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A Fascinating Reading of Your Past Life

You may have wondered why you feel a special feeling in specific places, or around people - it's almost as if you recognize them from before. You probably are recognizing them, from past lives! The Karmic Past Life reading goes into details, based on your Astrological Natal information about your possible past lives.

This reading will reveal many aspects of 'you' that may have been buried, or hidden until now. Divided into five major chapters. The first discusses your 'Most Important Past Life Experiences' and indicates possible past life careers which have led you to where you are in this life. The four other chapters reveal possible restrictions, self-discipline and where it comes from in this life for you, your karmic gifts and how to make use of them as well as Karmic Doorways and what led you here and Reversed Energies - retrograde planets at the time of your birth.

Overall this is a fascinating read that may uncover what causes you to act the way you do, why you have certain fears and the gifts you have brought with you into this life to overcome them. It's a hopeful and specific reading with details that you may not have noticed in any other reading. You may find yourself in awe of the accuracy of the descriptions of your inner desires, gifts, wishes, dreams and lessons that you have come into this life with.

The karmic past is also a main focus, as it pertains to your Natal chart. You may discover relationship issues, and/or other deep seated feelings and issues which are a part of your life today, though you never fully understood why. This reading is full of past life experiences, and issues and if it finds a repetitive pattern in your life, it will even warn you that this needs special attention, and a past life regression to uncover what is at the bottom of it.

A thrilling reading from start to finish, Canadian Astrologer Terri Rohde gets to right to the detailed points of karmic issues and past life experiences with details and amazing interpretations. This is one reading you will want to have when any type of reoccurring patterns come up in your life, or any time you are wondering 'why am I here', 'what is my purpose', and 'what might I have been doing in previous lifetimes on Earth'.
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I felt the reading was very simplistic and without much depth. It probably would be OK for someone just learning about past lives. Also, it was in need of a good editor/grammar checker.

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