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Are You Working Your Passion? Career and Work Tarot Reading

You will really love this vocational reading based on your career and work. Recommended for anyone and especially if you are unsure if you are in the right job or if you are (or have) recently gone through a career transition, or are unemployed. This reading is based on a 11 card spread that defines very actions for each card, from the 1st card (your desires) to the 11th card (Outcome), the final outcome. It's easy to see how you can quickly find the answers that you are looking for regarding your current job, or for a career that you are considering. Finances, papers, success, time and messages are just a few of the keywords focused on in this reading. Get to the bottom of your career search and find out if you are looking in the right field (overall) with this powerful and amazingly detailed reading. This reading is loaded with deep insights into everything that matters for your career choice(s). Find details based on the focus areas you choose and find possible answers based on what may be ahead for you.

This insightful personal vocation reading gives you details on:
  1. Desires - what your desires are in the work place.
  2. Experience - what you can and (might think about) doing with your current experience.
  3. What's Ahead - what may lie ahead for you in career/work.
  4. Papers - are there documents to be signed?
  5. Messages - what possible messages will be coming up.
  6. Finances - how will all of this possibly affect your financial situation.
  7. Anxiety - should you be worried?
  8. Disappointment - what is there to consider for a possible letdown?
  9. Beginning - your aspirations for moving forward, or potential problems still ahead
  10. Time - what is the time frame involved?
  11. Success - will you find success in achieving what you are asking about?
  12. Surprise - are there any possible surprises coming?
  13. Outcome - combined with the first 10 cards this one reveals the outcome.
When you understand the symbols, which you can easily interpret from the text included, you can unlock a lot of information from this powerful and detailed reading that focuses on your career. Choose your focus areas below and you will be rewarded - 2, 3 or all 6 focus groups can be used to provide even more information.
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