Relocation & C*C*G Interpretation for

Blake Lively on Jun 25, 2016 at Bedford, NY

073W38'39", 41N12'15"




Birth Data



Blake Lively

Aug 25, 1987

05:07:00 AM PDT Tarzana, CA

118W33'11", 34N10'24"
























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The Relocation Chart

A relocation chart is simply an ordinary natal horoscope moved to a different location. It's a chart cast for the same cosmic instant of birth, but looked at from another location, as if the birth happened there. The planets' sign positions all remain the same, but they will appear in different houses at different locations, thus altering their strengths and areas of influence. So, if you were born in New York, for instance, and then moved to Paris, your relocation chart would have any first house planets shifted about 90

degrees clockwise into the tenth house; tenth house planets would be shifted into the seventh house, and so on, thus giving your natal chart a whole new look for your Parisian adventures. In fact, if it turns out to be a significant improvement, you might even want to move there. Or, perhaps you might just want to visit when you are doing the kind of things that your Paris relocation chart favors -- work, play, health, creativity -- depending on your planets' relocated house positions.


The Relocation Map

Although any one relocation chart opens up new possibilities for you when you travel, if you put a lot of them together and trace them on a map you get a set of marked-out roads of opportunity that stretch around the world, each of which will add strength and emphasis to specific parts of your personality and potential. There is a geographical ribbon running many thousands of miles around the globe, every mile of which gives you Mars rising, adding to your energy and individual power whenever you are on it. Another gives you the Sun rising, another, the Moon, and so on. Around the other side of the earth are similar routes on which your planets are always exactly setting, on the cusp of the seventh house. Similarly, there are north-south pathways each 12,000

miles long where individual planets are on your Midheaven or IC if you go to them. Together, they make up an often-intersecting set of personal highways, a grid of 40 planetary lines that mark out your chart's strongest places for relocation, where one or more natal planets are on the angles.


And if that's not enough potential roads to travel on, there are a total of 180 global lines that depict where your 45 major planetary midpoints are on the angles, adding a subtle substructure to your planetary potential. Altogether, they depict your own personal World Wide Web of highways and byways that add special strengths to your chart and promise new heightened adventure and return for simply taking a trip. You'll find that there's hardly a place on the planet you can go without discovering a new slant on life,

a new take on what you already have working inside you.


Windows Of Opportunity

Finally, as your personal progressions and transits move along and affect your natal chart, these same changes will be touching your relocation chart as well, but often quite differently. This will mean that certain parts of the world open up as unique windows of opportunity for a limited, but golden time. A look at these will tell you not only where to travel, but when is the optimum time to be there as well. Find out the best of where and when, and then book your ticket, with the stars on your side.

The Armchair Traveler

You don't have to actually show up at a strong relocation place to have it affect you. You may well find that areas where you have locality planets, midpoints, transits, or progressions on the angles have a way of waltzing into your life unannounced, or that you'll find yourself dealing with people who live there in a way that is described by your chart in that locality. In the era of electronic world travel, you may not need to go out of your door to find your different relocation charts working for you.

Local Space Astrology by Michael Erlewine

If you were to walk outside your home at the moment of birth and look around you, the Sun, Moon, and planets would each be somewhere in the sky above and around you. For example, the Moon might be rising low to the Southwest, and so forth. If you were

to draw a line from your birth spot in the compass direction of the Moon, it would extend across (and around) the Earth, passing through any number of cities. The circular line

of those cities and places mark a path across the earth toward the direction of the Moon. If you did this for the Sun and all the planets, you would be examining a map of the space surrounding your locale. That map would be a standard geographical map with the direction of each planet laid out on it as lines. This is why I originally called this technique Local Space Astrology.


At any given moment, the Sun, Moon, and all the planets are above a certain spot on earth and in a particular direction from your birthplace. In fact, not only planets and stars, but also cities, countries, and even the local water tower or the neighbor's house has a place and direction on this map. It does not matter how far away an object is, we only want to know in what direction it is. You can walk toward, write letters to, or get up and relocate into, for instance, the direction of Venus or Mars, and we each do this all the time.


Local Space maps are useful when it comes to relocation and/or when we want to pick a city (and direction) of a planet we would like to experience more of, like perhaps Venus (love, beauty, value) or Jupiter (might help us find our life path or career), and so forth. There are also planets we might like to experience less of, as well, so we might avoid those spots. But these lines are also great for picking spots for vacation and business trips, as well as checking out where friends and not-so-friends live. It could be someone all the way in China or as close as a neighbor's house.


Understanding Local Space allows you to fine tune your life by picking the places you live or want to visit in terms of what they can add or take away from your overall life experience. For example, if you are struggling to find the right career, you might want to take a trip or have a vacation in the direction of the planet Jupiter (the planet of vocation) and see what develops. Or, as I myself did, you may want to permanently relocate to a Jupiter spot until you can find your way to making a living. Or, if you find yourself living in a city along your Saturn line and you feel too hemmed in and inhibited, you might want to just move to a city in line with a planet that is more encouraging. You get the idea.


Check out your Local Space Chart and look at each line to see in what direction it is and what cities or places it passes through. Read about and consider what each planet offers you in the way of qualities and changes. Don't forget about the places where

your friends and not-so-friends live, whether they are far away cities or just across town. Give it some thought. Local Space can be very useful in fine-tuning your life experience through astrology.



Angles in Signs

Ascendant in Virgo

You'll be wise to play your cards a little carefully in this environment, or at least make it seem that you are. If it looks like you're picking up every stitch, you can let some go and get away with it, as long as you play the part. If you show you know your proper place, the place will be yours.


Midheaven in Gemini

This is certainly a place where people will talk about you, so you may have reason to keep an especially close ear to what they're saying. You can go far on a favorable breeze, but things can turn on you rather suddenly, so make sure you know local protocol and always have some specific backup options available.


Natal Planets on Angles



Any planet on one of the angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant, IC) of your relocation chart will be greatly strengthened when you are at the place of relocation, very much like if it were on the angles of your natal chart. If the Sun is on an angle, you'll have more confidence; if Mars is there you'll have more energy, and so on. Moreover, you don't have to actually go there to get the effect. Having a planet on a relocated angle will accentuate that place for you even if you are only doing business with people there over the phone. You have an accentuated quality to people in such places that you may not have elsewhere.


Natal Sun Local Space Line (Strong)

The Sun represents not only who you are right now, but also who you can be, given the opportunity to progress. The direction of the sun points to locations where success (career and potential) can be fulfilled, the point where the future unfolds. In these locations, outward development is furthered, and latent ideas and potential have a chance to emerge, develop and grow, and reach their full potential. The Sun has to do with the future, in that it is what, given the right opportunity, you can become or turn



The Sun is a place where your inner potential has a good chance to manifest, where, given the right encouragement, you can become all that you can be. This might be a great place if you suffer from too many feelings, too much darkness, and not enough light, for the Sun brings light and heat -- burning brightly.


Sun in Twelfth House

You may be better off staying behind the scenes here, as too much self-promotion may prove counterproductive. Your enthusiasm, though sincere, may fall on deaf ears or arouse competition where it's not necessary. You can learn a lot from it, but you take some risks if you try to take center stage.

Natal Uranus On IC (Strong)

What you experience in this place may blow you away, simply because it brings out the most adventurous and experimental in you. Any inner desire to choose the road not taken -- and not paved -- will surface, and things could get bumpy, indeed. Yet here

you would have it no other way as magma rumbles and then bursts out of your inner caldera. One good earthquake deserves, and inspires, another, so if you're rough and ready you could have a fun and illuminating ride. Further, you will likely attract the same in your environment and could become a seeming instigator who draws others out of the doldrums and into sometimes hectic and unpredictable experiences that are a wonder to all, including yourself. For this reason it's probably a better place to visit than to live, but that depends on how you like your daily goose cooked. The adventure within awaits you here, and the surroundings are there simply to encourage and support your more unusual propensities and the exploration of your far side.


Uranus in Fourth House

There is a fundamentally restless quality about this landscape that may cause you to never feel quite at home here and yet constantly seeking discovery. It's a little like living on a fault line where you never know when the ground is going to move under your feet. Always challenging, never quite secure.


Natal Saturn/Neptune On IC (Medium)

There may be something about this place that cramps your dreams or seems to put painful reality in the place of hope. Not a great vacation spot, but could be good for business if you're trying to remove the fantasy factor and boil down possibilities to a single focus. Your Santa Claus rarely visits here, in all likelihood.


Natal Saturn/Uranus On IC (Mild)

This in probably not a soft place to be, but brings out the flintier and more exacting and demanding side of your nature. The geology here, literally and figuratively, exposes rocky core that existence reduces to. Great for exploration, discovery -- a little on the harsh side for romance.

Relocation Wheel























Relocation Scoring Graph

Bedford, NY - 073W38'39", 41N12'15"

C*C*G Section


Transits to Angles
Location charts respond to transits very much like your natal chart. Although Jupiter, for instance, may not be transiting your natal Ascendant right now, it is transiting your relocated Ascendant somewhere, and that somewhere is likely where you'll easily get a lot of extra attention and enhanced personal prospects if you go there or start doing business with people there. The same goes for the rest of the planets, so you can travel to seek or to escape their transits at the place of your choice.

Progressions to Angles
Although you can't escape your natal progressions, you can go experience them someplace else, particularly where a favorable progressed planet relocates right on an angle and thus gets extra emphasis. As with transits, your progressed relocation paths will tell you where it's happening according to the nature of each planet. Being that they are progressions rather than transits, the effect will be more internal than external, but noticeable all the same.



C*C*G Planets on Angles



CCG Moon/Neptune On IC (Strong)

Feelings abound here that seem to lead you on to alluring but uncertain places of the heart. You

may not know exactly how you feel or why, but you won't run from it either. Sympathy and

empathy run high, as does intuition, but don't bank on specific hunches, as the very act of doing

so will alter the situation.


Progressed Moon Sxt DS (Strong)

You've got a couple of months happening here in which you are very connected to the situation,

especially your personal rhythm within the environment. You feel more tuned in than usual, so it's

a good place and time to let yourself outwardly express what you feel inside as a natural evolution

of the moment.


CCG Sun/Jupiter On AS (Strong)

There is an air of great excitement and possibility to this place which not only is there to begin

with, but which you also bring to the table. Cockeyed optimism may be the order of the day, but

you'll likely get plenty of reward from opening up new vistas and expanding your self-awareness

as a result of the visit.


CCG Moon/Jupiter On AS (Strong)

Generosity and a big heart expand two sizes, and emotions rush out that might be held closer to

the chest elsewhere. You feel like you've got room for everybody, but you could also bite off more

than you can chew if you don't know the local lingo. Be open-handed, but don't be a sucker when

begging hands beckon.

Progressed Mercury Sxt IC (Strong)

Your ability to put your career goals and accomplishments into words grows a notch this year

around here -- or, rather, it grows into what may have been clothes that didn't quite fit before. You

can comfortably promote yourself because you're at ease with who you are and what you've done

-- the script is second nature for a while.


CCG Sun/Neptune On IC (Strong)

You're sitting on a dream here, where fantasy percolates up through the soil beneath you, echoes

of childhood fables resounding off the rocks. The inner straining to be who you'd really like to be

is strong, even if it doesn't seem exactly practical. Let the confusion pass and the vision take hold.


CCG Sun/Mars On AS (Strong)

This is a full-throttle location where you've got the pedal to the metal 24/7, which means you can

get a lot done or completely exhaust yourself. You may come on too strong without meaning to,

so there's more than one reason to back off on the accelerator from time to time and ration your

fuel supply, or you'll overheat.


Transit Uranus Sxt MC (Medium)

Your reputation as an innovator here is strong for a couple of years, so go ahead and make some

moves, even if you haven't done so before. It will only fill out expectations and set you a step

ahead on your career track. Look for support in unlikely places and when it comes, don't turn it

down -- explore and invest it.


CCG Moon/Mars On AS (Medium)

You may find your strongest feelings come to the fore here, and your reactions will be strong,

energizing. It's an invigorating environment, but you can get carried away easily and put out more

than you mean to or perhaps should, so watch what you say. Enjoy the rush, but don't rush past

the level of enjoyment.


Progressed Mars On AS (Medium)

The everyday personality you would find yourself displaying here is getting a high-octane boost,

which makes you a lot more likely to get out there and push both physically and emotionally. It's

the beginning of a long-term feeling that's been bubbling under here, so expect things to pick up

for quite a while.


CCG Venus/Neptune On IC (Medium)

The pull toward the inner voyage, the ache for the dream desire that's haunted you arises here

like smoke and mist upon the ground. Suggestive settings key lost longings that cry out for

rediscovery. The inner romantic is likely to find all the familiar triggers here, and perhaps some

new ones you hadn't developed.


CCG Venus/Jupiter On AS (Medium)

You can likely devour this place in more ways than one. Your appetites of all kinds are expanded

and desire is a thing that knows no bounds, so enjoy, but watch how much you eat and drink and

who you party with. You'll be charm itself to all around, just make sure you're going to feel that

way the next morning.