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The Astrology Birthday Report

Using the Solar Return as the basis for this report, you get an excellent look at your coming year, starting on your actual birth day, and going forward. This report is unique in that it includes excellent interpretation by John Townley, and it includes amazing Astro*Images (tarot card like images representing each astrological event). The Solar Return places the sun at it's exact place in your chart that it was in on the day you were born and then looks at what to expect for the rest of the year based on the astrological data. You end up with a snapshot of the year to come, which you can use to plan with, and look ahead from.

John Townley is the author, and you will find that his writing is adept and accurate.

This authentic Birthday Report features many *new and unique elements:
  1. Details on what the solar return means, and how it works
  2. An overview of your year ahead, using the Solar Return's secondary progression method
  3. Interpretations for Planets in signs, houses and aspects for the Solar Return Planets and conjunctions with your own Natal Planets, Ascendant and MC
  4. Featured Natal Positions: those with stronger effects on your chart during the coming year
  5. The Right Place - overview of 38 major cities around the world and how you possibly affect your year ahead by being in that city on your birthday - fascinating
  6. One year of events (transits, progressions, conjunctions) and their effect on you during the year (all effects are covered, from every day to longer between interpretations)
This is a must-have report that you can refer back to throughout the year starting on your actual birthday. An amazing birthday present (for yourself, or someone you know).
4 ( 4 / 5 )
WOW! Where you spend your b'day can affect your whole year! Suggestions for increasing personal growth make this a great gift for friends, relatives. I am impressed!

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