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Locality Interpretation for

Bruce Willis

at New York, NY


This reading created by:

The Dreamtime

2220 Solomon Ave.

South Bend, IN 46615



Your Chart Data

Name: Bruce Willis
Date: May 19, 1955
Time: 12:00:00 PM CET -01:00
Place: Idar-Oberstein, GER
007E19'00" 49N42'00"

Locality Interpretation For
New York, NY 074W00'23" 40N42'51"
Jan 1, 2005 to Dec 31, 2005

Permanent Influences (Lines):
Mercury Ascendant
Pluto IC
Mars Ascendant

Secondary Influences (Crossings):

Temporary Influences (CCG):
Moon MC

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A Locality Interpretation Prepared for Bruce Willis


One thing is certain about you, no matter where you are -- you're one of the people who gets a lot out of life because you look beneath appearances and are willing to think for yourself, astrology being somewhat off the beaten track these days. So what is ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY EXPLAINED? It's based on the common, instinctive idea that a person has different chances, luck, experiences or options in different localities -- that you aren't exactly the same person in New York that you are in Los Angeles. It works by looking at the planets' relationships to the places you've asked about at your birth moment. If a particular planet was especially powerful in the location noted when you were born, then the affairs that it symbolizes should predominate if you travel there, reside there or even have anything to do with that location from some other place.

Since 1976, when the now-standard ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY technique was introduced, wide acceptance by both the astrological community and the public has validated it. In addition, ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY has been able to benefit from the actual experiences of the thousands who have ordered its maps. The product of this experience is this new service.


To understand how this information will be useful, perhaps we should question why people move around so much in the first place. In addition to the obvious reasons are psychological ones. Psychologists (Carl Jung especially) have suggested that people instinctively seek wholeness, or a completeness of their experience. If it's true that different locations accent different parts of your potentials, moving offers a way to speed evolution, to get acquainted with new parts of yourself. So if you find that a location you are obliged to reside at is one in which some of the more problematical influences predominate (such as Saturn, Neptune, etc.), you should look beneath the superficial and immediate desires and concerns of your life and try to understand what emerging consciousness has brought you here. Every location is good for something, and you would not be considering living in a difficult one for no reason. Also, don't get frightened if some of the interpretations sound extreme or perilous. Every planet has numerous possible manifestations, and, while we've tried to include them all here, rarely do the more extreme ones occur. The point in this report is to enable you to anticipate the nature of influences at your potential residence and so become able to recognize and utilize their most positive manifestations.

Different people are apt to react differently to the same astrological influence. You will feel more comfortable with what you already know, so certain planets will be easier for you to live under than others. For example, if you are a woman with traditional values, Mars and the Sun will possibly pose more problems for you than for a man, since the qualities and life experiences associated with these planets are not usually socially encouraged in women's upbringing. Similarly, men will find the Moon and Venus more challenging. People who tend to follow external authorities and believe in society's order as unchallengeable may find themselves more at home under Jupiter and Saturn lines, and stressed by new experiences under Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, while individualists and the more self-reliant will reverse these reactions.

You might find it useful to realize that, when faced with challenging astrological potentials, it is sometimes easy to "project" these onto your mate or partner, seeing the emerging parts of your own psyche as things THEY are doing. If your interpretations seem to fit your mate, realize that these things are happening because of possibilities in yourself that you aren't ready to face, and try to develop the positive sides of the astrological potentials described.


But the most important thing to realize is that every location is good for something; if you recognize and understand its potentials, you can use them constructively. You'll find that in some instances you don't even have to travel or live in the location -- that its influence affects you through people who come from there, or remote concerns, such as business, cultural or other life interests that symbolize those psychological potentials described by this report.

So here goes with the ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY*EXPLAINED analysis of the locations you're interested in. We hope it opens up for you opportunities to find what you're looking for in life; but we also hope it enables you to look beneath the surface, to see patterns in your own development and your instinctive growth toward wholeness.

New York, NY


At the location which you have specified, there was more than one important influence at the time of your birth. Below we have identified the nature of these influences, and they will probably seem somewhat contradictory to you. Residing in a location where there is more than one important planetary influence is of itself somewhat stressful, and it is likely that one or more of the influences will be "projected"; that is, instead of acknowledging and assimilating the influence yourself, you will be inclined to seek other people, or external situations, to act it out for you. Nevertheless, you should attempt to comprehend all influences operating here, since it is only by inwardly accepting such power that you can gain control over it.

To understand the following influence, you should be aware that it is strong in this locality, though not overbearingly so. While reading the psychological description of its manifestation below, you should recognize the major theme that has operated for you (or will operate) here, though it may not be your prime concern at all times. You can ignore it for long periods, and this moderation of the influence tends to mitigate some of the more frightening and dangerous excesses that can occur. Probably, the more unusual manifestations won't happen to you, as this influence merges with others in your personality, creating a more balanced manifestation.



A short stay in this zone will be busy, stimulating, and a source of much information and ideas. It's a great place to organize your thoughts about important projects, to do research, writing, and any sort of work, crafts, or study. Expect to have interesting contacts with people who live here, especially with youth, and enjoy mobile sports, hiking, and exploring. Even a short stay can put you in touch with your own abilities, talents, and perhaps career opportunities, and expand your contact with the world. You could even have an experience with a profound symbol of who or what you are or are going to be. Take lots of notes, pictures, and souvenirs. Music, literary, and cultural concerns form the center of a stimulating and meaningful period of time.


Mercury, the planet most powerful here, symbolizes life's second most important function after pure being: the facility and capacity to communicate with the "outside" world, represented biologically by the twin activities of breathing and digestion, by which the chemical processes of life are refreshed. Less abstractly, it stands for sensory perception and verbal communications, along with the mind's information-processing ability, which result in environmental awareness and comprehension. In this zone, you will come to appreciate, understand, and perfect these life processes, as they increase in importance in your life.

Mercury is also symbol of inner initiation, a recognition of your own nature, and here increased awareness of interaction with the environment will, by way of contrast, highlight and define your own identity. So you become something of a local celebrity, find or change your name, and become publicly involved. This is not fame, however, as Mercury tends to be a localizing influence; rather than dealing with cosmic, grandly social, or superpersonal concerns, you understand and appreciate interface between you and your neighborhood and close relations. This outreach into the local environment, and perfection of sensory understanding and perception are accomplished through detailing, classifying, attaching labels, and interpreting reality. Mercury is not so creative as it is adept at reorganizing, redefining, and adapting ideas to new needs and deeper understanding. You become reality's librarian.

Another basic Mercury function is "utilization," so under this influence you may be able to identify and put to use the various talents, abilities, and resources with which you have been endowed. Resourcefulness and innovation increase and as well as perfecting and recognizing your own abilities, you may be able to stimulate latent talents in other people. There is also an element of acquisitiveness, as possessing more things can be interpreted as more capacity to perform. This is not an erotic area, as a youthful latency seems to dominate; you may lose weight, seem younger, and project a rather sexually neutral charisma.


Mercury was of course the messenger of the gods, an ever-young, immaturely androgynous, quick-witted, and adaptable character. In this location you learn resourceful skills that enable you to better link yourself to different things in the "outside" world, as well as to form associations between people and ideas external to you. On deeper levels, Mercury was mythologically one of the few beings able to exist in the three worlds of the gods, mortals, and Hades, and so symbolizes a guide for the soul's journey. In this zone, people occasionally have visions of past and future, of past incarnations, life after death, "the Akashic Records," or can "hear the silence."

Mercury affects both sexes in much the same way, though its influence expresses itself in different stages: Early in the Mercury experience there is a childlike curiosity, questioning and, perhaps, the amoral, arid, nervous, cerebral intellectualism of the archetypal high school science major. This gives way to a view of the world as microcosm and macrocosm -- the ability to see the whole reflected in each of its parts -- that is the basis of any real and useful knowledge. Using models of the universe seen in everyday objects and situations, the mind grasps the usefulness and purpose of anything or anyone, and, at best, becomes a guide for others in their quest for themselves, as well as a resource of knowledge and experience.

In the primitive stages of Mercury's expression, the problem of amorality often crops up: the world seen purely in terms of information and ideas is without feeling, and thus without social and personal allegiances. As for a computer, right and wrong become matters of arithmetic, and it is too easy to find a convenient rationalization for any cunning, expedient behavior. Juvenile delinquency seems associated with Mercury, as is the life of the streets, which may somehow become an area of professional involvement or personally relevant while you live in this locale.


Mercury is an easily assimilated and socially accepted influence for the most part, so that most people have few problems under these lines -- difficulties attend the more socially repressed planets, while almost everyone thinks it's okay to engage in the intellectual and communicative activities of Mercury. For those who find feelings and sensation threatening, Mercury may encourage an exaggeration of the thinking function, with resulting scatterbrained changeability, sarcastic and cynical outlook, and overly rational, heartless, games-playing cruelty. Mercury is democratic -- everyone is seen with a scientific, objective equality, so that people who like to feel they are superior by reason of birth or accomplishment, may not get the type of admiration they seek here. This locale is especially good for "success in small things," but may challenge more ambitious schemes with problems of provinciality, minor inconveniences, and communication problems. It is a proper locale for setting up agencies and mechanisms to accomplish details of larger projects, though perhaps not the projects themselves.


In the assisting practical concerns, Mercury is often very helpful. Mind, communication, ideas, travel, eloquent verbal expression, and work develop here. Education is also easily undertaken, and the development of expressive and technical abilities is advanced. Wit, ingenuity, and cleverness shine, and conversation improves. Technical achievements, as with inventions and innovations, are apt to go well here, and lines of communication develop between self and others, possibly through publication or involvement in community affairs. Work prospers, especially if it is involved with mail order, secretarial, distribution and transportation, books, informational systems, data processing, details, office procedures, agencies, press, messengers and deliveries, merchandising, libraries, or commerce. Craftsmanship and manual skills are bettered so that employment is easily obtained in repair, assembly, light construction, or allied fields, including most sorts of blue-collar jobs. Practical education, particularly in which skills are acquired, also goes well in this locale, as dexterity and adaptability are manifested. Hobbies can often be transformed into remunerative occupations.

Mercury areas are usually good for physical health, if there are no other contradictory influences, though the more sedate and peace-loving may feel dissipated by the constant changes and barrage of sensory stimuli to the nervous system. Nervous complaints often surface here, along with allergies, hypersensitivity, and skin problems. Smoking and drug use are not often well tolerated, and the health is very reactive to environmental toxins or influence. Quiet and security are tonic.

Since Mercury is well accepted by most people, projection of its qualities onto others is less common than in the case of other planets; some (particularly women who have been trained to feel that thinking is a man's concern) may find themselves attracted to brainy and intellectual types, though this is indication that this capacity in the self is emerging into consciousness. Relationships are often taken up with younger people, perhaps Gemini or Virgo types, reflecting a more youthful attitude toward self and life in general.


If you can't travel to these areas, they still may be important in your life through other people: relatives, siblings, educational concerns, and any relationship that symbolizes youth or any of the other Mercury qualities described above may be located under the Mercury lines. Agents may also be found to accomplish tasks in your absence, so that these zones are good for employment of others, brokerage, and particularly for educational concerns or correspondence courses.

The particular position that Mercury occupied in this location at your birth will direct this type of energy and experience particularly into certain life areas; while the most important thing to understand is the underlying meaning and psychological principle, these are apt to manifest more obviously in specific life areas than in others.


This position of Mercury will manifest most obviously and powerfully in your self-definition and image. You'll define yourself through your mind and/or your work, become known for your profession, mental abilities, repartee, manual or conversational skills, craftsmanship, expressiveness, versatility, and adaptability. You seem younger here, gaining grace, motility, and coordinative skills, and those suffering from handicaps may find successful rehabilitation and therapy here. This may "rub off" on others as well, so that in this locale people around you act younger, more mobile and more versatile when you are around. Your ideas are widely circulated, you say what you think, and self-definition and self-understanding bloom here, as life experiences contribute to an awareness of self, your talents and abilities. The mind is devoted to uncovering the essential meaning of your life, and concretizing a name, identity, and self-concept, which becomes more and more your self-definition; you could embark upon a study which will lead you to yourself. Your role in society increasingly is one of coordinator, facilitator, and connecting medium for disparate external forces and people. Problems may stem from a provisionality in life -- a tendency to postpone commitments and to look upon each experience as temporary until the ideal situation comes along. A perpetual student, you may never get around to graduating or putting any of the knowledge and experience that you gain under this influence to long-term use or application.

You will say what you think under this influence, but reserve the right to change your mind. Outspoken, eloquent, bordering on the dilettante, you gain charm and charisma socially; within, you attempt to discover the true meaning of your identity and purpose.

This location is a little east of the precise planetary influence; therefore, of the possibilities listed above, those which seem most external, objective, and detached from your self and personality are the ones most apt to manifest. As suggested, the influence will act itself out in a social arena, but specifically will act most often in people, situations, and social or cultural influences that represent external authority or the whole of society and its values. If you're in a position of authority, you will clearly exemplify the potentials described above, but more likely will be your repeated exposure to others who act out both this role for you and the role of authority as well. You are assimilating your own leadership potentials from these experiences, as you are powerfully influenced by cultural, educational, legal, or religious institutions. Expect the people, gender, social roles, and professions mentioned anywhere above to become dominant in your social and career life, and anticipate that they will offer important guidance and valuable insights as to what your ultimate social power is and where it lies.

To understand the following influence, you should be aware that it is strong in this locality, though not overbearingly so. While reading the psychological description of its manifestation below, you should recognize the major theme that has operated for you (or will operate) here, though it may not be your prime concern at all times. You can ignore it for long periods, and this moderation of the influence tends to mitigate some of the more frightening and dangerous excesses that can occur. Probably, the more unusual manifestations won't happen to you, as this influence merges with others in your personality, creating a more balanced manifestation.

Pluto-Imum Coeli:


On a vacation or short stay, you probably won't have time to develop the deeper and more permanent changes listed below, but you might encounter a symbol or person who stands for a self that you may become at some future time. This awareness can be precipitated by exposure to the concept of mortality in some form, which could include sexuality as well as birth or death. This is a likely location for "self-renovation," particularly if undertaken consciously, such as in psychoanalysis, or for other types of peak experience. In Pluto's realm, the structures of society and selfhood give way to a more universal order. Do be careful though, especially if the ideas described below are repugnant to you.


If you are tired of three-dimensional reality, the laws of physics, cause and effect, and society, this zone may be congenial, as here the odds are continually defied, firsts and lasts in life are encountered, and actual miracles can happen. Most people would rather not think much about death -- we live as if we were immortal and feel that death is something that happens to other people, hopefully ones we don't know. But awareness of mortality is an important motivation for the quality and energy of life; philosophers have counseled us to live each day as if it were our last, and the power and intensity of the sexual experience stems from its relation to death, as through reproduction the individual is born anew. Death is the opposite pole from birth, and sex the bridge between the two. Residence in this zone will immerse you in experiences somehow allied to these peak-intensity realities, and images of rebirth, renewal, destruction, eroticism, alienation, rape, and leave-taking are apt to prevail. Exposure to such universal truths poses problems, as much of the world's day-to-day operations (like concepts of property and privilege) are predicated on ideas of immortality and continuity. In touch with absolutes, you tend to see yourself and others as one in five billion, truly equal in mortality, and exposure to (or awareness of) death changes your perspectives on life, leaving you seeing it with greater depth and clarity.

The theme of social alienation is prominent here, and you will probably do something to isolate yourself from normal, day-to-day, superficial, and trivial social intercourse, then complain about this self-imposed rejection, lamenting your image of outlaw or social pariah. You should have thought of that when you made yourself a focus or symbol of social forces. Total inner transformation of the kind stimulated by this zone demands total isolation and an awareness of the unique and lonely position of the individual as focus of the whole; it's impossible to communicate your self-perceived position in infinity and fate. Withdrawal from family and other unquestioned alliance underlies a war with anything that tries to define or confine you. Such total personal transformation is not pleasant, usually, as ferment and death of parts of self must precede new growth. The fields must be burned for new planting.


Pluto was, of course, the god of the underworld and lord of dead souls. His kidnap of Persephone in the myth adds to the concepts of mortality and finality, those of rebirth, loss of virginity, the imprisoned female, abduction, and birth, and suggests that within the female (and her capacity for childbirth) lies the potential to transcend death, to return from Hades. There is also implication of renewal through peak experience and the erotic, as well as symbolic association with resurrection motifs. Through all the trauma, identity is purged, and a new self emerges, enlarged by the intensity and greater depth it has experienced.

The earlier stages of consciousness of this zone are apt to center on loss, as it is only through this that the new can be given room to grow. A loved one may leave your life; childhood may be "lost," with a resultant resentment against family; virginity and "innocence" may be lost, creating a resentment against sexuality or perhaps the opposite sex. Social position or status may be lost, with a resultant feeling of alienation and outlaw consciousness -- you alone pitted against everyone else. This stage sees a wounded pride and an "I'll get even" mentality that can run the gamut from self-destructive despair to firearms fetishism, with the emphasis on how much you have been wronged. A more mature outlook centers on acceptance and begins to adapt to the new situation. Depression and pessimism are internalized and gnaw less evidently at the outer personality, but there is a feeling that life will never be the same. Finally, in stages of mature, conscious awareness of the power and nature of this zone, you are able to see the immortality that is afforded by the perishing of old forms and their replacement with the new. Life's limitations are seen as its motivations, and its losses are seen as a necessary part of the equation of existence. In this stage, true magic is possible, as this alchemy of mortality is Nature's secret of creation; when understood on inner psychological planes, it allows the transcendence of physical laws, along with sentimentality, illusions, even blind hope and faith. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon, and just when hope was abandoned, a miracle occurs, redirecting life with a singleness and purpose only dreamed of before. For those who give up the pleasures of the trivial, nature awards the absolute.


In light of the foregoing, it should be clear that it takes a special sort of person to enjoy and prosper in this intense and powerful zone. But it is hard to know who will or won't, as anyone is apt to change radically here, perhaps into a person who enjoys intensity more. But the process will be more painful if you're the type who shies away from the darker side of life experience, wants life to be pleasant, ordinary, superficial, social, and stable. If the power of sexuality frightens you and changes or upheaval elicit more fear than anticipation, then this zone may be particularly trying for you, but the depth with which your experience is rewarded may be all the more needed. People attached to their possessions, who feel that money constitutes security, also have problems, as the experiences of this zone force acknowledgement of the impermanence of material reality and how it is underlain by the more powerful laws of energy exchange and equilibrium.

As a man, your tendency may be to relate to the separativeness and intensity of this zone with a brutal competitiveness, a rebellious, outlaw mentality, becoming resentful and alienated from society as a result of some real or imagined injustice to which you have been subjected. Often there is an isolation from women or a tendency to objectify relationships into the purely sexual. Femininity seems alien and absent or can take threatening forms, as in designing and treacherous relationships; this may extend to the broader concepts of cooperation, community, and society, which you tend to deny yourself. Relationships of all kinds center around power, money, and possessions and you learn, rather unwillingly, a new respect for your limits in an unequal society.


On more immediate and practical levels, while in this area, you may come into closer contact than before with the central themes of death and rebirth; partnerships may undergo transformation, relationships become intensely competitive, or people close to you might pass away, leaving you with a more intimate and painful grasp of this universal reality. Sex is also apt to become more prominent in your life, and firsts in erotic experience often are encountered here. Socially, power struggle seems the key concept in this zone, and your relationship with society may center on oppression or persecution, with resultant formation of self-reliance and resentment against authority and "normalcy." If you do not experience these realities directly, they may come to you through other people, and outlaws, criminals, underworld types, and the extremely powerful and unprincipled may enter your life. There is even the possibility of becoming the victim of violent crime, but this is most often the case only when people repress the other, less extreme expressions of this energy, so that it has no choice but to manifest outwardly and beyond your control. All these uncommunicable experiences and traumas serve to assure that the rest of your life will be shorn of some of the illusions that most of us live in, and this heightened awareness of reality, like that of a Nazi concentration camp survivor at a cocktail party, makes you somewhat unwelcome, as you force recognition of issues most of us would rather forget.

Obsessions are also often experienced here, and when they have passed or you have moved elsewhere, you will wonder at the power of an idea and the hold it held over you. In this zone, you are stripped to your essence, and in learning a weighty lesson, you acquire a sensual depth, a magnetic charisma that requires you to live in a world more real than most. Your work may deal with these vital issues in some way, as, for example, counseling the recently traumatized or bereaved. Flies, wolves, or dogs are among the symbols of death and decay which may surface frequently as signs of the change going on within. Money, itself a potent symbol of how material reality can acquire a life of its own, will be a preoccupation or obsession in this area. The acquisition of depth is the overriding purpose of what happens to you here, and any attempts to forestall this will only up the ante. Better to make a study of mortality and to seek understanding of the extremes of human possibility.


Even if you cannot travel to these zones, they are apt to stand in your mind for absolutes, firsts, lasts, and beginnings. People from these places may arrive as great changes are about to beset your life, or, similarly, you may be a catalyst for change in other's lives who live there. The symbols of decay, fermentation, and rebirth may be associated somehow with this locality and, a total resurrection of your possibilities may accompany any dealings with it.

This, then, is the underlying psychological principle of the planetary influence operating for you in this location, and you should strive to understand the abstract as well as the particular manifestation of this energy as described above. However, due to the position Pluto held at birth at this location, it is apt to operate more in certain life areas than in others.


The position of Pluto at this location tends to stress your relationship with your family and the definition of your roots and origins. The past, tradition, perhaps your birthplace or ethnic origins are involved in a battle in which you must establish who you are apart from such identification. Your family identity and past will eventually be left behind, though a new life is hard to build, uprooted from a demanding, but probably inappropriate, milieu. Money, sex, competition, and issues of freedom and individuality are pitted against what tradition expects of you, resulting in continual upheaval and perpetual cataclysm in your home, property, real estate, and family concerns. Elderly persons are in danger here, and death makes its presence known in your life, though through its force you come to a new sense of personal meaning and depth of life experience. The ultimate battle of selfhood is fought with your parents, the symbol of some authority or hitherto unquestioned set of values or traditions. Beneath outer problems lies the need for self-purification, a purging of the past and settling up of ancient karmic debts and outmoded relationships. Forgotten family history may conceal the pattern your life is following.

A self-definition that you cling to, but which in fact has been outgrown and no longer seems relevant, cannot endure here, so a curious loyalty to the past disguises a real need to leave it behind forever. Obsessed with genealogy as part of this process, you are trying to find some roots to which you can relate, and firsts and lasts in life are here associated with concepts of family, continuity, and inheritance. Motivating much of this introspection catalyzing the life changes are resources and abilities that will remain dormant in your present state of consciousness -- these latent powers, talents, abilities, and personalities that make themselves felt in this zone militate that you get on with the elimination of unsuitable traditional strictures or face an increasingly uncomfortable feeling of spiritual constipation. Your heritage is realized here, but that can also mean dealing with accumulated family guilt, inherited diseases, or oppressive attitudes.

This location is a little east of the precise planetary influence; therefore, of the possibilities listed above, those which seem most external, objective, and detached from your self and personality are the ones most apt to manifest. As suggested, the influence will act itself out in a social arena, but, specifically will act most often in people, situations, and social or cultural influences that represent external authority or the whole of society and its values. If you're in a position of authority, you will clearly exemplify the potentials described above, but more likely will be your repeated exposure to others who act out both this role for you and the role of authority as well. You are assimilating your own leadership potentials from these experiences, as you are powerfully influenced by cultural, educational, legal, or religious institutions. Expect the people, gender, social roles, and professions mentioned anywhere above to become dominant in your social and career life, and anticipate that they will offer important guidance and valuable insights as to what your ultimate social power is and where it lies.

To understand the following influence, you should be aware that it is strong in this locality, though not overbearingly so. While reading the psychological description of its manifestation below, you should recognize the major theme that has operated for you (or will operate) here, though it may not be your prime concern at all times. You can ignore it for long periods, and this moderation of the influence tends to mitigate some of the more frightening and dangerous excesses that can occur. Probably, the more unusual manifestations won't happen to you, as this influence merges with others in your personality, creating a more balanced manifestation.



A short stay in this zone can galvanize your self-sufficiency, build a fire under your competitive instinct, and stoke up sexual appetites, especially if men are the objects of your desires. Sports of any kind, but especially competitive ones, shine here, so expect to have more energy than usual if on vacation, and look for athletic and vigorous pastimes. Cooperation, love, and harmony may be noticeable by their absence, however, and if you're travelling with people you harbor ill feeling for, expect constant confrontation. This can also be an accident-prone area, especially for those who do not feel comfortable with sex, competition, maleness, and assertion. Ideal for a survivalist vacation in the mountains, this zone is less suited for social relationships, investment, or business other than daring, entrepreneurial ventures.


Mars's nature assures that the dominant theme in this, your "energy locale," is action and the projection of strength outward, often in the service of some symbolically masculine cause or ideal. Mars power is intense; it should be respected and used with caution. Raw, masculine energy is regulated and discouraged by modern society (despite its media idealization in Westerns and crime movies), so its expression elicits a hostile reaction even though you think it appropriate in what you see as a world peopled with dragons and princesses in need of rescue and where your ego pushes you into the thick of every battle. Your physical intelligence develops, and through erotic stimulation and challenge you may "become a man" (no matter what your sex), learning to take control of your own life and to be responsible for your own destiny, but this battle of selfhood will have to be fought over and over. The idea that all nature is renewed by fire, sex, or war is in keeping with Mars, so bridges are burned in this locale and childhood left behind forever. Mastering the environment and defending oneself against harm are the two most obvious functions of Mars, inclining you to force yourself onto others, to seek perpetual activity, and to destroy what you cannot master, feeling force as purgative to the psyche.

Competition is the prevalent mode of relating in this locale, and anyone you do not dominate or master sexually you will attempt to overcome covertly. There is both a continuous testing of yourself and an attempt to bridle your passions; you make decisions and take courses that commit you to the struggle for survival. It is hard to feel close to men especially, as all are seen as potential competitors, and valiant, passionate, and impulsive actions keep you on constant guard, never able to relax. Every life activity seems directed by domination and competition, so that virility, some cruelty, and violence are expressed, exercise of power is invigorating, and action and adventure are sought. You feel at home with pain and danger, both of which are frequent experiences.


Mars's myth is of course that of the god of war, and, while an unpleasant human reality, it is war that expresses "natural selection" among subgroups of the species, assuring a strong genetic stock. Mars purges and burns away what is no longer needed, as predators thin herds of deer. Personally, this shows an area where you learn to fend for yourself, perhaps under actual military conditions or imagined dangers. The result is a spare, impetuous, athletic, trimmed-down personality, unburdened and stimulated to healing and growth by the abrupt removal of some of life's past accumulations on psychological and material planes.

The early stages of Mars awareness are of course the most difficult, and people who have ignored or repressed their capacities for sexuality, competition, or aggressiveness may find themselves dealing with these aspects of personality in other people -- quarrelsome, violent, sexually aggressive, irritating people with whom involvement seems inescapable. Unconsciousness of Mars's potentials in this zone can lead to injury, being attacked or accident prone. In later stages of awareness you may act out these very attributes: boisterous, crude, leering, annoying, and noisy, you act the obnoxious adolescent, cocky and pugnacious, losing friends and alienating almost everyone. More mature acceptance of your own Martian power suggests a cool recognition of the necessity to do constant battle with injustice, and, like a surgeon, you learn how to do good by selective destruction. The mastery of one's environment -- taming rivers and the other chaotic forces of nature -- shows the necessity of Mars, and you would probably fit best into pioneering, natural and/or rural situations far from the diplomatic give-and-take of relationship in a complex society. Mars's power is such that society spends a great deal of energy in regulating it, and the closer you are to the urban bourgeois reality in which most modern humans live, the less appropriate is its energy. There is little real room for entrepreneurial activity, for pioneering and for original, forceful, and decisive accomplishment in present-day society, despite the glorification of these ideals in public mythology.


Obviously, certain types of people will find this environment more difficult than others do; those who have adapted well to social relatedness and who value cooperation, harmony, and peace will find this zone very perplexing and problematical. Also, people for whom sex is repressed, sinful, or psychologically stressful will be disturbed to find it irrepressible, demanding, and omnipresent. More adventuresome, independent, pioneering, and athletic types, at home with their bodies and biology, might find this zone invigorating, energizing, and one in which new approaches and possibilities are discovered.

Obviously, as a man, you find this zone more congenial than most women would, especially if you are comfortable with your masculinity and sexuality. Sporting and engineering abilities will be accented, and you are boastful of your scars, to whose number some may be added. You may find yourself in an exclusively male society -- a milieux such as the military, in which the female influence is minimal -- and you enjoy the camaraderie of locker room or construction site. The danger here is objectification, "using," and disrespect of the feminine for as you reject it you will come to feel alone among enemies and competitors, in a cruel and survival-oriented world; burnout and paranoia are the extreme manifestations of too much masculine energy.


On more practical levels, this zone is one in which temper, violence, passion, sex, and other biological urges are more powerful, much the opposite of peace, harmony, or the desire for security. You tend to be opportunistic, and relationships, even marriage, tend to be contentious rather than cooperative. Mars is the planet of "machismo," so that daring, courage, adventuresomeness, and risk-taking, as well as masculine pride and sensitivity to insult, develop here. Life outside of self is valued and sought, and an eternal discontent drives you to explore, test, and dominate every aspect of the outer world with zest and energy. You can be persuasive, combative, spontaneous, impulsive, and excitable. There is a coarse element to Mars, the opposite of refinement and culture, so that intolerance, crudeness, and lustfulness may also be excited.

Professions in which Mars excels are obvious: athletics, military, police, meat-packing and butchery, heavy industry, construction, metal work, use of tools, engineering, and jobs traditionally associated with men -- all are good areas to express Mars's creative energy and physicality. Such active occupations tend to relieve the impetuous and intense energy of this zone. Formalized competition may be important if you do not work in a Martian occupation, and athletes expect to excel here, perhaps setting lifetime records. The mind becomes more mathematical, scientific, and materialistic.

The dangers of Mars to personal well being are of two types: injury and burnout, both being the result of too much energy without rest, moderation, or social cooperation. Physical activity tends to relieve tensions that are likely here.


Even if you can't travel to these areas, they may be important in your life through people who come from there. These may either antagonize you unpredictably, making you angry and putting you in touch with your passions and competitive spirit, or spur you on to growth and self-realization through continually setting goals and testing. You may associate these goals with hardy pioneer types and adventuresome risk-taking activities; poor for investment, these zones are good for development of new ideas and personality capacities.

The particular position that Mars occupied in this location at your birth will direct this type of energy and experience particularly into certain life areas; while the most important thing to understand is the underlying meaning and psychological principle, these are apt to manifest more obviously in specific life areas than in others.


In this locale the position of Mars manifests most obviously in your personality and relationships. It is here that problems in getting along with people are most apt to be encountered, and it is likely that your aggressiveness and belligerence, consciously acknowledged or not, surfaces repeatedly in social contexts. You project the "macho" image, seek to compete with anyone you encounter, are stronger and more physical, act rashly, and seem courageous, yet more clumsy and boisterous as well. You are carrying around a chip on your shoulder, and woe to anyone who volunteers to knock it off. You can push yourself to the limit, especially in athletic competition, and acquire control and mastery over your physical body. Actions speak louder than words, you carry a big stick, and your appetite for adventure and risk earns you more than your share of the bumps of life. By daring, bravery, and breaking through the limits of pain and endurance, you attract attention. Physical force or fighting is too often seen as the court of last resort. Because of an element of self-dislike that lurks within the intense, unrelenting energy with which you drive yourself, you are able to get wholly involved in what you do. Harsh, demanding, and challenging situations are sought and enjoyed, and, as soon as one obstacle is overcome another is encountered or presents itself.

Life is rarely dull under this line, and relationships are the focus of much of the pain and learning experience. Closer examination of your own behavior, and perhaps the sincere prompting of a friend (if you can find one you don't entirely intimidate), will lead you to see how you invite confrontations by your offensive attitude, even though you think it is others who are belligerent and intractable. Otherwise, health reactions and accidents can cause a lot of problems here, but in any case you are led to understand and accept the confrontive, sexual, assertive, and angry components of your personality once and for all.

This location is a little east of the precise planetary influence; therefore, of the possibilities listed above, those which seem most external, objective, and detached from your self and personality are the ones most apt to manifest. As suggested, the influence will act itself out in a social arena, but specifically will act most often in people, situations, and social or cultural influences that represent external authority or the whole of society and its values. If you're in a position of authority, you will clearly exemplify the potentials described above, but more likely will be your repeated exposure to others who act out both this role for you and the role of authority as well. You are assimilating your own leadership potentials from these experiences, as you are powerfully influenced by cultural, educational, legal, or religious institutions. Expect the people, gender, social roles, and professions mentioned anywhere above to become dominant in your social and career life, and anticipate that they will offer important guidance and valuable insights as to what your ultimate social power is and where it lies.

While the possibilities of how these influences might interact are limitless, the description below suggests some of the experiences you can expect.



It is hard to imagine what the lighthearted messenger of the gods and the darkling lord of the underworld have in common; mentality and mortality are difficult concepts to link, so this zone may indeed be one of conflicts. Life areas of career, health, and day-to-day concerns in the community may be where there are continual intrusions of dark forces, so that if your work doesn't of itself put you in touch with absolutes, with conflicts and struggles over power, sex, life, and death, there could be frequent interruptions, drastic changes, and long periods of intense obsessive preparation, culminating in a transforming, often unwelcome illumination. The most attuned and self-controlled can use this energy to see the universe as a hologram, and by directing their attention to any part, can receive knowledge of the whole; your own governing past patterns may be uncovered, grasped, and redirected while here. Esoterically, this suggests access to the Akashic Records and a link to universal knowledge that gives you great power and insight. Continuous transformations of attitudes, conversions of thought or idealism, and the impossibility of compromise with critics and adversaries make this an area of too-frequent growth and intrusion of the universal into the normal.

Language and speech difficulties can also manifest here, for while you speak and hear well enough, it seems impossible to get any meaningful knowledge out of information. Sometimes a fear of harsh reality underlies inability to meaningfully communicate. The mind is attracted to forbiddingly technical or socially disapproved areas of thought. Research may require a new symbolic language, digitalization, or the synthesis of data in and outside yourself in new ways. Beware of becoming immersed in unnecessary details or lost in fascinating blind alleys of research, or of duplicating efforts already done. It is difficult to work for others, and situations often arise that demand a commitment you are unwilling to make. Your ideas don't make you popular despite their novelty, and even persecution for them is possible. Your best talent is for looking beneath the surface and extracting the universal kernel of truth. Here, the seeds of total inner transformation may be unobtrusively planted in your consciousness through the acquisition of some seeming innocent knowledge.

As likely as the above is another set of possibilities formed by combining the influences you have operating:



Personal power -- its use, abuse, and the effects it has in relationships -- is a major concern in this part of the world, where you may encounter extreme situations involving domination and submission, with you on either end. Anything to do with Mars -- sexuality, energy, athletics, force, self-projection, mastery of the environment -- cannot be accomplished simply, but involves the deepest and most sensitive areas of the personality in a battle for supremacy over powers almost superhuman in nature. Everything becomes a contest, and a compulsive concern with the masculine image and glorification of the "macho" ideal reflects a subtle suppression of the sexual nature and its transmutation into a dangerously inflated quest for power. This is an antisocial location, one in which major life changes occur and new directions are taken, usually as the result of the collapse of previously relied-on structures and relationships. Moral values are seen as superfluous (by you or, often, those around you with whom you have to deal), so there is the possibility of criminality, with you the victim or perpetrator, often with vengeance, passion, or the establishment of power over another as the object.

Sexuality, if not suppressed altogether, may take some pretty bizarre forms, and passion, when allowed to surface, can be explosive and cathartic. Dramatic alteration in life's directions often accompanies sexual discoveries or first experiences. Childbirth and reproductive concerns are fraught with difficulty, and excretory functions, decomposition, and dogs may become symbols on which concern is constantly focused, representing a death-and-rebirth theme.

In this intense, competitive climate, violence may seem to be the answer to every problem, as you become somewhat more coarse, uncouth, cruel, and indomitable, suiting you better for martial arts or other demanding situations where rough-and-ready competitiveness is an advantage. The military and intensely demanding athletics are career areas where this otherwise unmanageable energy might be an advantage. You are a "man among men" (even if you're a woman), and obsession with power and proving yourself assures an arduous time in this gloomy, testing, and contentious zone. As a result, you learn to stand on your own and make great strides toward independence and autonomy.



A chronic case of "foot-in-mouth disease" guarantees life will rarely be quiet and that changes and self-awareness are results of far too many lessons in the virtues of silence. Controversy seems to accompany everything you say, though introspection will reveal that people are only reacting to the chip you're carrying on your shoulder and to an arrogant, boastful, and provocative verbal representation lacking diplomacy and tact. Still, you are able to attain your goals, muscle is put into ideas, the pen is mightier than the sword, and original research (often scientific) is vigorously undertaken. This is a good area to find and enjoy manual, farm, laboring, or other forms of active and strenuous work. Even simple jobs are made into Herculean tasks, since physical exertion is beneficial in dissipating some of the belligerence and irritability that are generated here. Socially, though, you may have problems, as these planets together are seen by others as rude, coarse, perhaps malicious, vengeful, sarcastic, and cutting. Or, when their effects are internalized, you may be subject to nerves, allergies, or repeated infection. Injuries caused by rash and precipitate action, particularly in driving, travel, or the use of machinery or vehicles, also can result from bottled-up resentments. Your sensitivity makes you seem adolescent, awkward and painfully reactive, though verbally formidable, particularly in "put-downs."

Skill and dexterity can be developed in manual arts, and if you are working hard at carpentry, a craft, outdoor work, or skilled labor, this zone can be constructive rather than problematical. Competitive instincts are considerably sharpened, you are good at shrewd self-promotion and advertising (beware of alienating people with a hard sell), and you'll enjoy rigorous examinations and opportunities to prove yourself. But details tend to overwhelm you, hairs are split, and intolerance to criticism alienates the well-intentioned. Sexual exploitation, overwork, and even criminality can manifest here, so the area is best avoided by those not already self-possessed and calm. You'll need to cultivate cautious, tolerant friends to act as brakes on your impetuosity.

As a man, you'll find this area somewhat problematic due to repeated problems with competition and exposure to accidents and others' ill will. However, it is good for such masculine occupations as those listed above, in addition to engineering, entrepreneurial activities, athletics, and other strenuous vocations, which can act to channel the overabundance of energy present here and leave you ambitious, shrewd, and assertive.


The material presented above describes the most potent and significant planetary influences operating at the location you have designated at the time of your birth. It is these concerns and manifestations that should demand your concentrated attention, and it could be suggested that it is to assimilate and understand this type of experience that you have considered residence in this locale. However, there are additional, less potent influences, that also operate here, due to the geographical latitude at which it is located, a latitude that has special importance for you. These influences will constitute a "subplot" or subsidiary influence while you are here, influences of about one-third the power of the major ones described above, and ones which are apt to manifest in relationships especially -- with either you or your partner acting them out.

The following influence is so weak that it may entirely escape notice. Still, it is an option that can be developed, if desired, and will manifest more strongly if it relates well with your personality or other influences present at this location.



In this locale, you may find yourself uncomfortably in the forefront of some current public crisis, in which you act out a new formulation of the conflict between the individual and the social. It may be your own principles that involve you in an adversary role with society, or you may find yourself in the cross fire between warring factions, usually each representing a different ideology. On a more personal level, conflicts between habits and principles are experienced, and it is timing only that can save the day from the consequences of a defiant attitude, extreme individualism, and destructive anger. Those who seek trivial pleasures from life may find this area a little intense, as your charisma gets you involved with labor movements, revolts, future shock, and cultural interface. Cooperation must be learned or striven for, and you find yourself struggling to attain by foul means what could have been had by fair, and rarely allowing yourself rest or time off for any reason.

Secretiveness, subtlety, suspicion, and your virtuous self-image alienate those whose alliance could advance your goals. Rather anti-authoritarian and anti-sentimental, you will likely be misunderstood or ostracized even in your own milieu. Overreactions against authority resemble a cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face attitude of self-destructive inflexibility. Pioneering instinct and constant dissatisfaction impel you to struggle against any form of coercion or the establishment, to which you pose a very real threat. Fascinated by the obscure, the antique, and the heterodox, you skillfully blend the best from future and past, appearing both radical and conservative, and probably rejecting alliance with both. Accomplishment can have inhibitory effects when the time to change comes, however, and you will tend to hold on to your successes too long, allowing them to possess you.

The major impulse in this locale is toward a concretization of your ideals into some actualized form; you will be required to act on your beliefs and to work (rather hard) to put them into real and functioning form in order to relieve the anxiety and stress felt here. Such forms are apt to be highly organized, carefully thought out, and usually embody political ideals, often pertaining to social objectives or partisan causes in some way.


In addition to the permanent, lifelong planetary influences described above, which affect the location you inquired about no matter when you reside there or deal with it, there are also important influences of a temporary nature. These operate strongly during the period about which you inquired (this year if you did not specify a time period).

Progressed Moon:


During the time period you designated for residence in this zone, there is a powerful temporary influence, lasting about eight months. When it is past, your reactions to this zone should return to conformity with its lifetime indications described above, but during this period, feeling, needs, and emotions are intensified, along with responsiveness, sensitivity, excitement, and involvement in the moods and sensations of others. You become far more aware of the subtle emotional climate of your location and the social milieu and other people's needs and demands on you, and you are caught up in the daily crises and feelings of anyone around. This time is one in which your appetites for affection, nurturance, and sustenance become critical, and a sharpening of desire presages the development of your abilities to care for yourself and others; the power of your needs galvanizes you toward their fulfillment. Instability and restlessness are felt when, goaded by the increased urgency of desires and impossibility of their satisfaction, your life changes frequently and unpredictably. You are apt to be much the center of attention now, despite the likelihood that accentuation of your feelings and needs makes you sensitive and shy; resultant self-consciousness nevertheless can endear you to people, hinting at success in political concerns and anything requiring others' support. Your life will seem populated by mothers and/or dependent children, an indication that issues of self-nurturing and support for yourself are demanding recognition. During this period you'll probably feel a loss of control and that the environment is calling the shots; other people's concerns dominate, so ambitious, selfish schemes and plans may have to be postponed a bit. The value of the time lies in the awareness you gain of what you need, and, hopefully, of how you can begin to satisfy that in yourself.

These, then, are the important astrological influences which affect this location, now and in the future. Needless to say, they all won't manifest the moment you arrive, but will indeed emerge as the most powerful psychological potentials over time.


This concludes our enumeration and description of the planetary influences, permanent and temporary, that affect the locations that you submitted. As you have observed, some of the information is psychological in nature, as it is the belief of ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY that planets act, not through any mystical "power" or magic, but by paralleling potentials in the human psyche, and in orderly and comprehensible fashion, marking the development of this maturity. It is hoped that you are able in this way to see that there are really no "good" or "bad" locations for you -- that in the process of growing into mature completeness, you will have to experience every psychological possibility. At best, this report will work to inform you what these are for you in the locations you are considering, letting you know what to expect, and so empowering you to be able to utilize the most positive possibilities.