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A Complete, Personal Look At Your Relationship

Your personal Compatibility Numerology Reading is a detailed report 24-25 pages in length that includes Personal (love/relationship), Friendship and Business compatability ratings in 5 sections (Intuitive, Emotional, Personality, Intellectual and Fate). The reading is designed to help two people find their true compatibility and awareness of each other.

It goes beyond other Compatibility Readings by providing a detailed insight into your Overall Personalities when you are together, your strengths, weaknesses together, and when you are apart. Years of research led to discoveries and intuitive numerological calculations that are completely unique to this reading. A detailed Fate Number calculation gets down to the one true lesson you are here to learn, as well as your partner, and how you can help each other achieve your highest dreams. Highly recommended.
It includes the following sections
  • Rating Chart  Personal and Business Compatibility Ratings presented in a colorful chart along with key traits in 5 sections (intuitive, emotional, physical/personality, intellectual, fate) which are presented in detail throughout the text of the reading. Also includes a total/overall rating.
  • Personality Matrix Comparison
    The Personality Matrices for each partner compared side by side and compatibility issues indicated. Stronger and weaker traits are pointed out where there are conflicting differences of personality.

  • Life Paths/Lessons
    The Life Path numbers and Life Lessons let each of you to learn about long-term influences and how they afffect your relationship. Personal and Business compatibility rating indicates intellectual harmony.
  • Fate Numbers
    These numbers explain your possible karma here and interprets the Overall, Personal and Business compatibility for the relationship. Compatibility rating at this level indicates a chance for long-term relationship growth and understanding.
  • Total Self
    Indicates your strongest traits in a chart, rates your compatibility and explains each individual's overall strongest traits as a percentage of the entire person. Individual trait strength analysis for each person in 3 areas: Lovers, Friends and Business.
  • Essential Self
    Detailed and in-depth chart determines the strongest/weakest traits (balanced as an individual) of each of you within the relationship. Explains traits from a Personal and Business viewpoint.
  • Pinnacles/Challenges
    Current Pinnacles/Challenges for each of you and interpreted compatibility explains what you may expect during this major life cycle.
  • Personal Year
    Personal Years for the current and next year for both individuals and personalized compatibility interpretation for each year.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
The insight into the two individuals adds depth to the reading. The reading gives a great space for perspective in thinking about intimate interactions as well because what each person brings to the relationship is exposed. A great well-balanced reading
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I have done many of these types of reports (both numerology and astrology) and find this one to be the easiest to read and follow. I really like the charts. Your report has a lot more "meat" than most numerology compatibility reports -- it is more in-depth than the ones I have had done in the past and it provides a very clear idea of the relationship and its issues. Thank you very much for this excellent report!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This Compatibility Numerology Chart is the finest, most complete chart I have found. It is a clearly written, concise and thorough analysis of yourself and your partner. It completely describes the relationship that your combined energies create. All the facets and nuances are explored! Is this the guy for you? You'll have a pretty good idea after reading this report! Did the romance fizzle after you got to really know each other? You'll know why when you read this. You will also discover your relationship's strengths and what you can enhance and count on to see you through. I think this report is a "MUST HAVE" for anyone entering a significant relationship

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