Personal AstroLocality Astrology Location Report

Personal AstroLocality Astrology Location Report
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Your personal location reading shows you the important astrological angles and midpoints in effect at any location on Earth. This interpreted report reveals the powerful effects that Astrology has on you, all based on where you are located at. It covers all the planets and their angles as well as the midpoints and 16th harmonic (not often included in other charts) to give you a detailed interpretation for any spot on the planet. A great way to get a quick interpreation of how you are affected differently by your astrological natal chart and your physical location on the Earth. Includes all the planets as well as your Ascendant and MC.

Especially useful and revealing when it is applied to the place you were born as this energy was in effect at the place of your birth. Your own personal astrological location interpretation is also a great way to check out the energy in other locations you may be traveling to, or visiting. Use it to get an idea of how relationships, job offers and/or business influences may affect you in any geographic location. A powerful way to reveal the effects of Astrology that is relevent to you everywhere you are located at on the planet.

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