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The wood carving above is of the Djanggawul creative being (from Yirrkalla) one of three (one brother and two sisters) who crossed the sea to arrive at Blue Mud Bay to give the Aboriginal Peoples ceremonies and rituals of symbolic imagery.

Piercing the veil of other worlds, The Dreamtime Arts focuses on the human potential and the beauty of the Earth Mother and it's creatures that inhabit the sacred places. From poetry to dance, music to life, beauty, ceremony, ritual and nature are the inspiration behind many great artistic works of emotional and personal value that we will celebrate and share here. Every day we are reminded of this by the simple things around us: an opening flower, poetic words that evoke eidetic imagery, bird songs, a sunrise, and the many visual arts and media that confront us and color the world we live in. Throughout all of this it is the natural world that always remains...

You are welcome to share with us here (we will provide many ways to interract, speak to others in one of our Arts TRiBes by clicking here.


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