A*C*G Transit Astrology Reading

A*C*G Transit Astrology Reading
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Discover Your Asto*Carto*Graphy Transits

An amazing look at your Astro*Carto*Graphy (astrology map) transits and how they affect you. You wouldn't think twice about checking up on your astrological transits. Now, do that for your map transits (which places the planets at your current location and interprets the transits affecting you - Right Where You Live! A brilliant look at how you are affected locally by astrology. Based on the concepts of Jim Lewis, includes powerful insight into how you are affected, right here, and now by your ACG Transits.A powerful, and personal AstroCartoGraphy Transit report.

In this insightful personal report get fully empowered where you live now. Included are:
  1. Interepretations of your most powerful transits affecting you now, where you currently live.
  2. A Transit map showing you planetary transit positions at your current location.
  3. An ACG Transit Scoring Graph - assessing the effects on you in 9 major areas of your life (Emotions, Personality, Communications, Love, Energy, Success, Foundations, Originality, Imagination, and Power.
  4. Transit Chart showing you the signs/houses of each transit affecting you in your current location.
When you really get to the bottom of your mapped transits, you will be amazed at how much power you can regain. Find success, and move forward in your life.
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