Your Cycle Numbers

Your Cycle Numbers
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This book take you on a journey through your entire reading, from your 'Personal Year' to the details of your Astrological House Transit, Magi Transition and your Trimester (Four Month) & Monthly Forecasts. Use this companion book to find extra details on your personal year and how to match them up with your possible future. Understand exactly how to empower yourself through the use of your reading and take advantage of every aspect.

You will find additional details on interpreting the details of your Forecast Plus sections: Personal Year, Astrological House Transit, Magi Transition, Excursion Chart, Essence and more. Also get further details on your cycles: Monthly and Four Month (Trimester), as well as how to make the best use of your numbers and interpretations that are included in your reading. You will absolutely love the extra tips and techniques included in this updated book. You can also get a better handle on upcoming cycles (from your Personal Year - 9 year cycle , to your Astrological House Transit 12 year cycle) and discover how they fit into your current major life cycles.

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