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Highlights Your Astrological Influences

A Treasure Map, is a Astro Locality Map with precise areas highlighted for very specific areas of interest: Love/Romance, Vocation/Career and 8 others!

Choose the specific area of interest and Map area you are interested in. Your Treasure Map shows areas shaded from pale yellow to bright red, indicating the strength of the astrological influences at the locations on the map. Marvelous and stunning. Treasure Maps are beautiful and they also provide you with the exact information you want: you can see which areas are most conducive to the things that interest you most. Treasure Maps utilize very sophisticated locality mapping techniques that provide you with accurate and useful information about specific locations on the map.

The Treasure Map is a very powerful and exciting alternative to the older World locality maps and styles. Choose from 10 different Treasure Map styles to match your specific interest. Each map will show you all of the astrological influences that are relevant to that area of your life directly on the map - they truly are like holding a Treasure Map.

Choose from one of 10 different Treasure Map Styles: Love and Romance, Vocation and Career, Friendship and Family, Imagination and Inspiration, Excitement and Instability, Education and Communication, Culture and Creativity, Optimism and Opportunity, Responsibility and Focus, Detailed Friendship and Family. Each map will will highlight the areas that are best/worst for you regarding the map style in the geographic area of the map you select. For example, the Love and Romance Treasure Map shows areas of the world where love and romance are more likely to be drawn to you. The most powerful areas are shaded red, and the less powerful areas are shaded yellow. You can pick out very specific good, or bad areas by studying the detailed explanation pages that are included with your reading.

You can select one of 20 different map areas. Start with the whole World, and narrow your search, or choose a specific area that you know you want to stay in geographically.

These fascinating Treasure Maps by Art Poppe and well written detailed explanation pages (by David Cochrane) will highlight very specific locations and their astrological implications throughout your life. Choose one to get started, or three and narrow down your focus from there. The Treasure Maps are fun to study and read about, and an interesting way to learn more about your personal astrological influence based on your geographical location in the world.
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