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Time Telescope

What if you had a telescope that could look backwards in time, far beyond your birth to the lives you have lived before, the event-filled existences and personal dramas that brought you to your current state of soul evolution? How would you do it? What kind of lens would you put in your time telescope?

In this eye-opening report, astrologer Bernie Ashman has the surprising answer: it’s locked into your natal horoscope. Therein lies not just the seeds of your future, but the fruits of your past – one and the same, if you just know where to look. Your current talents and challenges, blessings and opportunities, are no accident. They are the direct result of an array of past lives stretching back in time, and your natal horoscope is literally just the imprint you made at the latest starting line. All it takes to see what came before is to glance in the rearview mirror.

From the astrologer's point of view, the technique is simple, deceptively so, yet yields a wealth of revealing information. You read the 12th house (the house of Yesterday) as though it were the first house (the house of Now), and then count the circle of houses in reverse so you are stepping ever backwards in time. Now, instead of looking toward the future, you are looking toward the past.

In this personal look at your past life history, you’ll see how you have progressed along the wheel of karma, learning the lessons each planet has to teach until they led you to where you are today. You’ll get a sense of the power you have behind you provided by the ages, the winds of time beneath your wings lofting you into the future. The collective energy of lifetimes is working for you now, once you get to know it. Here is the personal tale of where you’ve been – now just put your hands on the wheel and steer.


5 ( 5 / 5 )
Very interesting to find out the reasons for several experiences in my present life. I learned a lot, thank you!
3 ( 3 / 5 )
Some parts seemed extra vague/weird perhaps by attempting to pinpoint historical periods, which must be impossible but other than that, I found it rather interesting.

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