Astrology - July 2009 Moon Calendar

Posted on 10:00 am by brett

Astrology Moon Calendar for July, 2009 below… (click the image to see it full size)  Note that a Full Moon occurs on July 7, 2009 (in Capricorn) and a New Moon on July 22, 2009 (in Cancer).   The Moon phases are useful in determining predictive elements with Astrology, especially based on your own Astrology Natal Birth Chart.

July 2009 Moon Calendar

Note, that you can receive a personalized Lunar Return (returning the moon to the place it was in your birthchart) reading from The Dreamtime, more info at: Lunar Return Astrology Reading.

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Astrology - July 2009 Ephemeris and Asteroid Ephemeris

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I’ve prepared and displayed a Monthly Ephemeris for you for the month of July 2009 below…  Jupiter is retrograde the entire month of July, and Uranus goes retrograde on July 2, 2009.

Asteroid Ephemeris

I’ve also included a Minor Asteroid Ephemeris, though most of these Asteroids I would call major asteroids: Ceres, Palas, Vesta, Juno, as well as Chiron.  These three charts should serve you well throughout July of this year. If you have an interest in Asteroids, The Dreamtime Asteroid Astrology Reading is good to have.

July 2009 Ephemeris

July 2009 - Asteroid Ephemeris

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Gratitude and Appreciation - A Sample…

Posted on 11:25 am by brett

I’ve put up a sample of some of the material you can find on  You can visit the page below by clicking on the screen snapshot to get a free sample eBook.  Enjoy : )

Click the Screen Image to grab a sample of

Click the Screen Image to grab a sample of

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- MyLifeDestiny Grand Opening -

Posted on 12:35 pm by brett

I’m happy to announce that is now featuring it’s Grand Opening during the month of June, 2009. After years of preparation and intense writing over the last year, it’s ready.

New members are quite happy and are enjoying all of the built in readings (Astrology Natal Chart and Interpretation, Runes Readings, Tarot Readings, Astrology Compatibility, Chinese Astrology, Biorhythms Charts, I Ching, Spellcaster, and more).  So far the Natal Astrology reading seems to be most popular.

Some of Readings Available at

Some of Readings Available at

Magazine style articles feature content written on Feng-Shui, Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot. Here’s a screen snapshot of one of the recent articles. The articles are good length and well-written, I make sure to proofread them several times before posting, and I always add relevant and timely graphics and images to each article. I’m adding new articles every week.

Recent article on Positive and Negative Numbers

Recent article on Positive and Negative Numbers

Astrology Classes and Numerology Classes are featured and available right now.  I will be adding additional class material for Law of Attraction, Tarot, Crystal Healing, Runes, Feng Shui and other hot topics. The classes are included in your membership.

Astrology class page - part of a module is shown

Astrology class page - part of a module is shown

Enough of talking about it, if you head over there now, by clicking this link, or the video image below, you can check out an inside tour of the Membership site. I’ll see you on the inside.  Post your comments, suggestions, ideas here on this blog as well, if you want to know more.

Click here for an Insider Video tour of membership site

Click above for an Insider Video tour of membership site

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Astrology Numerology - Members Only Videos!

Posted on 9:20 am by brett

It’s true, I’ve been working like crazy the last 3 months preparing a Members Only website to include exactly what you have asked for! Here are more details and a link to a video - below…

The Dreamtime has been around for nearly 12 years, people just like you have been asked, what they wanted next - a Members Only website was the answer…

It’s not an easy task, and took me years to come up with the right solution, now it’s finally here… and will launch in a week or so.

What is the Members Only website?

  • Articles - detailed magazine articles - great for reading, printing  and commenting on.
  • Readings - available online 24/7 - Tarot, Astrology Charts, Runes, and all included in your membership.
  • Courses Detailed courses (Astrology, or Numerology) with weekly lessons, you’ll love these.
  • Forums - get in touch with everyone - (coming soon)

To see and hear more about it - check out our first Video, then sign up for more - we’ll be sending out new videos in the next few days, and the Members Only site will be launching soon after that!

Here’s a link to the video:

There is a comment form linked to that page where you can send your comments/suggestions on what you would like to see added…

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Astrology - February 2009 Ephemeris and Asteroid Ephemeris

Posted on 11:45 am by brett

I’ve prepared and displayed a Monthy Ephemeris for you for the month of February 2009 below…  I have prepared two separate Ephemeris as the first does not display retrogrades in color, while the second one does.  Saturn is retrograde the entire month of February.

Asteroid Ephemeris

I’ve also included a Minor Asteroid Ephemeris, though most of these Asteroids I would call major asteroids: Ceres, Palas, Vesta, Juno, as well as Chiron.  These three charts should serve you well throughout February this year.  Note, that you can receive a personalized Asteroids reading (which I highly recommend) from The Dreamtime, more info at: Personalized Asteroids Astrology Reading.

February 2009 Ephemeris

February 2009 Ephemeris

February Ephemeris Retrograde 2009

February Ephemeris Retrograde 2009

Ephermeris Asteroids February2009

Ephermeris Asteroids February 2009

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Astrology - February 2009 Moon Calendar

Posted on 11:28 am by brett

Astrology Moon Calendar for February, 2009 below… (click the image to see it full size)  Note that a Full Moon occurs on February 9, 2009 (in Leo) and a New Moon on February 25, 2009 (in Pisces).   The Moon phases are useful in determining predictive elements with Astrology, especially based on your own Natal Birth Chart.

February 2009 Moon Calendar

February 2009 Moon Calendar

Note, that you can receive a personalized Lunar Return (returning the moon to the place it was in your birthchart) reading from The Dreamtime, more info at: Lunar Return Astrology Reading.

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The Numerology of Barack Obama and the United States Presidency

Posted on 8:48 am by brett

What a long title for a post.  I have to say, I’m inspired by all of the inauguration activities today, it’s great.  Now, let’s get a detailed look at Barack Obama and how his numerology may have contributed to his Presidency.

First we have to have a look at the original birth certificate, supposedly, this is it:

Barack Obamas Birth Certificate <b>click to zoom in</b>

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

If we can believe it, anyway, we can find his name for sure, and that is Barack Hussein Obama II, and his date of birth which is August 4, 1961 (wow, I’m almost as old as he is). Now, we do not use the II on the end, that is not considered in numerology calculations, so we have Barack Hussein Obama II (without the II being considered in the calculations). I can easily make that calculation and come up with a quick chart by creating his The Dreamtime Numerology Reading chart.  Note that this is the software that I developed over many years, and that I use my own unique calculations and techniques in places throughout the reading.  It seems to have paid off, as the personality traits for Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States seem to be very accurate: indicating strong leadership and organization abilities, and a definite charm in connecting with others related to his strong speaking and self-expressive abilities.  Let’s look in detail at what I found.

Life Path 20/2

I’ll start out with the Life Path, for Barack his is 20/2,  which is an excellent Life Path for a President!  Why?  Because the 0 (zero) vibration is one that is very intuitive, sensitive to the needs of others and one that seeks to help and heal others as much as possible, sometimes at the expensive of the person himself.  So, do be careful about that Barack; we want you around for quite some time as you try to correct this mess we’re in.  In looking at the positive assets of the 20/2 we have:

Professional Numerology Reading for Barack Obama

In your most positive you know how much time to spend in every area of your life and you are free of any nervousness or worry. You have solved all the problems you have faced to establish diplomatic relationships with others in your life.

You exude a strong sense of strength and endurance and others come to you when they have problems with cooperation in their life, because you provide the needed support that they demand, but you also respect your own inner needs and you accept both. You honor your inner intuition and you use it for the good of others throughout your life.

Looking at the talents of the 20/2 Life Path, this fits Barack perfectly:

Professional Numerology Reading for Barack Obama

Your strongest talents are in those fields in which you can provide diplomatic and cooperative support as well as use your unique intuitive skills. You enjoy positions that center around working with people such as mediator, record keeper, insurance sales, counselor or healer.

Consulting jobs are also something that interests you. You also enjoy family life and caring for your elders. You are happy to provide your talents as an assistant or support person as well.

Barack will definitely need some time alone though as is clearly indicated with this Life Path here is another quote from my Professional Numerology Reading on Barack Obama:

Professional Numerology Reading for Barack Obama

You must learn to accept yourself and your responsibility without worrying about what others think. Do not be so quick to give up your own time for anyone else; remember that you require time also by yourself as well. You have established your own boundaries and you use them to help you set aside time for yourself and for others around you.

You have mastered your intuitive talents and you respect the deep inner knowing that guides you throughout your life. Others appreciate and respect you for your diplomatic tact and your cooperative support in mediating difficult disagreements. You are happy and joyful as you interact with others and you do not find any faults as you follow your true path.

Now, just that part alone has him pretty well defined, but we still have a lot more to look at. The Personality Traits and how they play out in the man, for this we look to his Birth Certificate Name, and come up with the following. Both his Personality Traits (a chart that I developed the calculations for myself) and his Inclusion Chart (includes some unique calculations) show very strong leadership, here are snapshots of both.

Barack Obama Personality Traits Numerology Chart

Barack Obama Personality Traits, (click to view Full Chart)

Barack Obama Inclusion Chart

Barack Obama Inclusion Chart, (click to view Full Chart)

I have also highlighted in red on the Inclusion Chart the high level of 1 and 2 vibrational energy, when these two are combined it creates a powerful combination that is well-suited to a political leader. First we have the strong sense of leadership and independence associated with the 1 energy and matched with the desire to partner with, and care for others with the 2 energy. Even though these numbers are not very compatible it is easy to see how perfect they are for a political leader, especially someone who will lead the free world.

Looking next at his Planes of Expression

Barack Obama Planes of Expression

Barack Obama Planes of Expression, (click to view Full Chart)

This is a very interesting Planes of Expression.  First you will notice that the Creative Total is 12, and the Vacillating total is 8, while the Grounded Total is only 1.  This indicates that Barack has a very strong drive to initiate and to work on tasks that he has initiated, however, when it comes to seeing the tasks through to completion he may have a little trouble getting it done, however my guess is that he probably makes up for it with his superior organizational skills.

Another thing to notice is that his Mental, Emotional and Intuitive Planes (rows) have totals of 7, 9, and 3, while his Physical Plane (row) has a total of only 2 (click on the chart above to view the full chart).  This indicates that his Mental and Emotional skills are heightened over his Physical skills.  It also means that he’s very well suited to serve as President of the United States and that he will have what it takes to ‘get the job done’.

Now we come to the real exciting part for me. Following the Planes of Expression we have the Planes of Expression Interpretations. Note that I have re-worked the normal calculations used for the Planes of Expression. I did this over 10 years ago as I researched actual personality traits of people that I knew (friends and relatives), and others that I did numerology readings for. The Planes of Expression is a key numerological chart that lays out every letter in the full birth certificate name and then analyzes the letters based on their vibration (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) as well as their overall quality (creative, vacillating, grounded). When you combine all of these together you have an excellent way to get a detailed view of the personality of the whole person.

What I found in my research is that many of the ‘traditional’ numerology planes letters did not fit, and because of this ended up creating Planes of Expressions that were not completely accurate. After re-working the planes that the letters really belonged to I got a much clearer picture of the person. I also came up with a very clear method for determining the number interpretations that result from the Planes of Expression. I think this proves to be very accurate with Barack Obama. Have a look at the detailed interpretations that I get with Barack:

Barack Obama Mental Plane Interpretation

Barack Obama Mental Plane Interpretation

Barack Obama Mental Plane Interpretation

Barack Obama Mental Plane 7 Interpretation

Barack Obama Mental Plane 8 Interpretation

Barack Obama Mental Plane 8 Interpretation

Barack Obama Emotional Plane Interpretation

Barack Obama Emotional Plane Interpretation

Barack Obama Emotional Plane Interpretation

Barack Obama Emotional Plane Interpretation

Barack Obama Intuitive Plane Interpretation

Barack Obama Intuitive Plane Interpretation

There is one other interpretation, for the Intuitive Plane 7, it indicates:

The universal knowledge of humankind can benefit from your inventive mind, and you may also have a talent as a writer of words or music.

Click on the Interpretations above to view the full content,  you can see what I’ve highlighted in yellow.  I think this proves that my re-calculated Planes of Expression is ’spot on’ for pinpointing the overall personality, and for exploring the depths of that personality.

It did an excellent job with Barack Obama, and I feel that it is working exactly as I wanted it to.  You can get your own personal Numerology Reading calculated for you from The Dreamtime website, for more information just click here.

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Annual Astrology Forecast for 2009

Posted on 7:14 pm by brett

I’ve been asked by many to provide my annual forecast for the year, so I’ve finally sat down to write it.  we’re in for an exciting and changing time in 2009, both physically and spiritually, and I’m glad I’ve finally been able to write about it.

I will be using my own methods for combining Astrology and Numerology in this forecast. You will see throughout the post a reference to an Astrological Sign/Planet/House and then a Numerological number (in parentheses) next to it, for example - Jupiter(7).  This is my way of indicating the Astrology Planet, Angle, House, or Sign followed by the corresponding Numerological number that I attribute to that astrological element (planet, angle, house, or sign).  For reference if you check our Symbol Guide page, in the menu on the right, I will also include those corresponding numbers on that page.

So, let’s get started with what I see coming Astrologically for 2009, and hang on to your seat!   First notice that Jupiter(7) leaves Capricorn(8) to enter Aquarius(7).  Jupiter(7) was previously in Capricorn(8) for more than one year.  I know it’s not entirely responsible, but the 8 vibration is one of (feast or famine), in other words it either all success and material gain, or it’s huge losses.  Unfortunately for the entire world this year, it was a huge loss, materially and financially.  The 8 vibration this time resulted in the biggest financial meltdown we’ve seen for decades.  Why?  It’s because we have multiple 8 vibrations throughout the year in 2008.   The 8 (in 2008) which was an increasing vibration throughout the 2nd half of the year (July-December 2008) combined with Capricorn(8), which is where Jupiter(7) resided, resulting in a restricted Jupiter(7). This  tends to hinder Capricorn’s(8) growth and it’s authority and material excess.  As Jupiter(7) moves into it’s natural ruling sign of Aquarius(7) we will see a renewed creativity and spiritual confidence in 2009.

Adding to these difficulties we have Pluto(10) now finally stationed in Capricorn(8).  Again we see the restricted 8 most likely coming into play for 2009, however we have to look at the Numerological Yearly Essence number which is 29/11/2 for 2009 (2+0+0+9=11/2, or 29/11/2 if we include the 2 energy), and this represents much more of a idealistic and hopeful period then last year (2008).  For more information see my Numerology Annual Forecast for 2009.  Saturn(8) will be retrograde as the year starts out.  An interesting time when the materialism and success of the 8 vibration - Saturn(8) will be hindered and restrained once again signifying a sputtering to the recovery in the financial markets as the year starts out.  The Saturn(8)/Uranus(9) opposition of last year continues through 2010.  There will be an interesting combination of the conservatism and security of Saturn(8) becoming more open and desiring a humanitarian angle (9).

Because the 8/9 vibrations are not well suited to each other, we are going to see a tension created that will ask the two of these vibrations to learn to accept each other.  The tension will become oppressive before the opposition ends in 2010.  It is the age old battle between the security and stability of Saturn(8) and the change and desire of working with (and helping others) from the Uranus(9) energy.

Neptune(11) and Chiron(6) are also mostly in conjunction as they move across the sky.  The wounded healer Chiron(6) will support Neptune’s(11) idealistic and individualistic spiritual ascension in a perfect union which will come to a huge cataclysmic head in 2010.  These two planets travel together throughout 2009, and they will open up a gateway of spiritual consciousness and informed energy as they start to separate as we near 2010.  Jupiter(7) conjuncts the Chiron(6)/Neptune(11) combination from May-August 2009 and this is sure to bring healing and spiritual transformation during these months.  Watch for a major spiritual event to take focus at this time.

Venus(6) goes retrograde from March to May so watch for dangerous relationship issues to come up at this time.  Saturn(8) will change signs from Virgo(12) and enter into Libra(11).  An expansion of conscious growth and materialism will result.  Saturn(8) and Pluto(10) will be moving toward a square in early November.  Watch for huge changes in the ruling of governments and laws as this comes about as we near the end of 2009.

From the way it looks we’re going to be in for a year that includes a lot of what we had last year (restricted 8 energy), and some major spiritual (May-August) and governmental (November) changes as we move through the year.  I can sense a renewed spirit of hope now that we (the people of the United States of America) have chosen a President that is willing to roll up his sleeves and get some serious work done in the areas of social change and financial recovery.  I’m looking forward to what 2009 has to bring and I hope that this forecast has made you feel the same.

My wishes are for peace, prosperity and abundance for you and your friends and family throughout the year and may God bless you and keep you in comforted throughout the year.  Happy New Year 2009!

The Dreamtime has personal Astrology Forecast Reports available that go into great detail about your own progressed (progressed to natal) and transiting planets (transit to transit, transit to natal), solar arcs (arc to natal) and asteroids for the year ahead as well as detailed personal Astrology Calendars for the day, month and year.  For more information see the Astrology Readings section of The DreamShop.

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Annual Numerology Forecast for 2009

Posted on 7:00 pm by brett

I’ve had many requests for a annual yearly numerological forecast so I’ve finally sat down to write one.  Numerologically it’s best to look at the yearly energy as a ‘Universal’ energy.  Since the number for the year is added to all date based calculations such as Personal Year calculations, we can conclude that there will be some vibrational influence for the year and that it will change each year as our year number changes.  It should be noted that this influence will affect everyone as every calculation that is made using the year number is affected.

What happened in 2008

To begin, let’s look at the numerological Universal Year for 2008 which was 10/1.  This is calculated by taking the year number 2008 and reducing it numerologically.  For 2008 we have 2+0+0+8 = 10, we then need to reduced this to a single digit, while still keeping in mind the double digit 10.  To do that we have 1+0=1.  To indicate the number numerologically we use the standard numerology notation which is double-digit number followed by it’s single digit vibation, or 10/1.  When working with larger numbers in the thousands we also need to keep in mind the additional numbers that come into play in the calculation.  There is still some affect of the 2, and the 8, as this led us to 10, just as there is some affect of the 1 and 0 in the final single-digit numerological number for 2008 which was 1.   A 1 vibration always indicates me (myself and I), and what can be gained from the situation for the person involved. It also indicates originality and independence, but most of all it indicates leadership and single mindedness, or as the song goes - “Looking Out For #1″.    To get to the 1 vibration we have to backtrack to the 2, and the 8, which were added to create 10, before we got to the 1.  I like to indicate this number overall as 28/10/1.  That way I know that we’re dealing with the energy vibrations of 2, 8, 0 as well as 1.

What does all of this mean for the year 2008.  Well, it means Universally that we had the influence of these vibrations together (the 2, 8, 0) and that eventually they would lead to a single-digit universal vibration for the year of 1.  The 2 has the strongest force here, followed by 8, and lastly by 0.  The 2 indicating in general the desire to partner with others, and a overall heightened sensitivity to the opinions of others.  The 8 is a number indicating a strong desire for material success - and unfortunately it is usually a ‘all or nothing’ type of success that is indicated with the 8 vibration.  We either find great success, or we find great loss during times that are influenced by this number, and it sometimes leads to great swings in success/failure as they are achieved while attempting to achieve great material success (wealth on the material plane).

I know, that sounds like a lot, but to summarize 2008 we had a year that started with great desire to work with others, to partner and form liasons with others.  At the same time there was a sensitivity that sometimes was so great as to create doubt and indecision.  Eventually this led to a desire to gain success for material wealth, and we were trying to bring this together to build originality and leadership as we moved forward - while mostly looking out for ourselves alone, and not for the “other guy”.   Well, in the end, you can see exactly what happened - huge financial ruin, while not all caused by this number (28/10/1), do keep in mind that it was influencing every one of us for the entire year last year.

What Is Indicated For 2009

Using the same calculation we can make this calculation for 2009 and see what to expect.  With the similar calculation (I won’t repeat how it’s done, see above) we end up with 29/11/2.  If you’ve ever had an 11 calculated in your own numerology chart, you may realize that this is a pretty important number.  It is a ‘Master Number’ indicated by a number that is a double-digit number that we generally do not reduce to a single digit, so we usually end up with the number 11, but I will always reduce the number to get a single-digit just to use for a vibrational analysis.  So, for the entire year of 2009 we have the Universal number of 29/11/2 affecting us.

What does this mean for all of us?  It’s a pretty important step.  We have the vibrational energy of 2, then 9, 11 and finally a 2 vibration again.  The number 11 holds the strongest influence here - being one of idealism, and growth, high expectations, leadership that is only brought about by partnership with others, and even a strong desire to work through issues on a global level to reach a consensus.  With American having a new president (finally), we can see that this is definitely going to be  a year of great growth and change.  When was the last year that we had a Univeral 29/11/2 year?   It was not in any time in immediate history.  The most recent 11 years were 1820 (1+8+2+0=11/2), and 1910 (1+9+1+0=11/2).   You can see from these years that they were not terribly climactic, but they were also not 29/11/2 years.  So, we do have the additional 2+9 energy involved for 2009.

With 2009 we are dealing with strong ability and desires to partner with others and to be diplomatic (receptive), however we are also dealing with 9 vibrational energy which indicates a humanitarian desire: to help everyone but ourself, and to see that we are doing our best to help everyone else around us, even at the expense of our own health.  When these two energies are combined we have a great receptive energy, and strong desire to help others at all costs and to apply our work with others to everyone in need, this will most certainly influence the world during the first half of 2009.

As these two energies are combined (2+9=11) we come to the 11 vibrational energy.  A year of positive idealism and change related to are ability to achieve inspired action and leadership as we partner with others to achieve great things, and solutions that have a global effect on all of us.  Eventually (as in late in 2009, such as October, November and December) we will need to apply this energy back toward achieving partnerships and being receptive to others.  As we do that, we are all going to have to be extremely careful about any type of maudlin feelings, or nostalgia that may bring us down.  If we do that, and we look for others to work with us, as we both move forward - we are going to be in for a very great year - one that is influenced by change (idealism/inspiration), partnerships (with others who can move us forward regardless of their opinions) and enthusiastic leadership that moves us all (humankind) forward toward a spiritual/conscious expansion that is unlike any we have seen for a very long time.

May your year be full of abundance, kindness, alliances, leadership, and prosperity, for you, your friends, family and others.

The Dreamtime has personal Numerology Forecast Reports available that go into great detail about your own numbers for the year ahead, including your Personal Year, Personal Months, Personal 3 Month Cycles and Essence Number.  For more information see the Numerology Readings section of The DreamShop.

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