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Where in the World should you live? Find out and Live There!

One of the great challenges and opportunities in life is finding and relocating to another part of the world, or country to live. The place that suits you: makes you happy and offers the greatest opportunities. In this modern shifting world, it's on everybody’s lips: Where to go?

Astrology has a lot to say on the subject, though most of the other reports are either scattered or incomplete. There are some places in the world that may be pure gold, whereas others will find you in bad situations and without any means to get out. It’s entirely related to your individual astrological chart. Opportunity may await you where you least expect it. But, it also works the other way around – what looks a 'great place' on the outside may turn out to be limiting when you get there.

Professional astrologers use a “relocation chart,” or a horoscope of your exact natal birth, but recast for some other place on the globe. You can find all the details you would ever want at these places: really  any place in the world and what it may offer you. This report is our most detailed (written by Astrologers John Townley and Michael Erlewine). It will provide you a different look at your location then the Jim Lewis text and it includes everything about the place(s) you are considering, including the Jim Lewis AstroCartoGraphy methods (ACG) as well as CCG (or CycloCartoGraphy). This fantastic report tells you exactly how your revised horoscope turns out at any new place you choose:
  1. Is this the best place for me to live?
  2. How is my business environment (and career opportunities) changed?
  3. Is this a place where romance can flourish?
  4. If I have to go there, how do I make the best of it?
  5. How do other people there affect me?
  6. What are the current influences there, and how long do they last?
Those are just a few of the issues addressed when you a look at how your planets change their personalities when you pick up and go.

So whether your company is relocating you, you’re looking for new territory, or checking out a potential vacation spot, the Relocation Astrology report will help you check it out before you get even arrive.
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