The Dreamtime Healing lets the individual heal themselves from their own awareness. Each unique individual holds the power within themselves to allow their body to heal itself.

Vitamins, mineral supplements or herbs may be one of the best ways to create a naturally healthy environment that allows your body to heal itself. Search the Mother Nature site using the search form above to find a specific vitamin, mineral supplement or herb that you may be looking for, or read on for other methods which foster self-healing.

As we explore the different healing patterns of the Western world, we will quickly see that most of these "cures" are symptom masking tools, which do not get to the root of the sickness or disease in itself.

The aborigines use simple healing methods that allow each person to become a healer in turns. Each member of the tribe therefore learns to heal, and can then apply this concept to their own personal healing if necessary. Only under extreme circumstances is an elder or shaman called in to affect a cure.

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