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Who is the Astrologer & Numerologist?

Brett AstroNumerologist has over 20 years of experience in preparing readings. His primary focus is on finding and determining accurate numerological methods that push the boundaries and provide unique interpretations that are both accurate and effective in determining who you really are. He had the concept for The Dreamtime website in the early 1990’s, and worked with the concepts to create, what is currently, the premier Astrology-Numerology-Tarot website on the World Wide Web.

He believes that there is a unifying God source (and ‘hermetic knowledge’) that helped to create similar concepts among the 3 primary metaphysical sciences: Astrology, Numerology and Tarot. Numerology came first though it was not called numerology then, merely vibration. As stated in the Bible (in the beginning there was sound). Astrology was studied and practiced later, followed by Tarot which can be seen as the unifying science.

The site has grown to include a large following. Based on a survey of site visitors like you, Brett worked to develop and design the mystic matching categories for the LikeMinds Community, a matching site that brought together soul mates, friends, pen pals, and mentors, and those wishing to contact others from around the globe. He is currently hard at work developing the most powerful Astrology/Numerology Members Only website (MyLifeDestiny.com).

Brett is a AstroNumerologist, Musician, Metaphysician, and Poet who has studied life mysteries, and the mystical aspects of humankind since the age of 5. His knowledge of the arts and sciences and his 22 year Meditation history as well as his unique ability with words allow him to apply his independent and unique view of human nature, society and the number systems of life to The Dreamtime Readings which offer unique insights into your own personal life mission, life purpose, and dreams.

Numerologically Brett is a ruling 28/10 (with plenty of 7’s throughout his chart). His primary focus is helping others to achieve their dreams, while he reaches his own: promoting peace, kindness, understanding, and love while connecting with others of like-minded thinking.

Brett lives in the USA with his wife, children and cats. He works to create this website and study research trends for the coming Millenium and beyond.

“The readings are a stepping stone to the future for those who choose to chart their course. The patterns of our lives are part of a Mandala of existence that stretches beyond time immemorial. We are all one part of that Mandala.”