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Tune in to Your Inner Rhythms

Is your mind on the ball but your body still catching up? Do you feel in tune with events but can't put your finger on them? Or the other way around?

It’s all about your monthly rhythms – biorhythms – and here’s the report to keep on hand so you know what state you’re in today, and tomorrow. There are four main rhythms/cycles that peak every month and call the shots:
  1. Physical cycle once every 23 days
  2. Emotional cycle once every 28 days
  3. Intellectual cycle once every 33 days
  4. Intuitive cycle once every 38 days
Forecasting the ebb and flow of your physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitive energies can give you an advantage in everything you do. Business, athletics, your studies, finances, even your love life can benefit from knowing your own personal cycles . . . or someone else's.

Using your personal biorhythm chart and report to help plan your month, week, or each day can have a positive impact on your entire life.

This Biowriter report gives you your chart and a full interpretation of the month. Stick it in your calendar at work, it may come in handy.

Don't plan your day without Biowriter!
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