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Find Your True Spirit - Spiritual Guidance

This powerful detailed spiritual tarot reading gives guidance on spiritual issues of all kinds. Everyone can find value in this reading when they have reached that point where a little push, or nod in one direction is needed. The Spiritual Guidance reading is based on a 8 card spread with the first card pointing to 'Now'. Starting from that card specific reading actions include your Motivation, the Problem, Knowing the answer and your Actions, our Course as well as your overall Spiritual nature and your Attainment. You can see that this reading is all about your Spiritual awareness, and guidance toward achieving attainment. Quickly find answers to your spiritual direction or use this reading for a regular 'tune-up' to what you might want to consider looking to as a spiritual direction for the coming months or years ahead. There are empowering and extremely valuable insights to be found here so let your intuitive side explore the symbolism of the cards and learn more about your spiritual nature. Read through the detailed explanations based on your focus areas (at least 2 are recommended). Get enlightened.

This detailed spiritual reading details the following cards chosen for your reading:
  1. Now - what is happening at the current moment.
  2. Motivation - what is motivating you, or what may motivate you in the near future.
  3. Problem or Obstacle - what the biggest obstacle you are facing to your spiritual path.
  4. Know - something you need to know that you may not be aware of.
  5. Action - what you need to think about doing to move forward spiritually.
  6. Course - the best possible course keeping your spiritual attainment in mind.
  7. Spiritual - overall guidance directed at your spirit.
  8. Attainment - your ultimate attainment, what you may achieve.
When you understand the symbols, which you can easily interpret from the text included, you will unlock a wealth of information from this powerful reading. Choose your focus areas wisely and you will be rewarded.
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