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The Only Detailed and Accurate look at your Entire Lifetime in Numbers (from Birth to 120 Years of Age) - Find Your Destiny!

Your personal Life Plus Numerology Reading adds Soul Essence, Pyramid (number line and triangles), Astrological House Transit and Magi Transition Numbers (overtones and undertones) calculations and charts to enhance the Life Numerology Reading for even greater detail. Available for the first time, ever, this reading includes charts and interpretations that have very rarely been seen previously. These numerological cycle calculations and interpretation details were added to our Life Numerology Reading to create the most accurate and detailed Lifetime Numerology reading. This comprehensive, accurate report is 88+ page (yes, nearly 90 pages) in length and adds detailed Astrological House Transit, Magi Transition Overtones and Undertones, Soul Essence calculations and Pyramid (number line and minor triangles) to create  Numerological Cycle information available for the first time, anywhere (fully personalized to your birth certificate name and birth date).

Includes 4 color coded Table of Events Charts calculated from Birth to 120 years for you.

A Life Events table top gives brief descriptions of each of the sections included in your reading. Your Personal Year, Pinnacle and Essence numbers are featured for every year up to 120 years of age. Each section of your Life Event tabe (for Personal Year) contains brief interpretations for that year. You will also find interpreted paragraphs for each of the relevant numbers in your chart, for every year in your life. Take advantage of your year ahead by utilizing the interpreted details, and preparing for what you may expect ahead (based on your vibrations coming up).

Plus includes Astrological House Transit calculation/interpretation (details indicating what to possibly expect from the year when you are in your current Astrological House Transit) as well as your Soul Essence numbers (similar to your Essence number, but emotionally based).

Plus adds full Magi Transition numbers (overtones and undertones) for the year - and displays them in the Table of Events and the Life Events table (with interpretations).

Plus also adds your unique Pyramid calculation (expanded to include 11 letters of your name and up to 99 years of age), as well as Pyramid Number Line and Pyramid Minor Triangle calculations and displayed for the 4 1/2 year cycle (with interpretations of triangle outcomes and the number line for each year).

This reading offers information that has not been previously available and that will guide and help you now and into the future throughout your life ahead. Your current Essence based on your Full Birth Name for your current Yearly Excursion are included, as well as your current Soul Essence (based on your full birth name and personal year). You will find details here to help you locate and understand patterns in your life (from the past) that can be applied to your current outlook, and your possible futures (in all areas: Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Intuitive). Discover all of the vibrations for the year (for you personally) and learn how they combine with your other cycles.

Highly Recommended for those seeking a deeper meaning, and understanding into their possible future for the entire Lifetime. All relevant cycle numbers are calculated and interpreted for you for each year of your life.
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