Delivery Information

All of our readings are delivered by email to ensure that you have your reading as fast as possible. Please be patient as your reading order must be prepared by a real person. Most orders are filled within 4-6 hours, though it may take longer on weekends and holidays, read more below.

Many orders are filled within 4-6 hours, and sometimes much faster (1-2 hours) during business days in the USA.  If you order on the weekend it may take up to 24-48 hours to receive your reading (on the following Monday) as we are not in the office on weekends, or on holidays.

If you have not received your reading within 48 hours it's time to consider looking in your junk mail (spam) folder in your email program as many email providers (aol, gmail, hotmail, livemail, etc) will block emails from being delivered to you when they see the email has your reading attached.  This is because the files are quite large.