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-51% Professional Plus Numerology Reading Upgrade

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Upgrade your Professional Reading to a Professional Plus, only available if you have previously purchased a Professional Numerology Reading.  Includes the same options as a Professional Plus reading (choose Review & Personal Questions, Review only, or Questions only). A updated Professional Reading is also included.

Powerful Insights Into The Real You
+ Hand Typed Personal Review
+ 3 Personal Questions!

Start with your own Professional Numerology Reading and add the PLUS: a personal hand typed review by the author of the reading, and 3 personal questions answered that relate to your reading.

This reading is also our most detailed report 30-32 pages in length that includes workbook and journal style exercises throughout the reading to help you find your true path. A recent addition of Essential Oils gives you extra tools to aid in enhancing and achieving the personality traits/qualities which will truly help you find your true Life Purpose.

Years of research are behind this one reading, the first step in true Numerology Realization. You'll love reading all of the details about your Inner Strengths, Personality Traits, and your deepest wishes and desires are brought out through each section. Also includes 3 years of Personal Year forecasts and 15 months of detailed monthly forecasts for each month. An excellent choice.

It includes the following sections
  • 3 Personal Questions
    Ask 3 of your deepest questions, I'll personally answer them based on your reading (a $60.00 value included).
  • Personal Reading Review
    A detailed Personal Reading review: I will personally look over your reading and type up by hand my recommendations and interpretation of what is happening in your personality and life related to your reading. (a $75.00 value included).
  • Life Path double digit analysis
    Your Life Path: the purpose that you are here for: your purpose, positive assets, traits and a guide on how to truly follow your path.
  • Existence Number
    The talents/characteristics you use to achieve goals.
  • Birthday Number
    The way you will achieve your goals at maturity.
  • Soul Urge Number
    Your inner feelings and sensitivities
  • Heart's Desire Number
    Your deepest wishes/desires for this lifetime.
  • Outer Expression Number
    How you represent yourself to others
  • Personality Matrix
    Your personality makeup, includes The Matrix & Personality Traits & Personality Strengths & Personality Lessons.
  • Inclusion Chart
    Every vibration, includes Hidden Passion & Karmic Lessons.
  • Planes of Expression
    Includes Planes Chart, Physical, Mental, Emotional & Intuitive and full analysis of birth name.
  • Arrows
    Unique aspects of you.
  • Pinnacles
    9 year cycles, and how they affect you
  • Pinnacle Challenges and Additional Insights
    Challenges for each of the 9 year Pinnacle cycles. Additional insights are provided when appropriate to tell you about special situations.
  • Personal Year
    Three years of detailed forecast information in your Personal Years (includes at a glance summary for each month).
  • Personal Month
    Current + 15 months.
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