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Your Authentic Life Purpose Revealed!

Reveals your authentic life purpose by going over the ultimate numerological makeup of your personality: physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, spiritual, total self and your 12 Aspects of Expression. Lets you develop and write your personal Life Purpose Statement. Unique calculation methods, detailed charts, gives you the traits most prominent in your reading. 10-11 pages in length this reading focuses on the exact personality traits and aspects that make you unique - assisting you as you identify and write your personal Life Purpose Statement. A recent addition of Essential Oils gives you extra tools to aid in enhancing and achieving the personality traits/qualities which can be used to enhance your search for life's meaning.

Written as a companion to our Exploring Your True Life Purpose book and developed with help from our compatibility numerology traits (but applied to you). The first step in achieving your life's goals are knowing where you are headed and this reading can uncover the authentic meaning of your life based on every aspect of who you are. Color charts and details about you that you will return to. The most detailed character trait numerological calculations ever developed. Read fascinating details of your Life Path, Physical, Menttal, Emotional, Intuitive, Spiritual selve and two additional charts. A great reading to start off your numerology experience.

It also includes the following sections
  • Life Path double digit analysis
  Your Life Path: the purpose that you are here for: your purpose, positive assets, traits and a guide on how to truly follow your path. 
  • Physical Self

  The talents/characteristics revealed in your personality (outer expression). 

  • Emotional Self
  The traits of your emotions (soul urge). 
  • Intuitive Self
  Your inner self charactersitics (total expression) 
  • Mental / Intellectual Self
  Your mental self traits and how you think (life path) 
  • Spiritual Self
  How your spirit reveals itself (fate number) 
  • Total Self
  A detailed look at your personality and how others see you. 
  • 12 Aspects of Expression
  Detailed look at how you express yourself in all areas of your life, unique calculations. 
  • Your Life Purpose Traits
  Color chart that reveals all of your life purpose traits. Helpful as you write your personal statement. 
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