Midpoint Keys Astrology Forecast Reading - One Year

-46% Midpoint Keys Astrology Forecast Reading - One Year

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An Astounding Accurate Forecast

When an experienced astrologer looks for predictive interpretation on all levels: emotional, spiritual, physical, and health - they turn to the midpoints in your chart.

What are midpoints? They are the halfway point between two points (or between two planets or bodies). For example when discussing a Sun/Moon midpoint, we are referring to the point halfway between the Sun and the Moon. A midpoint is the center between any two points (in Astrology) which relates to the center between two planets and/or personal points in the natal chart such as the Midheaven, Ascendant, or Nodes of the Moon. This center point is the meeting place of planetary energies that are activated through the process of growth and change as it is related to the passage of time.

Midpoints provide the stunning details reflected when two planets, or bodies form midpoint arcs (measured in solar degrees) which are midway between another body or planet. Using the solar arc as an interpretive method to calculate distances between the bodies allows for an extraordinary interpretation that reflects the deep 'inner soul' of the native at the midpoint locations based on the planets, or bodies being interpreted at that midpoint.

The use of midpoints historically goes back to 1200 AD when Guido Bonati, a famous Italian Astrologer, used half sums (or midpoints) in his interpretation of a chart. Most recently in the work of Alan Leo midpoints were used along with solar arc directions. Solar arcs go back to Ptolemy who used primary directions in the second century. Combining the two, modern astrologers such as Laura DeJardins (the author of this report), are able to delve into the sensitive/shadow parts of your makeup to understand what goes on there, and what it may lead to - when the midpoint arises again as in a progression, or transit.

In this outstanding report Laura DesJardins interprets with stunning detail the powerful natal midpoints, as well as those that arise through your progressions, transits and direct locations in your chart. Using these methods the report provides an enormous amount of detail and fascinating study of your inner self (emotionally, physically, spiritually and even healthwise*). Very highly recommended.
*Please keep in mind that health references in this reading are not diagnostic tools. Any type of symptom should be referred to the proper medical professional for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.
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