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Find Answers in All Areas - 12 Signs Zodiac Tarot Spread

The 12 signs zodiac tarot reading is based on all major parts of your life, as they are represented by the zodiac. This reading uses the 12 zodiac sign meanings to apply them to 12 areas of your life. The Zodiac Tarot reading uses the general meanings of the zodiac signs and the elemental attributes (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) to give you a detailed look at your life at the current moment. Everything from your current situation to thought, intellect, family, relationships and love is covered. Think of it as an excellent 'big picture' look at your life. It is also an excellent way to learn Tarot and the Astrological Zodiac at the same time. This layout uses 12 cards to represent the zodiac and one additional card representing the outcome. Some consider the 13th card the significator (you, or the person asking the question: the querant). This insightful 13 card personal tarot reading provides details for you on:
  1. Aries: querant situation, you and your current situation, the self.
  2. Taurus: financial Results, what are you dealing with on money and material issues.
  3. Gemini: communication and ideas, short journeys, neighbors and news as well as the intellect.
  4. Cancer: people, groups and emotional concerns.
  5. Leo: romance, art and pleasure - hidden talents and secrets.
  6. Virgo: work and your health, alternative healing, writing, training, details.
  7. Libra: partnerships and communications, contracts and ideas.
  8. Scorpio: sex, money and death (or rebirth). Hidden, secret thoughts, spirituality, emotions.
  9. Sagittarius: religion, spirituality, travel and communication, education, spiritual beliefs.
  10. Capricorn: career & work. Professional career, exploration, business ventures (failures and success)
  11. Aquarius: friends and social groups. Death, grief, friends and companions.
  12. Pisces: secrets and hidden things. Intellect and intuition, metaphysics
When you gather knowledge from this zodiac reading you will come to understand Tarot and Astrology and their eerie links to each other. Explore all major areas of your life at one time, and learn the possible outcome in this amazing/accurate reading. Choose additional focus areas to enhance the 13 cards.
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