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Asteroids Astrology Reading – Chiron and 4 Asteroids are interpreted in your chart revealing emotional, sexual and healing energy (highly recommended).

Astro*Carto*Graphy Place – Location Astrology Readings – Find the perfect place to live, using the power of A*C*G (recommended).

Astro*Talk Natal Astrology Reading – #1 Best Seller Astrological Natal Reading. Covers all details including major transits for the year ahead (highly recommended).

Birthday Astrology Report – A new way of looking at your Solar Return Birthday. Includes graphics with Astro*Image cards as well as a unique solar return map indicating what your new year could be like if you spent your birthday at major cities around the world (highly recommended).

Child*Star Child/Baby Astrology Reading – Great reading for anyone with a child, or for discovering your own Inner Child (recommended).

Day Watch Astrology Calendar – Astrology Calendar with your personal Astrology Details printed, Day Watch 52 Week Astrology Datebook – Astrology Datebook Calendar. Day Watch Astrology Daily Details – Personal Daily Astrological Details Calendars.

Friends & Lovers Compatibility Astrology Reading – An astounding astrological compatibility for friends, or lovers.

Heaven Knows What Astrology Natal Birth Reading – Grant Lewi authors this reading for you, fascinating and enlightening. (very highly recommended).

Just For Women Astrology Reading for Women – An essential, unique and inspirational reading for women by the renowned Gloria Star. (highly recommended).

Karmic Past Life Astrology Reading – An excellent past life natal reading by Canadian Astrologer Terri Rohde. (recommended).

Life Progressions Astrology Reading – Powerful progressed reading that covers your year ahead written by Sophia Mason. (recommended).

Medicine Wheel Native American Astrology Reading – Look at your chart from a comletely new perspective. (recommended).

Merlin Natal Astrology – Detailed Natal Reading that includes ‘pictures’ of your astrological information and elemental analysis written by Gina Ronco. (highly recommended).

Midpoint Keys Astrology Midpoint Forecast – A one year detailed Midpoint Forecast with astounding accuracy and depth. (highly recommended).

Opportunities – Career and Vocation Astrology Reading – Comprehensive and detailed reading of your vocational outlook and talents (includes solar return forecast information for career).

Past Lives Astrology Reading – An amazing look at your past lives through astrology (recommended).

Relating Potential Astrology Reading on Relationship Potential – Find out your true potential for relationships.

Simpaticos Relationship Astrology Reading – A composite relationship compatibility reading that is very accurate. (very highly recommended).

Sky Log Astrology Forecast – The Best Astrological Forecast Reading available written by Steven Forrest. Major transits, progressions and secondary events – a month-by-month view of your possible future. (very highly recommended).

The Sky Within Astrology Reading – Fantastic reading just for you by Steven Forrest, powerful, detailed and unique (highly recommended).

Solar Return Astrology Forecast – The best year ahead forecast reading you will find written by Raymond A. Merriman, author of: The Solar Return Book of Prediction, detailed and over 40 pages long. (very highly recommended).

TimeLine Astrology Forecast – A very thorough forecast that covers Transits, Progressions, Eclipses and Arc Directions. (highly recommended).

Togetherness – The best astrology compatibility reading you will find anywhere – includes Astro*Images (tarot-like cards picturing every aspect of your relationship. (very highly recommended).

Treasure Map Astrology Location Maps Where to Live? – Powerful Astrolocality Map focused on a theme you choose (love, career, friends, imagination, excitement, education, culture, optimism, responsibility. (highly recommended).

Your Spiritual Path – Spirituality Astrology Reading – Detailed discovery of your own spiritual path, learn to apply and discover your true path (highly recommended).

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Brett is the founder of as well as He continues to research new Numerology methods for forecasting and personal development and is available for personal (recorded) readings as well.

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