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Get An Inside Look At Your Year Ahead - Horoscope of 12 Months Tarot Spread

The Yearly 12 signs zodiac tarot reading is similar to the Zodiac spread, but instead focuses each month on one tarot card for one entire year. The focus is on how that month will play out, interpreting the tarot card and it's symbolism. This reading uses the 12 months of the year in your life and the reader selects 1 card for each month for the year ahead (January - December). Keep in mind that this is a yearly calendar reading (January - December), however, you could use it to represent one full year in your life, starting from the month that you are currently in and reading through until December, then starting on January, etc, up to the current year. The Yearly Zodiac Tarot reading applies general meanings to the months of the year based on the tarot symbolism of the card drawn for each month. This gives you a detailed look at your year ahead from any point in time. A detailed and powerful look at what may come. Think of it as an look at the year ahead. It is a fun reading to explore, and to keep handy as each month comes/goes throughout your year. This layout uses 12 cards to represent the zodiac and one additional card representing the overall 'general' feeling for the year. This insightful 13 card personal yearly tarot reading provides one full year (12 months) of details for you:
  1. Each month includes a different tarot card, based on what is drawn for you.
  2. Go through the entire year, and cycle back as the next year comes up.
  3. A great resource to have handy, near your journal or somewhere similar to look at the year ahead.
  4. Choose additional Focus Groups to get the outlook on several areas of your life.
The Yearly Zodiac reading is great for looking at what may arise during the year ahead. Choose additional Focus Groups to fill in details on all major areas of your life. A detailed and interesting reading that will keep you interested throughout the year. Choose additional Focus Groups to enhance the 13 cards and get even more details on each area of your life throughout the coming year.
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