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Some marriages or partnerships may be meant to be, while others are not. Astrological composite relationship charts indicate this immediately. When a compatibility astrology chart is used both partners find an empowerment that they previously did not have. It enables you to discover things which could have been avoided, and it helps you to maximize all areas of your relationship - from physical/sexual to spiritual. It enables both of you to take responsibility. It frees both of you from the control of the third aspect of all of this: the relationship itself. This allows both of you to step into and out of scenarios that let you work together for mutual advantage.

The Togetherness Composite Chart reading is like the horoscope of your relationship. The technique has turned out to be so revealing and dependable that it is being used by nearly every professional astrologer on the planet. Nearly two generations after it was discovered - it has become a standard technique for analyzing personal relationships to the deepest levels. Now have your own relationships analyzed and interpreted for you.

The Togetherness reading is an interpretation of your composite relationship chart from the originator: John Townley, and includes concepts from his final (definitive) book on the subject of astrology relationship charts. Now you can find out what the expert on astrological relationships has to say about your own relationship. How well you both get along in all aspects of your partnership is revealed in stunning detail.

The text is enhanced by astrological tarot-like illustrations by astrologer and graphic artist Michael Erlewine. These combine with the text to draw out inner meanings of each passage and give you a deeper/intuitive understanding of all the factors that shape your relationship. You will feel that you've reached the pinnacle of understanding your relationship with this reading, it's that good.

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