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Answer Your Burning Questions - Celtic Cross

You will enjoy this great purpose oriented reading. Recommended for everyone, the Celtic Cross is based on a 10 card spread that defines very specific reading actions for each card, from 1st card which represents you, or the person that the reading is done for, or the tone of the reading, to the 10th card - the final outcome. It's easy to see how you can quickly find answers to anything you are searching for using this powerful and detailed reading. It is likely that this is one of the first modern Tarot spreads ever created. It is valuable and full of insights and it will not let you down when you are in a 'need to know' situation. Let your intuitive side take in the symbols, and read through the detailed explanations based on the focus areas you choose. Be ready to be amazed.

This insightful personal reading provides details for you on:
  1. Querant - you, the first person of the reading, or the overall tone.
  2. Problem or Obstacle - what the biggest obstacle is that you are facing.
  3. Foundation of Issue - what exactly is the basis of your request for information.
  4. Immediate Past - what led you to the current situation.
  5. Goal - what is the crowning goal, dreams or 'best outcome' that may occur.
  6. Immediate Future - what is the following step that you will take on this journey.
  7. Querant - you and how you, or whomever is asking the question will approach the situation.
  8. Immediate Surroundings - your immediate home situation, and people involved.
  9. Hopes and Fears - your aspirations for moving forward, or potential problems still ahead
  10. Final Outcome - combined with the first 9 cards this one reveals the outcome.
When you understand the symbols, which you can easily interpret from the text included, you will unlock a wealth of information from this powerful reading. Choose your focus areas wisely and you will be rewarded.
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