb: 09°42'

This aids intuition and reasoning powers; and with other indications of creative and concentrative gifts lends an inspirational quality to the work. If no creative power is shown this aspect is unimportant, giving balance to the mind, glibness and facility to the speech, and lending charm to the voice. You have a kind of detached and abstract viewpoint on knowledge, loving it for its own sake. You are thus anxious to satisfy your intellectual curiosity even with odds and ends of information that you may never use. It helps the memory and makes you a good story teller, for you don't forget much, and something is always reminding you.


Venus is the emotional antenna of your horoscope. Through Venus, impressions come to you from the outer world because of which you feel and react emotionally. The position of Venus by sign at the time of your birth gives the key to your attitude toward these emotional experiences. As Mercury is the messenger linking sense impressions (sight, smell, etc.) to the basic nature of your Sun and Moon, so Venus is the messenger linking emotional impressions.

Venus in Leo

You dramatize emotional experience to the hilt. Your emotional responses are both honest and calculated. They aren't spontaneous, but they aren't hypocritical. They are geared to serve your total personality and to insure that they will make the right effect. You know how you look when you're kissing or being kissed; and you're clever enough to avoid the appearance of posing. You are something of an introvert; love is yours to give or withhold, according to your wishes. If your desires are strong, it is due to some other position in the horoscope, because Venus in Leo, considered as a unit, enables you to shut desire on or off at will. When on, it can be a wow; when off, cold as ice and unapproachable. No one with Venus in Leo ever was talked into anything. In emotions, you do all the talking, and the only plea you hear is your own. This position is wonderful if you're on the stage and tends to make a stage of your life even if the theater isn't your profession.

Venus Trine Jupiter     Orb: 07°45'

You have a gentle nature, sensitive and anxious not to hurt people or to be hurt by them. There is danger of your being imposed on, either personally or financially, through your emotions and sympathies. You have a placid and harmonious emotional life and a degree of financial security. You have a somewhat matter-of-fact attitude toward love and will no doubt make a "good" marriage; you wouldn't be likely to marry beneath your station. This is not an "all-for-love-and-the-world-well-lost" configuration, but one that achieves satisfaction in love without going far afield from the hereditary and socially set pattern. You love the nice things of life and one way or another will manage to have them around you. This aspect doesn't create much for good or evil in itself, but supports other tendencies. If there are not other aspects to Venus the indications here will be significant, but almost any other aspect will fundamentally absorb this one and submerge its influence.

Venus Sextile Saturn     Orb: 01°58'

This steadies the emotional nature and if there is no aspect between Venus and Mars, Venus and Neptune, Venus and Uranus, or Venus and the Sun, makes you cold, aloof, and rather self-sufficient. You have extraordinary business judgment and through conservative and sound tactics usually build yourself a fortune, if you don't have one left to you - for this is one of the positions of hereditary security and, with other indications, wealth. If Venus is not with Mars. Uranus, or Neptune, you are ultra-conventional. You are so self-controlled yourself that you don't understand why other people have to be otherwise. You are peace-loving and wish nothing better than to live in harmony with your fellow men, although you aren't especially tolerant of them. You haven't had the emotional variety to your life to make you understanding of human weakness. If Venus is with Mars, Neptune, or Uranus, this condition may be changed. There will be emotional variety, and this aspect will enable you to steady down your life and recuperate from the ups and downs. A philosophic calm will underlie your greatest turmoil and give you the foundation on which to rebuild either your emotional stability or your material fortunes. This is one of the best of the passive aids to good fortune, standing by to give you self-confidence and sound good sense.

Venus Sextile Uranus     Orb: 04°40'

You are magnetic and charming, attractive to the opposite sex, and mildly unconventional in regard to sex matters. You have a broad emotional viewpoint tending to the generally humane rather than to the strictly personal. Eccentric friends are helpful; you gather strange birds around you. You love to help the underdog. An active social nature brings you in contact with strong people and assists your advancement. This adds to the luck in life and suggests a marriage that is happy romantically and financially helpful at the same time. It is a mild aspect in itself and produces little but strengthens the good and mitigates the evil, as shown by the rest of the chart.


Mars is the energy principle in the horoscope. His position by sign indicates the channels into which energy will naturally flow, and the uses to which energy will most easily be directed. It is the planet through which the activities of the Sun and the desires of the Moon express in action - through which your body and your mind react to the sense impressions of Mercury and the emotional impressions of Venus.

Mars in Virgo

Your energies are directed to system, or, in the negative manifestation, to no-system. "When it's good it's very very good, and when it's bad, it's horrid." One way or another, your effort is related to the order of your life. You will be the most systematic, logical, orderly, precise person in the world. Or else you will live from hand to mouth, your rooms in disorder, in constant rebellion against putting things where they belong. To get anywhere with this position of Mars you must learn how to accept the details of life, to take them for granted, so as to release your excellent mental energies into progressive channels. Until you have put your house in order, there is no place for you in the outer world. Once you have achieved order, you must progress to the point where you take it for granted; because to spend all your time dusting and straightening up is as wasteful as to spend all your time looking for things. Master detail, forget it, and then let your cleverness - of which you have plenty! - go to work on more essential things. The danger of this position is narrowness of effort through inability to see the forest for the trees; its great virtue can be mastery of detail, and the ability to bring large ventures into being from small, sound beginnings.

Mars Square Jupiter     Orb: 01°42'

You are a gambler and you gamble in large sums - no penny ante for you. But gambles are dangerous, and in the end you'll win less than you lose. In both financial and other matters you don't know when you've bad enough. Enthusiasm and high vitality carry you optimistically onward till your luck vanishes and you're back behind the starting line again. This makes you a partner to be looked out for in business matters for you'll ride a willing horse to death.... You have to learn moderation in all things. Control and direction of your energies and enthusiasms is what you chiefly need, for your capabilities and vision are great .

In a woman's horoscope this shows difficulties through men. Employers don't benefit you despite your capabilities, and men are likely as not to cause you losses or difficulties. If you are not extravagant yourself, then your men-folks are. Emotionally, this is a somewhat hectic position inclining to an extravagance and daring of emotions similar to the financial and business extravagance and daring.

Mars Square Saturn     Orb: 08°01'

This is an aspect of bad judgment and of that peculiarly insidious form of bad judgment which for years may appear to be "getting away with it" until the accumulated flaws in your life topple over the structure of your existence. If you have this aspect in your chart you will do well to sit down right now and make a thorough analysis of your life, your position, and your security, to see whether you are not operating on a major fallacy - a fallacy concerning either your own capabilities or the nature of the world in which you are working. Somewhere along the line you are making a fundamental mistake in estimating your own capacity, or the extent of your security.


This aspect will give you some sort of an inferiority complex to bring you under the dominance of older people. In general it will retard your development, making you indecisive and too willing to take advice and guidance. You are likely to be imposed upon - with periodic and depressing bursts of rebellious temperament which serve to wear you out without accomplishing anything else. You struggle for a decision, letting things mill around in your mind for a long time indeterminately without really concentrating on the facts and figures; and finally, out of sheer impatience you jump to a conclusion which may not have any relationship with the facts or with your mullings. The dominance of others, early responsibilities, and a sort of nervous rebellion toward them cause you difficulty in orienting yourself to the world. None of these things, of course, is fated, and the difficulty may be overcome by the assumption of independence in youth; by a philosophic attitude toward obligations which cannot be avoided, and an accompanying determination not to be imposed upon, or by a strict course of self-analysis, to get at the roots of your indecision - if necessary, to change your environment and your occupation in order to rout out those factors which' are psychologically distressing.

Finances will bear watching especially with respect to sudden losses due to bad judgment in business matters, and the emotional nature must be carefully guarded against the incursion of factors that make for psychic biases in human relations. In a woman's horoscope this usually means disagreement between husband and father, or husband and brother, or husband and sons - or all of them. You had to defy your father to get married at all, or throw off some obligation or tie which someone is trying to foist on you. In a man's horoscope, his wife's health is likely not to be the best. Whether other factors do or do not exist, however, the Nemesis of erroneous judgment very temptingly presented, must be watched, and you must make every effort to analyze strictly what you do from a purely rational, logical, and unemotional viewpoint. Fortunes are made and lost, either by the native, or by someone who would have left it to him. You have a violent temper.

Mars Sextile Neptune     Orb: 04°27'

You have marked personal magnetism. opportunities open up to you readily. You have a somewhat mystical, spiritual, or religious nature - a degree of superstition, and a belief in your internal powers. This frequently accompanies belief in Christian Science, Unity, or cults that deal in mind power. It isn't a very important aspect in itself but it lends color to your personality and sharpens your aesthetic and artistic senses. You control people by charming them. A mildly hypnotic power of which you may not be conscious assists all human relationships. You rely a good deal on hunches, especially about people. 'If this aspect is accompanied by strong and reasonable mental tendencies you may not even be conscious of its action, but rest assured it is responsible for the quickness of your insight, reasoning powers, and general mental astuteness. It eases the course of emotional matters somewhat; it is a passive rather than an active ally to accomplishment in all fields.

Mars Conjunct Pluto     Orb: 03°28'

Your natural fortitude makes you a tower of strength in bad times as well as good. Your ability to face the truth about yourself, life and the situations you encounter helps you to adapt, and thus progress, with relative ease, making changes when and where needed. One problem has to be overcome, however: You range between extremes of action and inaction, energy and inertia. You can push yourself long past the point at which others give up, and this helps you accomplish much. On the other hand, you do nothing at all if you doubt your ability to cope with a situation or problem. Self-control and discipline are exercised only when you see the need for them but, when this happens, you progress quickly and surely, directing your abundant energy toward important goals.


Jupiter is the feeler you have out in the world for opportunity. Through it the chances of a lifetime are passed along for consideration according to the basic nature of Sun and Moon. Jupiter's sign position indicates the places in which you will look for opportunity, the uses to which you wish to put it, and the capacity you have to react to and profit by it. Jupiter is ordinarily, and erroneously, called the Planet of Luck. It is "luck" in so far as it is the index of opportunity; but your luck depends less on what comes to you (Jupiter) than on what you do with it (the total personality). Opportunity appeals to you along lines laid down by your Jupiter.

Jupiter in Capricorn

This position presents opportunity to you through very practical glasses. Anything will appeal which helps present you as an authoritative and consequential person, and you will follow most readily those beacons that lead to the mountain tops of public acclaim. You combine daring and caution in a nice mixture. Money is not important in itself, though it may be as a means to power or as a symptom of success. You will risk money to get fame or power; but you'll never risk fame or power to get money. Because you see only such opportunities as tend to advance you in the eyes of the world, irrelevant by-paths and blind alleys don't distract you, and you plug mercilessly along the only path you see, leading upward and onward to the High Place.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn     Orb: 09°43'

You hold yourself back by being unable to imagine yourself in a higher place than you are. Your ambition is limited, and a certain humility hangs over you that keeps you from recognition. It isn't so much that your luck is bad or your abilities low, for you are a careful and conscientious workman - what really hurts is the narrow range of your imagination. Where other people see themselves forging ahead, you think you're lucky if you can keep the wolf from the door. You have to set your goal in the stars if you're going to so much as get your head above water, the competitive world being what is is. Read the poetry of Robert Browning, get inspired, and realize the "Not failure, but low aim, is sin."

Jupiter Square Pluto     Orb: 01°45'

Your optimism and faith in yourself are high but unrealistic. You are apt to set your sights on the mountaintop without perceiving or thinking about the rocks and brambles which litter the path to your goal. When you assess your strengths, you are likely to add up a series of nonexistent ones while overlooking those which are actually at your disposal. In the same manner, you do your best to avoid any situation or person who may challenge you to live up to your high self-esteem - the very thing you need to build a strong image based on fact, not fiction. A willingness to accept full responsibility for your actions, some degree of compromise and a more practical attitude are the keys of your success.


Saturn indicates the direction that will be taken in life by the self-preservative principle which, in its highest manifestation, ceases to be purely defensive and becomes ambitious and aspirational. Your defense, or attack, against the world is shown by the sign position of Saturn in the horoscope of birth. With Saturn in the same sign as Moon, defense predominates, and there is danger of introversion. The further Saturn is from Sun, Moon and Ascendant, the better for objectivity and extroversion.

Saturn in Gemini

You attack the world vigorously, finding your natural defense in a swift flanking movement in which, by speed and profundity, you justify your existence. This is one of the best positions for Saturn, sharpening and deepening your reaction to experience and giving you mastery of mind and therefore of life. You justify yourself actively and articulately, and work outward into the world in intellectual or physical endeavor. You are shrewd in business dealings and can be slick. You are likely to range far in your battle with life, which is a sort of intellectual guessing game that you are determined to win by force of superior intellect. You are rarely stalemated even by the most complicated of situations that you get yourself into, for you always have an "out" which is likely to be an "up" as well. Adaptability is your great strength; your notion of how to justify yourself is not limited, and you have few vocational inhibitions. This is also a weakness: you're willing to try anything once. But you concentrate readily and can master many things in one lifetime. In its best manifestation, this is Goethe's "universal man" to whom no doors were closed, or the ideal of Francis Bacon, who took all knowledge for his province. In its worst form it is a dilettante-but you generally will emerge even from this adventurous extreme with something to show for life.

Saturn Trine Uranus     Orb: 02°42'

You are supported by apparently inexplicable forces, able to put across plans that others fail in and you will build your plans swiftly. If you are an artist, engineer, architect, railroad man, military or naval leader, or politician, there is a touch of the unusual about you or your work. You are a striking personality, able to "get away with" very odd ideas which unaccountably work out. There's a touch of inspirationalism about you, a quick constructive perceptivity, that wins supporters and seems magnetically to attract success.


Uranus in a general way relates to the neuro-mentality, creative originality or individuality, and his position by sign in the horoscope tells the direction along which you will seek to express your most characteristic self in creative and original effort. With Uranus in the same sign as Mercury, Uranus indicates acute awareness, quick reaction to sense impressions and experience; a hair-trigger mind. With Uranus in the same sign with the Sun there is great nervous activity, high-strung nature, original, creative or eccentric behavior.

Uranus in Libra

Yours is a peculiar hidden genius, for you tend to identify yourself with large groups and interests and to "lose yourself in order to find yourself." You can be a great leader (if your expression of originality works outward to the rest of the world) or a dreadful eccentric (if it works inward). If you identify yourself with others on the positive and aggressive side, you make definite contributions to your group or to society as a whole, having an uncanny knack for unifying divergent groups and factions into a cooperative whole. If you identify yourself against others (the negative expression of the characteristic urge to cooperation), you may think the hand of the world is against you and become a lone wolf, antisocial and quarrelsome. Your best and truest expression of originality will come in connection with cooperative ventures, for when you learn to work with otters, there is no end to the organizational genius which you can bring to bear on your progress and the general welfare of others.


Neptune relates to the deepest wells of the subconscious, inherited mentality and spirituality, indicating what you take deeply for granted in life.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur - a mythical half horse / half man, and so we find Neptune in this sign characterized by conflict between the Higher and Lower Selves. There is much interest in religion and mythology. There is the desire to explore, travel, move about, try new ideas, experiment with new ways of seeing and feeling things. But just as there is an emphasis on "Spiritual" things, so is there an emphasis on Sensuality. There may be considerable prophetic ability, and there are many inspirations and vivid dreams. The intuition is highly developed and generally dependable in the professions of journalism and teaching. Neptune in Sagittarius is expansive and exuberant, even extravagant. The Spirit of Adventure is high, and there is deep interest in new areas such as parapsychology, esoteric healing methods, mind-drugs, etc.

Neptune Sextile Pluto     Orb: 00°59'

The ideas that were instilled in you by your parents, church and society will undergo changes throughout your life until your religious and philosophical views are distinctly your own. This type of creative adaptability makes you able to forgo selfish concerns and direct your efforts toward the betterment of all. Artistic and/or psychic talents are possible.


Pluto relates to the ability to let go of things, to get rid of irrelevant prejudices and outdated habit patterns. It relates to subconscious feelings, inner urges and repressed emotions. A strong Pluto gives the ability to see the hidden side of life, and thus bestows power on the native - power which can be used for good or ill. In the same sign as the Sun, Pluto gives a love of power and an ambitious, ruthless nature. In the same sign as Mercury, Pluto signifies an investigative, penetrating mind and the power to persuade others.

Pluto in Libra

Your search for ultimate meaning is connected to one of the noblest constructs of civilized society - its sense of justice. Your mind is finely tuned to other people and their needs, and you realize that the only way an individual can be completely free is through the highest application of the law. Discrepancies in legal matters, which seem to ensure a particular freedom but in fact limit it, are instantly spotted by you. Empathy pervades your interaction with other people, and you cannot be totally satisfied while those around you are in bondage of any type. The misuse or abuse of the law will draw down your special ire, and your life's energy is likely to be concentrated on fighting for other people's rights.


Current Transits


The current transits are calculated exactly for the date shown. Lewi wrote text only for the aspects that he considered to be the most significant and only those are shown in this report. The dates shown only represent the times when the aspect is exact; its influence is felt for weeks, months, and sometimes even years around this time. A planet will often make the same aspect several times in one year before it leaves that area of the zodiac and moves on. This is due to the planet appearing to go backward or retrograde for a period of time and crossing and recrossing the aspect point. When this happens the effect of the aspect can be spread out over a considerable time and in this report the aspect and text will be printed for each time it becomes exact, although this series of aspects represents only one pass through this phase of its cycle. Remember that each transiting aspect is part of its over-all cycle and indicates a change of direction as well as an event. The cycle for a planet is the time it takes that planet to travel the entire 360° of the zodiac, beginning at the point where the planet is found at birth (the conjunction point), moving to the 90° point which Lewi calls the "lower square", then moving to the opposition or 180° point. Then it begins to move back towards the starting point, at the 270° point, or 90° away from the starting point, the planet is at its "upper square", and then it returns to the conjunction point where a new cycle is begun. Lewi will occasionally refer to these points in his text by name. In general all transits, whether of a planet to its own place or of one planet to another, mark cycles of  growth beginning at the conjunction point, growing through the first square, fully grown at the opposition point, beginning to recede at the second or upper square, and finally starting a new cycle as it reaches the conjunction point again.

How long any aspect will be in effect is determined by the speed of the planet making the aspect (the first planet , i.e. Mars in Mars Opposite Sun). One Mars cycle is about two or two and one-half years and so a Mars aspect will last about 20 to 30 days. Jupiter takes about 12 years for its cycle and so its aspects could last around 4 months, while Saturn with a 29 year cycle will last 9 months or even more if it turns retrograde. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all long range aspects and usually represent a time of 2 or more years. While Saturn and the outer planets indicate long range influences in your life, Mars aspects will identify important months and Jupiter will identify important years. Not every occurrence of these will be of striking importance. But within a larger Saturn cycle or Uranus period of great importance, these briefer influences will be found to act as the second or minute hand of the clock of destiny, as Saturn, or Uranus, or both, act as the hour hand.

Aug 28, 2005  -  Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

This transit expands the ego and brings opportunity for self-expression along your most original characteristic line. Some temperament accompanies this essentially creative period; but in it you can overcome whatever obstacles stand between you and the free expression of your dominant urge. Self-assurance is high and takes a noble form. Travel may be indicated. Or "travel" in the figurative sense may send your mind ranging to new bounds of thought and philosophy. There is sudden gain, possibly as a gift, legacy or unearned increment. There is also a good deal of extravagance, the result of self-assurance. Inventive genius flourishes, and you should try to put across the original ideas that you consider most truly your own.

Sep 20, 2005  -  Mars Square Venus

Social and romantic glamour leads to excesses, sometimes to strife, quarrels, separations. Minor loves and friendships break up, but important relations are merely strained; and indeed this frequently adds glamour to a deep love, intensifying its beauty. A break here, unless contributed to by some more important transit, is a sure index that the feeling wasn't very deep or important anyway. Avoid excess spending and stay away from temptation if you're interested in sticking to the conventions.

Oct 12, 2005  -  Mars Square Venus

Social and romantic glamour leads to excesses, sometimes to strife, quarrels, separations. Minor loves and friendships break up, but important relations are merely strained; and indeed this frequently adds glamour to a deep love, intensifying its beauty. A break here, unless contributed to by some more important transit, is a sure index that the feeling wasn't very deep or important anyway. Avoid excess spending and stay away from temptation if you're interested in sticking to the conventions.

Oct 26, 2005  -  Pluto Opposite Moon

Your relationships now seem unsatisfactory. Jealousies and old resentments stir up feelings on both sides. Clear thinking and a non-possessive attitude are needed here. Either you or a 1oved one are likely to feel smothered in an existing relationship, and as a parent you are likely to be overly protective. An honest approach to everyone is best. Talk over your feelings with a trusted friend or counselor, avoiding any tendency to rationalize or diminish the importance of those feelings. Examine your emotional makeup and assert your right to be free of old habits and attitudes which keep you from 1iving as completely as possible. Your awareness of what you need and want from life is keen now - use that awareness to make plans to get it!

Feb 1, 2006  -  Mars Square Venus

Social and romantic glamour leads to excesses, sometimes to strife, quarrels, separations. Minor loves and friendships break up, but important relations are merely strained; and indeed this frequently adds glamour to a deep love, intensifying its beauty. A break here, unless contributed to by some more important transit, is a sure index that the feeling wasn't very deep or important anyway. Avoid excess spending and stay away from temptation if you're interested in sticking to the conventions.

Mar 28, 2006  -  Mars Conjunct Saturn

This is a good time to slow down and if you don't do so voluntarily, you may be forced to do so by a cold or some other type of illness. Do your duties quietly and solidify the existing position in which you find yourself. Superiors need kid-glove handling; you may feel hampered and restrained in your work; your energies may be forced into a yoke that chafes. Be philosophical about taking what comes; passivity and acceptance rather than activity and aggression serve you best. You build good, substantial foundations, despite limitations; or else you kick over the traces and probably regret it later. You may experience colds, low vitality, fatigue, nerves, or your system may become run down. Take a rest cure if you can. If you stay well, those around you may be ill, increasing your responsibilities.

Mar 31, 2006  -  Mars Conjunct Moon

The urge to express yourself induces you to express your most temperamental self. In emotional people this marks, as it recurs every two years, some tension and inner turmoil directly related to the inner self that they are trying to express in the world. It leads to strife, unconventionality, inner discord which transfers itself to the outer world. It is an excellent time for a vacation or for lying low and forcing no issues. Frequently the transit marks ill health for yourself or your mate. The worst of the ego nature comes out; all the complexes and suppressed desires rush to the surface and need to be put back in their place. The best result of this transit is awakened and increased self-knowledge. One of these periods in the life check-up will frequently mark a major emotional experience that you have never forgotten. The inner nature is brought rudely into contact with realities, and false notions are stripped away, frequently with great personal upheaval.

Apr 11, 2006  -  Mars Square Mars

This transit indicates a period of hard work and abundant energies, which causes no trouble unless major disruptive influences are in force. There is a slight tendency to talk too much, boast and be arrogant, but the swiftness of the pace generally carries you through without major trouble. Protect health and nerves from excess; be objective and detached; and let reason rule the emotions.

Apr 14, 2006  -  Mars Opposite Jupiter

This will generally not amount to much, but periods of loss through risks or gambles or through over-enthusiasm or bad business judgment are frequently marked by it. The outlook is too enthusiastic to let sober reason dominate; but this generally brings nothing but minor extravagance. This transit might mark some major material setback due to a combination of bad judgment and bad luck.

Apr 17, 2006  -  Mars Square Pluto

This transit represents a strong alliance of similar energies. A sense of mystery pervades otherwise mundane events. Aggressiveness peaks. Care should be taken to secure your holding, protect your possessions and yourself, for this transit includes some vulnerability to the principle of redistribution. You might be knocked off your throne for no apparent reason. You could emerge from this period thinking the universe is a quixotic, capricious place, or you could take events as keynotes of respect for structure and self-care.

Sexual energy will be high. You could find yourself surrounded by irresistible people, and the tendency is to think that the veil between you and them is much thinner than it really is. Take time to treat people respectfully. Take this opportunity to de-objectify your world view and adopt a more service-oriented demeanor. Depending on how successfully you have mastered life's trials, this could be a time of "icing on the cake". Just make sure the recipients of your "death blows" are the nasty loitering ghosts in your own psyche, not the people on the street whom these ghosts resemble.

Apr 23, 2006  -  Mars Square Sun

Domestic matters are important. This transit frequently times a move from one house (or town or locality) to another, or some important decision in the private life. New starts work out if well considered and unmotivated by temperament. Social activity is increased; you have lots of friends around you. This is a good time to begin new ventures for quick completion, ventures which have a bearing on your longer-range plans. This is a good time to clean house, redecorate, etc. The home is likely to be upset, and it's wise to make the upsetting literal and to some good purpose, instead of figurative and quarrelsome.

May 5, 2006  -  Mars Square Mercury

Quick speech, thought and actions make strife and trouble. Be silent, cagey, noncommittal. The quick retort makes trouble. Wrong decisions often come in one of these periods, which recur about every six months and need careful watching. Sometimes the most casual remark results in a lasting grudge. Mountains (of trouble) grow out of molehills (of speech). It is best to be silent.

May 14, 2006  -  Mars Square Uranus

This transit is not usually important except as a marker of temperament and minor strife. But at one of these periods some major break due to temperament - some sudden shift in the pace and direction of the life - is likely to occur. The individuality is suddenly awakened to broader horizons, greater worlds to conquer, and determined to shake off the shackles of restraint. In undisciplined persons this will mark periodic temperament, rages, rebellion and strife; also accidents and setbacks due to lack of nervous coordination. In normally disciplined individuals all but one or two of these periods should be comparatively inconspicuous. But the one or two may be memorable and probably nothing to be proud of.

Jul 10, 2006  -  Mars Conjunct Venus

Heightened emotions make romance, which is favored if you keep it within the bounds of reason and convention. Impulsive acts, with or without a future, are frequently found in these recurrent periods. Glamour surrounds your approach to life; you are susceptible to the opposite sex and they to you. This transit frequently indicates the time of marriage within the period of a longer transit that favors it. If the era of romance is past, this indicates an active and on the whole satisfactory social period; business progress; extravagance with money; a sudden urge to go places and do things - and perhaps a chafing at the marital bit which should not be taken too seriously. Energies work through emotions and passions, which in turn work overtime and should be gently disciplined though not entirely submerged. Often, for obvious reasons, this transit indicates the conception of children, especially if it occurs while Mars is conjunct your sun or conjunct your Mars.

Aug 27, 2006  -  Mars Square Moon

Fatigue leads to strife, so relax. There may be illness and you may lose your grip on things. Refuse to take yourself too seriously. Go to bed and rest instead of brooding; you'll avoid strife and trouble thereby. Force no issues. Energy may find its expression in some glamorous romance which may or may not be important, depending on other long-range transits in force at the same time with this.