Your Life Numbers (Plus Edition)

Your Life Numbers (Plus Edition)
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This book empowers you by showing you how to interpret, and locate cycle patterns in your life plus numerology reading. Color keys and tables, as well as details on every number that is presented in our Life Plus reading is covered, as well as detailed examples - showing you how to follow through on each number sequence and what long term patterns and sequences may mean for your life. Learn how to locate Table of Event patterns, and zero in on specific years, then lookup those exact events in your Life Events table.  This companion book to our Life Plus reading provides extra details on your life numbers, and what they mean, as well as how you can make them work for you. Learn to really take advantage of the numbers in your Life Plus reading. You will find additional details on emotional issues and their typical patterns, powerful spiritual based explanations on how to make use of patterns throughout your life to bring change and to invite success into your life in all areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Also find further details on your Pyramid numbers and why they are so important as a 'double-check' on locating life events. Reading your Pyramid Event Table and deeper meanings and details on the Soul Essence number in your life chart. You will love the extra tips and techniques included in this enhanced 'Plus Edition' book.

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