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Take a Spiritual Journey - Tree of Life Tarot Spread

The Tree of Life Tarot Reading is deeply spiritual. Combining the sybolism of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life into one great tarot reading. You will not find a better spread that gets to the details on so many deep and personal issues. This is an excellent reading for highlighting your life cycles and for getting a good idea of how you may apply discipline and emotional challenges to your life to help you grow and heal. You will find methods for helping you overcome major challenges in your life and whenever I feel I need a second look at how I am dealing with things, this is the reading I go to. You may also want to consider this reading for guidance and assurance that you are moving in the best direction at the present time. The symbolism of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life are evident in this powerful and deep reading, letting you get to depths of understanding that you could never reach before. You will find that the symbols and teachings of this reading resonate for many months, or more as you read, and re-read this intensely spiritual reading. This spiritual 11 card tarot reading covers these details:
  1. Crown: soul connection to the creator. Your aims and ideals, morality and personal growth related to the issue.
  2. Contemplation / Influences: the force behind the issue at hand.
  3. General Nature: the form that the issue takes.
  4. The Key: people, or things working for you.
  5. Outside Influences: people, or things working against you.
  6. Influences of the future: advice the best things you can do.
  7. Your Emotions: the effect you are having on the situation.
  8. Your Thinking: the effects of your environment.
  9. Your Persona: how you present yourself to others.
  10. Your Body: material possessions and your connection to the physical.
  11. Possible Future: what is known, and the possible outcome.
The Tree of Life Tarot reading is one intensely powerful, and spiritual reading. Choose Focus Groups that will pinpoint exactly what you would like answers to. Additional Focus Groups will enhance the 11 cards in this reading, giving you deep details on your spiritual intent at this time.
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