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You might already know about the power of the horoscope when it comes to a composite chart. In dealing with your personal relationship there is the third element when two people interact (the relationship itself). The dynamics of your relationships and their changes through time are all available to be forecast using a Composite Transit chart.

John Townley discovered and started using the Composite Chart many years ago and his technique has turned out brilliantly. It is revealing and very dependable (and accurate) in achieving relationship information. Even now, two generations later, it is recognized as the standard technique for analyzing personal relationships.  Now, John Townley has taken it even further by preparing a transit (horoscope) chart of your relationship. This reveals the changes, feelings and desires you will feel, over time. You may have noticed that your relationship goes through cycles, this reading will identify them.

This unique composite chart responds to daily transits (though it does not respond to progressions) just like any other natal chart. Up until very recently there has not been a transit report for composite charts and this reading gives it to you - along with full intepretations. This new Time Together report (also by John Townley, the primary author and discoverer of the composite chart), lets you find out just where your relationship is heading. Using the complete set of composite transits, you will find daily transift interepretations and Astro-Images too.

The Time Together text is illustrated by astrology tarot illustrations by pioneer astrologer and artist Michael Erlewine. This brings out the inner meanings of each text/interpretation passage and make for even deeper and intuitive understanding of the daily events that will shape your relationship.

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